COMMENTARY: HIV is no longer a death sentence but it still isn't easy

I have been living with HIV for 10 years, and what I have learned is this: having this virus is not easy. Living with a lifelong condition presents incredible challenges that not everyone sees. No one hears the difficult conversations you have to have with your partner, your family, or your doctor throughout the multiple appointments you must maintain for the rest of your life. I believe these moments that people don’t see make many misinterpret the reality of living with HIV.

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Irene Monroe: The real superheroes of P’Town Carnival

The best week to be in Provincetown is the week of Carnival. The parade is its signature extravaganza.

While many would contest that any week in P’Town during the summer months is a carnival, the official date is always week 33: This year it was from Aug. 16-22.

The 2014 Carnival theme was "Comic Book Capers," and what the theme evoked for revelers and tourists alike varied widely and wildly.

9 most homophobic church signs

(Editor's note: This post was originally published on AlterNet.)

Fear, shame and stigma surrounding HIV/AIDS cheat us of important choices

Thanks to medicines and medical progress, HIV can be a manageable, chronic disease. Most infected people can live a normal, relatively healthy life as long as they are diagnosed early enough and take their medication as prescribed.

Today’s antiretroviral drugs suppress the viral load – (they lower the amount of HIV virus circulating in the bloodstream) – to the extent that someone in appropriate and regular care who is taking medicines as prescribed is healthier and has almost no risk of infecting someone else. Treatment, is in some important ways, prevention!

What will it take to end the HIV/AIDS epidemic in San Diego?

Thank you to the scores of community members who have talked with me, emailed me, messaged me or other Center staff members with questions and comments about last week’s #bethegeneration piece about HIV/AIDS.

The central theme of many of the questions was “What will it take to end the epidemic in San Diego?”

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Irene Monroe: The stigma of black suicide is killing us

When the first news reports of Robin Williams’ death hit the media, few questioned the report that the country's most beloved comedian had committed suicide.

This reaction stands in stark contrast to the reaction to the 2012 news of the death of "Soul Train" creator Don Cornelius, who was found lifeless in his home after committing suicide with a firearm. Many African-Americans believed Cornelius must have been murdered by an intruder, even after the official report.

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History’s answer to the caterwaul of the contemptible

Some days, there seems no succor against the raging ignorance that plagues the United States. But others, there’s hope, and today, history has an answer: hearing loss.

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Irene Monroe: Celibacy is the new ex-gay ministry

Embracing celibacy as an appropriate religious calling to be a God-abiding LGBTQ Christian is now on the rise.

No joke.

Progress has been made on federal and state levels concerning LGBTQ civil rights but many churches, especially in certain religious conservative circles, are far behind.

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#BeTheGeneration that ends HIV/AIDS

When AIDS first hit us, it was like a bomb went off in our community, leaving too few survivors. A generation of gay men suffered and died. Some buried partners. We all buried friends - too many friends. In spite of our grief and fear, we fought for compassionate care and medical interventions. We fought for funding and against government silence. We fought to end a plague that decimated our community, and to make the dying stop.

Nicole Murray Ramirez blasts Scott Peters and Susan Atkins

(Editor's note: Stampp Corbin, publisher of San Diego LGBT Weekly, a misnamed publication that hasn't published weekly in a long time, sent a threatening email to Johnathan Hale, publisher of SDGLN, because SDGLN shared five paragraphs from a recent column by Nicole Murray Ramirez.

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