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Irene Monroe: Black children are "beloved and beaten"

"Beloved and beaten" is a phrase that best depicts how many African American children — past and present — are disciplined.

It is an authoritative type of African-American parenting discipline style that is painfully revered. Yet, in too many incidents, it continues to be uncritically passed along generationally.

When Minnesota Vikings running back Adrian Peterson was indicted on allegation of child abuse, he admitted to using the disciplinary methods passed down by his father.

COMMENTARY: Dreaming of a more artful Hillcrest

Call me a dreamer. But to me the “Transforming Hillcrest” plan is a tremendous opportunity for us.

As I’ve said, keeping the 10 [MTA bus] and moving the 11 & 120 onto Washington Street through Eighth or Ninth avenues is not going to affect many stops. And the bulb out on Fifth Avenue and Washington Street creates an awesome transfer center, further increasing the opportunity for a wider pedestrian plaza or additional parking or bike share stations on Fifth Avenue where businesses are already struggling due to lack of foot traffic.

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Irene Monroe: The Joan Rivers you might have not known

(Editor's note: Everybody knows the public Joan Rivers, but not everybody was familiar with her volunteer and charity work. She was passionate about the New York-based God's Love We Deliver, which gives free meals to seriously ill people in New York and northeast New Jersey. Our contributor, the Rev. Irene Monroe, looks at some other facets of Joan Rivers' life that you might not know.)

You either loved Joan Rivers or you hated her.

Margaret Cho: Putting the fun back in funeral

Joan Rivers put the ‘fun’ in funeral. I arrived almost an hour early, as our invitations had suggested because of tightened security. I snuck into a side entrance, so I missed the grand spectacle of paparazzi, fans, well wishers and shiny black cars, a mass of people covering at least 3 city blocks in front of Temple Emanu-El. There was no red carpet, which was oddly disappointing, as this had been teased by the press in the hours after Joan’s death. This was to be a staid, classy, dignified affair. I did sneak outside to look for protesters from the Westboro Baptist Church.

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Irene Monroe: Campuses not welcoming to all LGBTQ students

It's back-to-school season for most and stepping back into the scene isn't easy for a lot of students — especially LGBTQ students.

LGBTQ phobias abound in the hallowed halls of higher learning and, unfortunately, we have to confront them here in Massachusetts, an A+ queer-friendly state.

I pray for LGBTQ freshman students walking into Gordon College. Most will be totally unaware of Michael Lindsay, their college president, and his anti-gay actions.

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Kristin Beck: A story worth sharing

(Editor's note: The CNN documentary, "Lady Valor: The Kristin Beck Story," will have its television premiere on CNN on Thursday, Sept. 4. The film, which has been playing the film festival circuit, was shown by FilmOut San Diego on Aug. 20 to a sellout audience. Kristin Beck wrote this piece for CNN.com.)

COMMENTARY: HIV is no longer a death sentence but it still isn't easy

I have been living with HIV for 10 years, and what I have learned is this: having this virus is not easy. Living with a lifelong condition presents incredible challenges that not everyone sees. No one hears the difficult conversations you have to have with your partner, your family, or your doctor throughout the multiple appointments you must maintain for the rest of your life. I believe these moments that people don’t see make many misinterpret the reality of living with HIV.

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Irene Monroe: The real superheroes of P’Town Carnival

The best week to be in Provincetown is the week of Carnival. The parade is its signature extravaganza.

While many would contest that any week in P’Town during the summer months is a carnival, the official date is always week 33: This year it was from Aug. 16-22.

The 2014 Carnival theme was "Comic Book Capers," and what the theme evoked for revelers and tourists alike varied widely and wildly.

9 most homophobic church signs

(Editor's note: This post was originally published on AlterNet.)

Fear, shame and stigma surrounding HIV/AIDS cheat us of important choices

Thanks to medicines and medical progress, HIV can be a manageable, chronic disease. Most infected people can live a normal, relatively healthy life as long as they are diagnosed early enough and take their medication as prescribed.

Today’s antiretroviral drugs suppress the viral load – (they lower the amount of HIV virus circulating in the bloodstream) – to the extent that someone in appropriate and regular care who is taking medicines as prescribed is healthier and has almost no risk of infecting someone else. Treatment, is in some important ways, prevention!

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