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COMMENTARY: In "Hot-lanta" you stay "in the closet" as CNN’s Don Lemon did

CNN’s Don Lemon has penned a memoir titled "Transparent" that will come out in September. In writing his book, Lemon said "the decision to come out happened organically."

One of the motivating reasons for Lemon, 45, now revealing his sexual orientation is because of the suicide of 18-year-old Rutgers University freshman Tyler Clementi.

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COMMENTARY with VIDEOS: How are you evil? Let’s count the ways!

Jon Ronson, British journalist extraordinaire and best-selling author, has a new book out, “The Psychopath Test.” If Ronson’s name doesn’t ring a bell, think goats — or, more specifically, The Men Who Stare at Goats, which became an oddly fascinating film in 2009.

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COMMENTARY with VIDEO: Let’s return the LGBT movement back to Harvey Milk’s vision

“It takes no compromising to give people their rights. It takes no money to respect the individual. It takes no survey to remove repressions.” -- Harvey Milk, in a 1973 speech during his first unsuccessful run for supervisor

Every gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender youth in America needs to get to know Harvey Milk, the gay rights advocate and politician who was assassinated in 1978.

Here in California, May 22 is Harvey Milk Day, a state holiday established in 2009 to honor Milk’s memory.

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: “Congressman Hunter doesn’t get it”

Congressman Duncan Hunter (R-Lakeside) just doesn’t get it. 2001 represented the start of the 21st century, not a do-over for the 1950s.

First he fought to prevent repeal of “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” (DADT). When that failed, he tried a bill to delay repeal of DADT by adding a cumbersome layer of sign-offs before it could happen – that failed as well. Apparently, getting this onerous piece of discrimination added to the defense authorization bill in the House has emboldened him now so he’s widening his net of groups to marginalize.

COMMENTARY: Some "highlights" of International Day Against Homophobia

There is a reason I wrote "highlights" that way. Because there was far too much going on and because it's far too early to even attempt to catalogue or even report in any real way on everything that happened Tuesday, May 17, the sixth International Day Against Homophobia.

Except this.

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COMMENTARY: A condom in a pill jar? What the HPTN 052 study means for gay men

Editor’s note: Stephen Fallon is the president of Skills4, a healthcare consulting firm that provides services to CDC and HRSA funded providers, primarily gay- or minority-based agencies and clinics.

Big news lit up the Internet this past week: HIV treatments seem to block the virus from spreading during sex.

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COMMENTARY: Andrew Shirvell, who hounded gay student, now claims victim status

If Andrew Shirvell represents the vanguard in the crusade against the “homosexual activist agenda,” it’s no contest. The agenda has won.

LETTER TO THE COMMUNITY: Taking issue with Nicole Murray-Ramirez

Editor's note: Vicky Kerley sent this "Open Letter: the LGBT Weekly and the LGBT Community of San Diego" to SDGLN and other media.

I am confused and appalled by the Opinion piece written by Nicole Murray-Ramirez that appeared in the LGBT Weekly this past Thursday.

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COMMENTARY: All about Chaz

The long-awaited film "Becoming Chaz," a documentary about Chaz Bono’s female-to-male (FTM) gender reassignment aired this week on OWN: Oprah Winfrey Network. And it captures not only the arduous trek of coming out as transgender, but it also captures the universal experience we all face of coming out as our true selves.

As the only child of the world renowned pop duo Cher and Sonny Bono, many of us remember Chaz as their cherub-faced daughter Chastity, blowing kisses to the audience of her parents’ top-rated variety television show "Sonny & Cher."

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COMMENTARY: The quiet genocide – a call for religious conscience and action

Editor’s note: The San Diego-based St. Paul’s Foundation for International Reconciliation is having a fundraiser at Diversionary Theatre on Saturday, May 14, to help support the international fight for HIV prevention and care as well as global human rights. The evening begins with a cupcake and champagne reception at 6:30 pm, followed by a performance of the world premiere of “Dooley” at 8 p.m. Call (619) 220-0097 or visit HERE.

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