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Irene Monroe: Remembering Two-Spirits this Thanksgiving

At Thanksgiving, I am also reminded of my Two-Spirit Native American brothers and sisters who struggle with their families and tribes not approving of their sexual identities and gender expressions as many of us do with our families and faith communities.

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Commentary: Many LGBT families left out of Obama's executive action

"Significant work is still needed for the [immigration] system to work for everyone, including the estimated 267,000 undocumented people who are lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT)."

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On Transgender Day of Remembrance, a partnership to provide law officers training on transgender issues

Today my office is partnering with the San Diego Police Department, the transgender community, and the Department of Justice’s Community Relations Service (CRS) to offer a groundbreaking training session that is designed to build a foundation of trust between law enforcement and the transgender community.

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Commentary: As equality thrives, hate can’t even keep the lights on

The Human Rights Campaign (HRC) notes that if you want clear evidence that LGBT equality is winning, you got a perfect example today.

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Irene Monroe: Turkey's conflicting attitude toward LGBT rights

Turkey is a country conflicted when it comes to its LGBT population. Our columnist Irene Monroe looks at the issues.

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