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Why gay marriage would have been embraced by our Founding Fathers

It's time for us to honestly and accept the fact that same-sex marriage is a civil rights issue.

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Irene Monroe: A road map beyond Black History Month

As we celebrate Black History Month in 2015, in what is clearly not the post-racial era many had hoped for, I wish as a nation we begin an honest talk about race.

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Does Mike Huckabee really believe serving gays is like forcing Jews to sell bacon-wrapped shrimp?

Mike Huckabee compares homosexuality to drinking, swearing or liking "classical music and ballet and opera." Huh?

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Irene Monroe: Historic black LGBT intergenerational discussion on “Selma”

For the first time an intergenerational and interracial gathering of LGBTQ voices meet and create a paradigm of how future discussions about "Black Lives Matter" movement should take place.

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Is a marriage-equality compromise taking shape at the Supreme Court?

There are good reasons why Justice Anthony Kennedy (who is solicitous toward gay rights but also centrally concerned with federalism and the prerogatives of the states) and Chief Justice John Roberts (who may be thinking about how history will judge him) might see the possibility for some creative middle ground: “yes” on the right to remain married, but “question-reserved-for-another-day” on the right to get married.

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