Marriage Equality

FEC rules that married gay couples have same rights as straight spouses

WASHINGTON -- The Federal Election Commission said Thursday that legally married gay couples must be treated in the same manner as opposite-sex couples under election law, reversing its previous position in response to the Supreme Court’s ruling last month that struck down part of the Defense of Marriage Act.

Same-sex marriage could boost Hawaii tourism by $217M, report finds

HONOLULU -- The Sheraton Waikiki has more than 1,600 rooms with several restaurants and bars, and more than 1,100 employees.

Business is good, but hotel occupancy rates could always be better.

Kelly Sanders, the general manager of the Sheraton Waikiki, feels there is an untapped segment out there.

“I think people have waited a long time to get married. So I think there’s a pent-up demand that’s really gonna happen over the next two years,” Sanders said.

LGBT companies support Freedom to Marry | VIDEO

Just after the U.S. Supreme Court's historic DOMA and Prop 8 rulings, the founders of four California-based LGBT owned and operated companies have banded together to encourage their followers to support an innovative crowdfunding campaign to raise money for the non-profit organization, Freedom to Marry.

The four companies include:

• Wolfe Video - The world's largest exclusive distributor of LGBT films

• - The dating site for relationship-minded gay and lesbian singles

LGBT Center in the Inland Empire to host mass wedding

SAN BERNADINO, Calif. -- A mass wedding will be held in the Inland Empire on Saturday, July 27 from 2-8 pm. While all couples are welcome, the goal of the event is to provide a space for same-gender couples to marry.

Those who wish to participate in the wedding festivities should pick up their marriage license at the City Clerk's Office. Non-denominational wedding officiates will be on site at The Center to perform weddings on an appointment basis.

Will Pennsylvania county defy same-gender marriage ban?

NORRISTOWN, Pa. – Even though same-gender marriage is banned in Pennsylvania, Montgomery County in suburban Philadelphia plans to begin issuing licenses to gay and lesbian couples.

Bruce Hanes, the Recorder of Wills for Montgomery County, said Tuesday that he will defy state law.

“I decided to come down on the right side of history and the law,” Hanes told the media. He cited the equal-protections rights guaranteed by the state and U.S. constitutions.

New Jersey United for Marriage launches bid to override governor's veto and win marriage

ASBURY PARK, N.J. -- New Jersey United for Marriage unveiled a campaign today to win the freedom to marry in the state, where a bill passed by the Legislature in February 2012 but was vetoed by Republican Gov. Chris Christie.

Richard Carlbom, director of state campaigns at Freedom to Marry, said it was time to override the veto.

Ohio judge rules for same-gender couple, one of whom is dying

James Obergefell has lived with the love of his life for 20 years before they married two weeks ago.

They also hoped to be buried next to each other, to spend eternity together, but the state of Ohio and his spouse’s relatives won’t let him – because he married another man, John Arthur, who is dying of ALS.

Gay marriage: Is Ohio ready?

Ohioans’ certitude about gay marriage a decade ago has given way to ambiguity, potentially setting the stage next year for a second major battle on one of the most divisive social issues of our time.

Some backers of a constitutional amendment to allow two consenting adults to marry regardless of gender want to go to the statewide ballot in the 2014 gubernatorial election, a roll of the dice on a question that 62 percent of voters answered in 2004. They amended the constitution to define marriage as between a man and a woman, effectively prohibiting same-sex marriages in Ohio.

Same-gender marriage lawsuit withdrawn in Texas

GALVESTON, Texas - A Galveston man has withdrawn a federal lawsuit challenging a clause in the Texas Constitution defining marriage as between a man and a woman.

Domenico Nuckols, 60, said Wednesday his decision came after a conference call with representatives of the American Civil Liberties Union. He also received a letter from Lambda Legal, the gay rights legal organization, explaining that it was filing lawsuits in the states where chances of success were highest.

Illinois Unites relaunches efforts to pass marriage-equality bill

SPRINGFIELD, Ill. -- Illinois Unites for Marriage today announced a revamped campaign to pass freedom to marry legislation in the state, where a bill stalled in the House in the previous session after passing in the Senate.

The relaunch includes the hiring of John Kohlhepp, a longtime organizer and lobbyist, to run a $2 million campaign that will include statewide public outreach.

Richard Carlbom, director of state campaigns at Freedom to Marry, said organizers are determined to win in Illinois.