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COMMENTARY: "Pinkwashing" is a whitewashing of the facts regarding Israel

Sarah Schulman suggests that Israel, in its diabolically cunning way (now where have we heard that before about the Jews?), started a cynical campaign in 2005 to improve its image, and that campaign included an appeal to progressives who support LGBT rights.

Yet the fact is that LGBT rights in Israel go back long before 2005.

COMMENTARY: After 30 years of AIDS, what can we say?

(Editor's note: Tom McSorley wrote this commentary on behalf of and with the support of the 4 Friends but takes personal responsibility for the opinions expressed within. The 4 Friends Collaboration includes Being Alive, Townspeople, Stepping Stone and Special Delivery -- four organizations with a common mission, to help meet the unmet needs of people living with HIV/AIDS.)

Speaking as the 4 Friends, a collaboration of San Diego’s AIDS Service Organizations, after 30 years of fighting this fight, we should have something to say.

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COMMENTARY: Time for next generation of LGBT leaders to step forward

Rep. Barney Frank’s unexpected decision to retire from the House of Representatives, coupled with Rep. Tammy Baldwin’s bid to win the Senate seat from Wisconsin, suddenly leaves the door wide open for the next generation of LGBT leaders in Congress.

Rep. Jared Polis (D-Colo.) and Rep. David Cicilline (D-R.I.) are expected to assume a leadership role on LGBT issues as the only other out members in Congress. Polis -- who along with his partner Marlon Reis are new parents to son Caspian Julius – has been a consistent voice for gay rights along with Frank and Baldwin.

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COMMENTARY: The power, and abuse, of Social Media

Four years ago, I largely ignored the trendy use of Social Media on the Internet. But after a social experiment of my own, I discovered the incredible power of Social Media to reconnect with people and make new friends or connections around the globe.

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COMMENTARY: Avoid scams and con artists this holiday season

Giving to a charity each year is easy for most of us. We find ourselves drawn to a cause, a particular group, mission, etc. When you have that personal tie to an organization giving your hard-earned dollars is simple.

However, what happens when you don't have a charity and you are new to donating? Or maybe you want to support a cause aligned with a new interest you have.

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COMMENTARY: Remembering the Two-Spirits people this Thanksgiving

(Editor's note: Every year, the Rev. Irene Monroe submits this piece for Thanksgiving, because it captures, in her humble opinion, the best way she can express her outrage of the genocide of Native Americans that is summarily glossed over with a national celebration and an annual holiday of its occupiers.)

As I prepare for the Thanksgiving holiday, I am reminded of the autumnal harvest time's spiritual significance. As a time of connectedness, I pause to acknowledge what I have to be thankful for. But I also reflect on the holiday as a time of remembrance - historical and familial.

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COMMENTARY: The horror of black homophobic horror flicks

Gays on television today is nothing new.

And we can thank Ellen DeGeneres’s watershed moment in April 1997 when she came out on her sitcom "Ellen."

Today’s openly lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer (LGBTQ) television personalities are Neil Patrick Harris, Jane Lynch, Rachel Maddow, and Rosie O’Donnell, to name just a few.

And these personalities have helped pave the way in terms of our acceptance in society and in terms of our civil rights issues.

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COMMENTARY: The Wall weeps for many

In honor of those who have served, Veterans Day, November 11, 2011

“When I first saw it at the dedication in 1982,” said the veteran of an undeclared war, “I thought it was a nice memorial to all the people who died.”

“But now,” and his blue eyes began to glisten faster than he could close them — to the memory of buddies and limbs lost; to the etched names of 58,272 dead warriors; to the clusters of their families, the tourists, the curious and awestruck and angry and guilt-ridden — “now I think there are too many names.”

COMMENTARY: The Center commends continued progress in San Diego school district's anti-bullying efforts

SAN DIEGO – The San Diego LGBT Community Center commends the San Diego Unified School District for its continued progress on the implementation of its district-wide anti-bullying policy.

Tuesday night, the SDUSD Board of Education unanimously approved the next step in its ongoing efforts to combat bullying within district schools.

In November 2010, the board established an innovative community-district task force/advisory board to develop and begin implementation plans for a district-wide effort to combat bullying and create safe schools for all students, including LGBT students.

COMMENTARY: Ignorance, arrogance and abuse, the stories of Herman Cain, Penn State and Brett Ratner

Ignorance is one of the many flaws of humans. Arrogance, too. Combining the two with people in a position of power and influence can create abusive monsters.

Reflecting this week on the separate scandals enveloping Herman Cain, Penn State University and the Academy Awards, it painfully reminds me of how far we have not come.