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AVAC calls for rapid response to encouraging PrEP reports

This call comes as new data from a range of antiretroviral (ARV)-based prevention trials provides strong new evidence for how well these prevention options can work.

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amfAR's $100M investment strategy aimed at curing HIV

amfAR has identified four key challenges that must be addressed and overcome in order to realize a cure.

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AIDS drug "candidate" shown to block infection by even the most virulent strains of HIV

The experimental drug, a protein known as eCD4-IG, blocks infection by keeping the virus from binding to the immune cells that are the virus's target.

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ACTION ALERT! 200,000 sign petition on transgender law after teen's tragic death

A petition to enact a "Leelah's Law" and ban transgender conversion therapy has gathered more than 200,000 virtual signatures in less than 48 hours of its posting to change.org.

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Saving San Diego’s LGBT historic sites

The Bernie Michels House is the place where San Diego's GLBT history began. Lambda Archives and SOHO hope to raise enough money to show the government that it should be recognized as a historic site, thus preserving it for future generations.

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Should Daylight Saving Time, which begins at 2 am Sunday, be year-round? :

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  • HIV drugs shown to be effective in trials

    Findings from several clinical trials show how well drugs meant to treat the AIDS virus can protect people from becoming infected. But the trials also show that finding prevention methods that people will use is just as important as the medications themselves, researchers say.

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