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Meet LGBT History Month icon Richard Adams

LGBT History Month begins today. Equality Forum's first icon for 2014 is Richard Adams.

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Mama's Kitchen's Pie in the Sky Thanksgiving bake sale fundraiser turns 10

In 2014, Mama’s Kitchen hopes to sell more than 5,100 pies during the six-week sales period, and raise $129,000 to fund more than 41,000 meals.

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The shocking lack of care and treatment of gay, bisexual men living with HIV

“It’s unacceptable that treatment, one of our most powerful tools for protecting people’s health and preventing new HIV infections, is reaching only a fraction of gay men who need it.”

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The Center's #BeTheGeneration campaign challenges San Diego community to end HIV

“We can be the generation that fights to end new cases, that stops the epidemic-level spread of HIV/AIDS,” Dr. Delores Jacobs wrote. “We can make it happen.”

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Save your life: A primer on HIV

Find out life-saving information on the various symptoms of new HIV infection, the tests for HIV that are available and where you can get them for free as well as a close look at the current state of HIV prevention and the different methods available.

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  • SATURDAY: The Center to host benefits workshop for veterans

    Participants will learn more about the many services, benefits, and programs available to them through the County and other veterans organizations including REBOOT, American Military Partners Association, The Gay, Lesbian and Supporting Sailors (GLASS), and the Military Freedom Coalition.

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  • San Francisco politician comes out of the PrEP closet

    "Each morning, I take a pill called Truvada to protect me from becoming infected with HIV. This strategy, also known as pre-exposure prophylaxis, or PrEP, reduces the risk of HIV infection by up to 99 percent if the pill is taken once a day. This makes PrEP one of the most effective HIV-prevention measures in existence."

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