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COMMENTARY: NPR sounds like Fox with story on ex-gay rhetoric

If it were Fox News I wouldn’t have flinched. But it was National Public Radio.

To my surprise, I didn’t know -- especially in 2011 -- my sexual orientation was still up for debate. But on Aug. 1 on the "Morning Edition" of National Public Radio (NPR), it was. And the topic on the show that morning was "Can Therapy Help Change Sexual Orientation?"

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COMMENTARY with VIDEO: Mike Huckabee, you are such a hypocrite!

Right wing darling Mike Huckabee, a Southern Baptist minister and former governor of Arkansas, says Americans need a good Christian education because “greed caused the collapse not only of our economic system but of our ethical system.”

He may be right ... about greed.

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COMMENTARY: Why I dream of Madrid Pride for America

In early July, I went to Madrid Pride for the first time.

A good friend told me that I needed some controlled chaos in my life, so I made an impromptu decision to meet him and his group for five days of Spanish adventure.

Controlled chaos is a perfect description for Madrid Pride – which happens the first weekend of July.

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COMMENTARY: Residents and businesses are all in this together

Sometimes, on the weekends in San Diego, patrons from the various entertainment establishments tend to get a little boisterous at a late hour – well, late for those who stay at home and happen to live in the neighborhood.

One of the services Stonewall Citizens’ Patrol (SCP) has come to offer to the community is that of helping with neighborhood disturbances.

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Larry Kramer refutes pundits who claim he hates gay marriage

It is very difficult to take a strong position in the gay world without being, at the least, misunderstood, and at the most extreme, vilified mercilessly. I suppose it’s like this in the straight world as well.

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LETTER TO THE EDITOR: North County LGBT Coalition announces plans for new LGBTQ center

Dear Friends,

Saturday, July 23, 2011 was a historic day for our North County LGBT community and families. The North County LGBT Coalition board members had a day-long retreat to discuss the future of the organization.

Thanks to your financial support and trust through the past few years, our leadership is now ready to move forward with the creation of a North County LGBT Center. In the next few months, we will transition from the North County LGBT Coalition into our new entity where new leadership and participation will be needed.

COMMENTARY: Countdown clocks and wedding bells - Celebrating justice

There’s no doubt that the hours, days, weeks and years of struggle can become enraging, depressing and frustrating. The enormous amounts of time and treasure that we pour out attempting to achieve even basic fair treatment under the law can, on some days, be overwhelming.

But not on this day. Not today.

This day we celebrate two tremendous, historic and game-changing victories. This day we begin to mark the ending of some decades-old struggles.

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COMMENTARY: I want a wife!

When I last worked a corporate job, I wished for a wife.

Now, as I study the shifting distribution of labor between females and males, I feel a little guilty about that. And as I find I have the time to offer to take the week’s suits to the dry cleaners, I’m no longer concerned about gender implications. And as I see the burgeoning acceptance of same-sex marriage and the trend from women referring to their “wives” to women referring to their wives, I wonder how the definitions and demarcations of women’s work and men’s work might change in the next few generations.

COMMENTARY: Same-sex marriage is still unequal

On Sunday, New York will begin issuing marriage licenses to gay and lesbian couples, further complicating the tangled legal mess of same-sex marriage in America.

Why does this complicate things? Consider what happens when legally married couples from New York move to, say, California. They'll see their marriages evaporate, based only on their sexual orientation.

COMMENTARY: CityBeat shoots itself in the foot ... twice

Tabloids thrive on salacious headlines like “Alien leader visits Obama at Camp David” or “Priest casts demons out of homosexuals.”

Most people snicker at the tabloids, heavily discounting the veracity of the stories that are published. Only the gullible believe what they read has any grain of truth.

Tabloids run by media mogul Rupert Murdoch are currently under investigation in the United Kingdom in an unfolding scandal that is spreading across the world. The FBI is looking into Murdoch’s business practices here in the U.S., and Australian authorities are investigating as well.

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