Memes that end the marriage equality debate for good

As the marriage equality debate is now before the Supreme Court, there are many who still believe that change is bad.

Sad and Useless has put together some sarcastically funny Memes on why gay marriage is bad, and how it would affect society.

Click HERE to get a good laugh on this historic day.

Some truly bizarre anti-gay arguments before the Supreme Court

I've rounded up the weirdest Supreme Court briefs that argue in favor of preventing gays and lesbians from marrying. Some are full of mistakes, others have baffling arguments. And at least one is incredibly sexist, and signed by a member of Congress.

Yes, homosexuality absolutely is a choice

Confession time.

To all of my Christian brothers and sisters who insist that homosexuality is a choice, I need to break down and finally admit something: I agree with you.

I believe that it absolutely is a choice too, only not in the way that you may have meant.

Michigan mechanic will turn LGBTQ customers away, and it's perfectly legal.

A Michigan car repair shop owner said he will refuse to serve openly gay customers -- and, yes, that is legal.

Brian Klawiter is the owner of Dieseltec in Grandville, Michigan. On Tuesday, he took to Facebook to announce in a verbose post that he has no problem refusing to serve gay customers on the basis of religious freedom. (Guns, however, are allowed and customers who bring in their firearms are eligible for a discount.)

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Religious Right screaming in a panic over gay marriage

With the U.S. Supreme Court taking up four gay marriage cases this month, the Religious Right has become downright hysterical apparently in anticipation of marriage equality becoming the law of the land in June.

Manchester's Gay Village "as vibrant as ever" but bars need to "up their game to survive"

Vibrancy was a running theme during discussions with Manchester’s LGBT community with regards to Canal Street.

For Misty Chance, a Manchester-based drag artist, it has provided an opportunity to branch out. For the first time since she moved to the city, Misty was invited to host a night in the Northern Quarter back in February.

A (grim) glimpse of the Seoul gay scene

My most recent trip took me to South Korea where I met some amazing people and got a first hand look at gay life in Seoul. South Korea is a conservative country!

I didn’t fully understand this at first, but think of the prejudice and stigma of the Reagan years in which many HIV+ gay men were ignored until they died, and you’ll get an idea of how it is there now.

Until very recently, being LGBT in Seoul meant not existing, as the government and society in general opted to simply ignore and pretend LGBT people didn’t exist.

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Irene Monroe: Easter is about seeing those at the margins

For many Christians, Easter is a high holy holiday — it’s the religious bedrock that not only anchors them in their faith, but it also shapes and governs their view of the world.

I’m one of them.

My passion for Easter is like that of author and Christian C.S. Lewis. In his 1945 essay “Is Theology Poetry?” Lewis expressed his passion for the whole of Christianity thusly: "I believe in Christianity as I believe that the sun has risen: not only because I see it, but because by it I see everything else"

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Irene Monroe: The love that dare not speak its name

With “The Year We Thought About Love,” Cantabrigian filmmaker Ellen Brodsky has made what some might call a dangerous documentary about youth in love, and what others would call a welcoming one.

“There’s power in being true to yourself,” Brodsky states. While that may be true, Brodsky also knows that the varied expressions of love are not always safe or accepted. Queries always accompany love expressed outside of familial, racial, cultural and religious norms.

Video spoofs dramatize unintended consequences of "religious freedom" bills

CHICAGO – Truth Wins Out announced the release today of the second video in its “Flipping the Script on Religious Freedom” campaign, to highlight the real-world consequences of laws that purport to protect religious liberty, when in reality they only promote exclusion. In our new video, we show how such laws can open a can of worms and backfire on the “Christian” sponsors of such bills. The video was released on the day the