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COMMENTARY: Ignorance is no “choice” for Tracy Morgan, Rick Santorum and Archbishop Nienstedt

The equal rights movement must be on a bullet train these days because the blowback from the opposition is stinking up the joint this week.

The Christian Right has been vigorously spreading a propaganda campaign globally to demonize LGBT people, finding great success in Africa, and now they are ramping up the lies and the distortions across the United States.

This week, three people who have zero connections to one another, have made headlines for their anti-gay comments. All three believe that being gay is a “choice.” To that I say, ignorance is not a choice.

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COMMENTARY: Pride celebrations? Haven’t we assimilated?

As we all know, June is Pride Month for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer (LGBTQ) communities across the country -- and parades abound.

Unlike the revolutionary decade of the 1960s during which the air bred dissent, we LGBTQ people appear to be residing in a sanguine time -- rebels without a cause, a context, or an agenda. Many of us would argue that we have moved from our once urgent state of, "Why we can’t wait?" to our present lull state of, "Where do we go from here?"

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ACTION ALERT: Don't allow City of San Diego to circumvent public process on Plaza de Panama project

I am writing with an urgent request that will take less than a minute of your time to do. Time however, is of the essence so I ask that you do this at your very first opportunity.

Letter to the Editor: Who calls City Heights a “seedy ghetto”?

Editor's note: Nicole Murray-Ramirez has accused several well-known members of the LGBT community of being racist or bigoted at public meetings related to redistricting for the San Diego City Council. Frank Garcia, a resident of North Park, thinks those comments are hypocritical, and his Letter to the Editor explains why he thinks that way.

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COMMENTARY: Point, press, peace

My mother tried to make a sandwich with the TV remote control.

It might seem sadly funny, but there was some context for her pursuit: She was watching a cooking show from her hospital bed. Watching and processing in her own inimitable style, and she just didn’t like the way the celebrity chef was doing it. She didn’t know where she was, but she knew she could do better.

“I need to put the bread on top,” she said with the slurred tongue of a stroke victim, pointing the remote in the television’s general direction.

Johnathan Hale’s Open Letter to the Community about public discourse

In light of recent controversy surrounding alleged comments made by one community leader about another, my phone and email inbox has been flooded with messages. Apparently this issue has struck a chord.

First let me state our policy at San Diego Gay & Lesbian News surrounding Letters to the Editor, Guest Commentary and comments on stories.

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: We've got Pride, now it's time to GetEQUAL!

I don't know if you can hear it, but I can ...

From immigration reform to peace action to environmental justice to LGBT rights – many are issuing the same call to our President: “We are tired of waiting -- actions speak louder than words!”

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COMMENTARY: Are we writers or are we gay writers?

The 23rd annual Lambda Literary Awards (LLA, also known as the "Lammys") took place at New York’s School of the Visual Arts Theatre on May 26. This red-carpet event brought out our finest in LGBT literature and publishing traditions.

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COMMENTARY: Benny Cartwright reflects on Nicole Murray-Ramirez controversy

I have always enjoyed informing people about events, news, and community happenings. I remember when I was 14 years old my grandmother would always have me write press releases -- or what I thought were press releases -- to send to the neighborhood newspaper to promote the meetings for her community association. I was never trained as a journalist, but have always had somewhat of a knack for writing and have learned a lot along the way from some great colleagues, editors and publishers.

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OPEN LETTER TO THE COMMUNITY: Why Nicole Murray-Ramirez is no better than a high school bully

This is a letter to the community from San Diego small-business owner Brian L. Lyons.

Three years ago, I moved to San Diego with the dream of starting my own marketing and design firm. I was getting ready to turn 30 years old and had spent years working for the man so I decided at the time that it was now or never. I had visited San Diego numerous times, and had my fair share of fun in Hillcrest. I felt free here. I felt peace here. I felt love here. So I did it. I packed up my entire existence and moved to this magnificent city.

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