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Wear purple on Oct. 15 to show you're against bullying

On October 15, the world will go purple, or at least that is what the Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation (GLAAD) would like.

Their Spirit Day campaign asks that the LGBT community and their straight allies wear the royal color to show support in numbers against bullying.

It is estimated that eight out of ten LGBT youth have experienced bullying, and over 55% feel unsafe at school.

Spirit Day was started in 2010 by Brittany McMillan, a high school student who wanted to take a stand against those who felt the need to demoralize others.

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Laramie, Wyoming passes anti-discrimination measure to protect gays in housing, the workplace

LARAMIE, Wyo. (AP) — When Matthew Shepard was beaten, tied to a fence and left for dead nearly 20 years ago, his murder became a rallying cry in the gay rights movement.

Other states adopted stricter laws against violence and discrimination, and Congress passed hate crimes legislation bearing Shepard's name.

Yet in Wyoming, advocates have tried unsuccessfully for years statewide to pass protections for gays in housing and the workplace. They finally scored a victory Wednesday after trying a different approach: a local ordinance in the college town where Shepard was killed.

Austin man says W bouncer yelled gay slur, injured him

AUSTIN, Texas -- A man claims a W Hotel employee threw him to the ground, fracturing his arm, and yelled an anti-gay slur last week during South by Southwest.

Bobby Beltran, 31, said the bar bouncer also dislocated two bones in his hand and possibly caused nerve damage to his thumb at the W Hotel on Sunday, March 15. According to a police report, a hotel bouncer asked him and his friends to leave because they were too drunk. Beltran and the bouncer exchanged heated words, and that's when the hotel worker called him a gay slur.

Beating suspect explains why he attacked gay man

CORINTH, Mississippi -- A man charged with beating up a gay man in Corinth, Mississippi says he snapped, not because the man was gay, but because of what he feared the man would reveal to the rest of the world.

James Scott faces assault charges for what he did to Devin Norman at the Corinth Walmart on Friday.

Norman and his supporters say Scott should be charged with more than assault. They want Scott to face hate crime charges, because they say he attacked Norman for being homosexual.

Scott sat down with WMC Action News 5's Michael Clark to tell his side of the story.

A young man is allegedly beaten for being gay and Mississippi doesn't think it's a hate crime

(Editor's note: Benjamin O'Keefe is a blogger with Huffington Post. He is a public speaker, activist, TV personality, MoveOn.org community manager.)

Faggot. It's unfortunately a word that most gay men have had thrown at them at some point in their life. It's a word that Devin Norman heard yelled at him in a grocery store parking lot this weekend before he was allegedly brutally beaten for being a gay man in Mississippi.

Toronto hate crime numbers up in 2014

TORONTO, Ontario, Canada – A Toronto police report being presented at Thursday’s Police Services Board meeting indicates hate and bias crimes have gone up in 2014, both in reported incidents and arrests.

Statistics gathered between Jan. 1, 2014 and Dec. 31, 2014 reveal a jump of reported occurrences of hate/bias crimes from 131 in 2013 to 146 in 2014 — an 11 per cent increase.

Meanwhile, the number of arrests related to hate/bias crimes have also jumped from 17 in 2013 to 22 in 2014.

After new gay bashing, Seattle mayor to create hate crimes task force

SEATTLE, Washington -- Rob B Taylor, 25, appears to be the latest victim of an anti-LGBTQ hate crime in Seattle. Monday, he told The Stranger he was walking past a group of four young African-American men on Fifth Avenue South and Brandon Street in Georgetown Sunday evening when one of them said, "Hey, you look like a faggot." Taylor replied, "Thank you," and kept walking. "Hey, faggot!" Taylor heard again before something — he thinks it was a boot — hit his face, slicing his upper lip.

Maryland man gets 4 years in transgender girl's stabbing on Metro train

WASHINGTON DC -- A Maryland man has been sentenced to more than 4 years in prison after prosecutors say he stabbed a transgender girl on a Metro train.

Twenty-five-year-old Reginald Klaiber of Greenbelt was sentenced Wednesday in D.C. Superior Court. He pleaded guilty in January to assault with a dangerous weapon, with a hate crime enhancement.

U.S. Attorney Ronald Machen Jr. says that Klaiber stabbed the 15-year-old girl in July "solely because of who she is" and that his office "will not tolerate hate-fueled violence" in Washington.

Married lesbian couple speak out on burning of Gay Pride flag

OMAHA, Nebraska -- Ariann Anderson and Jess Meadows-Anderson speak with WOWT-TV in Omaha about the burning of their Gay Pride flag by a neighbor.

The couple, who were married in Iowa and are raising two children, were awakened on Sunday night by strange noises outside their home. Fearing they were being burglarized, they rushed to their children's side and called police.

Outside, a young man had stolen their rainbow flag and set it on fire.

In Seattle, Capitol Hill residents worry about climb in hate crimes, harassment

SEATTLE, Washington — Is it safe for the LGBTQ community in Capitol Hill? That was the question discussed at a forum on hate crimes Tuesday night. Community and city leaders say something needs to be done to stop an alarming trend.

Doug Hamilton has lived in Capitol Hill for more 20 years. He’d always felt it was a safe neighborhood until one night in July 2013.

“This guy bursts out of that door over there and just started taunting us. He said, ‘Are you gay, are you bisexual, are you queer?’”

Doug says at first that he and his friends were in shock.