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Gay marriage poll reveals surprising facts about LGBT rights supporters

Numerous surveys have consistently shown that Americans' support for same-sex marriage has been growing steadily for some time -- but a new Gallup poll reveals some surprising wrinkles which show room for improvement on marriage equality issues.

The high cost of same-sex divorce

NEW YORK -- A patchwork of state marriage laws and the federal Defense of Marriage Act has made the process of unraveling a relationship extremely difficult -- and expensive.

A same-sex couple who marries in one state and later relocates to a state that doesn't recognize the marriage, for example, may be unable to get a traditional divorce. Often, they either have to move to the state where they married to establish residency or dissolve the marriage outside of the court system. Some states call this a dissolution of marriage instead of a divorce.

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VIDEO features married lesbians, one a military officer, harmed by DOMA

NEW YORK – The latest entry in the “Freedom to Serve, Freedom to Marry” video series features Major Shannon McLaughlin and her wife, Casey McLaughlin, and spotlights the harms of federal marriage discrimination to their family.

Although they are legally married in Massachusetts, the McLaughlins are not treated the same as other military couples because of the so-called Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA), which denies legally married same-sex couples more than 1,100 federal protections automatically granted to opposite-sex couples.

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Lesbian who persuaded her tribe to legalize marriage equality

SUQUAMISH TRIBE, Wash. — For Heather Purser, the first pang came more than a decade ago as she gathered clams on Puget Sound’s Chico Beach, watching her cousin’s new husband assist with the digging. She figured she’d never have a legal spouse to help with the backbreaking work.

Then Purser, a member of Washington state’s Suquamish Tribe who knew she was gay at age 7, decided to act: She led a personal lobbying campaign that ended with her tribal council voting in 2011 to approve gay marriage.

Cosmpolitan Las Vegas to hold giant same-sex wedding ceremony Thursday

LAS VEGAS -- To increase momentum for the state and national movement toward marriage equality, The Gay and Lesbian Community Center of Southern Nevada and The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas are holding an event consisting of 36 LGBTQ and straight ally couples having a ceremony every five minutes for three hours at the resort’s Pop-Up Wedding Chapel on Thursday, May 2.

The broad range of couples, each holding a commitment ceremony, vow renewal ceremony or faux-ceremony, will be reading vows in support of marriage equality.

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Former GOP lawmaker, Iraq War veteran featured in Minn. gay marriage ads | VIDEO

ST. PAUL, Minn. — Building off the growing momentum across Minnesota to extend the freedom to marry to same-sex couples in 2013, Minnesotans United on Tuesday announced the release of a new broadcast television ad featuring Iraq War veteran John Kriesel.

Vikings punter Chris Kluwe wins Webby award for online support of gay marriage

Minnesota Vikings punter Chris Kluwe scored another (off-the-field) award Tuesday, getting a Webby for his online work supporting same-sex marriage.

The award came a day after a breakthrough in gender issues in sports yesterday, when NBA center Jason Collins announced he was gay, the first active player in a major men’s American sport league to do so.

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Gay couples in red-state America consider bluer pastures

Kelly Wroblewski lives in Austin, Texas, with her partner of 10 years, Kristina Lestik. Both women are high school teachers in their early 30s, have pets and wear promise rings to show their commitment.

Austin has been a comfortable place for them to live. The city council endorsed marriage equality in 2012 and extended benefits to same-sex partners of city employees.

But that’s a far cry from the full federal rights, benefits and recognition that same-sex couples living in other states stand to gain if the Supreme Court strikes down the Defense of Marriage Act later this year.

Mormon Church offshoot votes to begin performing marriages for lesbian and gay couples

The Community of Christ — an offshoot of the Mormon Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints — voted this week by more than the requisite majority to begin performing marriage ceremonies for lesbian and gay couples in states where it is legal. In states that have yet to establish marriage equality, the Community of Christ will offer commitment ceremonies to recognize the validity and importance of LGBT love.

Brazil: Judge rules same-sex couples in Rio de Janeiro state can marry

RIO DE JANEIRO — A judge in the Brazilian state of Rio de Janeiro on Friday published a legal ruling authorizing marriage equality for same-sex couples.

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