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Laramie, Wyoming passes anti-discrimination measure to protect gays in housing, the workplace

The Wyoming LGBTQ community got good news yesterday as protections are finally in place against hate crimes.

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Mondo Guerra talks to SDGLN and tells San Diego to get out and eat

Dining out on April 30, will help save lives.

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What to do if you meet a transgender person for the first time and thereafter

Some advice to follow when meeting a transgender people.

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What Americans think about gay rights and religious liberty

Most Americans support allowing businesses to refuse wedding-related services to same-sex couples on religious grounds, according to an Associated Press-GfK poll conducted earlier this year. But another recent poll suggests Americans' sympathy for religious objectors may be limited to just that — wedding-related businesses.

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This gay-rights group wants the Supreme Court to shut it down

Evan Wolfson, founder of Freedom to Marry, hopes he is soon out of a job. That could happen if the U.S. Supreme Court legalizes nationwide marriage equality in June.

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