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The shocking lack of care and treatment of gay, bisexual men living with HIV

“It’s unacceptable that treatment, one of our most powerful tools for protecting people’s health and preventing new HIV infections, is reaching only a fraction of gay men who need it.”

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The Center's #BeTheGeneration campaign challenges San Diego community to end HIV

“We can be the generation that fights to end new cases, that stops the epidemic-level spread of HIV/AIDS,” Dr. Delores Jacobs wrote. “We can make it happen.”

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Save your life: A primer on HIV

Find out life-saving information on the various symptoms of new HIV infection, the tests for HIV that are available and where you can get them for free as well as a close look at the current state of HIV prevention and the different methods available.

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"A Day With HIV" photo initiative empowers people to take their best shot against HIV

On one day, Tuesday, September 9, Positively Aware and TPAN are inviting everyone around the world, regardless of HIV status, to get in the picture and participate in A Day with HIV, the magazine's fifth annual anti-stigma photo campaign.

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Lambda Legal launches “Know Your Rights At Work” for LGBT and HIV+ people

Know Your Rights Workplace provides information for LGBT and HIV+ people who face discrimination at work.

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