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COMMENTARY: UK shames U.S. in efforts to end homophobia in sports

Who cannot be impressed by efforts in the United Kingdom to wipe out homophobia in sports?

All of the UK’s major sports leagues – football (soccer), rugby, tennis and cricket -- and the nation’s Olympics committee have signed off on the government’s charter for action.

The UK government charter outlines four key points:

1. Evryone should be free to participate in sports.

2. Sports is about fairness, equality, respect and dignity.

3. Committing to making these values a reality for LGBT athletes.

4. Pledging to challenge unacceptable behavior toward LGBT people.

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COMMENTARY: Hate by any other name

Editor's note: Kit-Bacon Gressitt's commentary appears on her blog Excuse Me, I'm Writing and is republished by SDGLN, The Ocean Beach Rag and The Progressive Post. She was nominated for a Pulitzer Prize while working for the North County Times.

Of the many things I’ve learned since traipsing off with my book bag and lunchbox to return to full-time studenthood, none is quite as dismaying as the persistence of the rape culture that pervades U.S. media and, hence, the daily lives of media consumers.

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COMMENTARY: Why do you do what you do?

Recently I had the pleasure of attending the Echoing Green Current Fellows Conference and Be Bold Summit hosted by the University of Texas and Livestrong in Austin, Texas.

Having only attended the conference for new Fellows last fall in New York City, I wasn’t sure what to expect. But I was eager to return to my favorite Texas city to network with some of the most inspiring people from across the world who are working to solve society's problems.

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Sun-generated electricity arrives in San Diego region

Today, an agreement was announced that will move our region toward its sustainability goals and bring tremendous benefit to San Diego’s clean technology industry, creating hundreds of jobs for our residents.

San Diego Gas & Electric has signed an agreement to purchase the power generated at a massive solar plant to be built in the Imperial County. This project will bring enough sun-generated electricity to the San Diego region to power more than 55,000 households.

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COMMENTARY: Join Canvass For A Cause’s call for action against Target

Big-box retailer Target, despite its progressive company policies toward its LGBT employees, continues to stick its foot in its corporate mouth when it comes to gay rights.

Today, Target sued San Diego-based Canvass For A Cause (CFAC) to stop its volunteers from speaking to customers entering and leaving its stores in California.

Court documents show that Target is afraid that its customers might think that the corporation is supportive of gay marriage, one of the various issues that CFAC supports in its petition drives and conversations with passers-by.

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COMMENTARY with VIDEO: It’s a breast, you boob!

Editor's note: Kit-Bacon Gressitt's commentary appears on her blog Excuse Me, I'm Writing and is republished by SDGLN, The Ocean Beach Rag and The Progressive Post. She was nominated for a Pulitzer Prize while working for the North County Times.

“They gotta learn some phone manners,” he said, angrily scrawling the address of his next fare. “They call me and then they’re talking to somebody else — in Spanish! — and I’m saying, ‘Hello, Fallbrook Taxi, Fallbrook Taxi, Fallbrook Taxi!’”

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COMMENTARY: Why the gay rainbow needs to embrace more colors of beauty

“No Fats, Femmes or Asians.”

All too often, that ominous alert appears in profiles on gay dating and matching web sites. It screams that the ideal of gay male attractiveness in America is not Asian, nor “Fat” nor “Femme.”

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COMMENTARY: When freedom of speech goes too far

This is America and we are guaranteed freedom of speech in the Bill of Rights.

Two significant court cases this week addressed this cherished freedom, and in both instances, the legal rulings inflicted widespread disgust by reasonable Americans.

In a much-publicized case, the U.S. Supreme Court sided with a lower court ruling that the despicable Westboro Baptist Church, a homophobic cult from Topeka, Kansas, has the right to picket military funerals, shout vulgarities at mourners attending services and wave placards reading “God Hates Fags” and “Thank God For Dead Soldiers.”

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COMMENTARY: Subsidized childcare breaks poverty cycle, so why cut it?

Subsidized childcare for low income families is supported in full or in part on a sliding scale basis by federal and state taxpayer dollars.

In San Diego County, subsidized childcare and child development programs include state funded preschools, CalWORKS, Head Start programs and a network of other alternative payment programs.

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COMMENTARY: The Rev. Peter Gomes became the accidental gay advocate

If during your tenure as a student at Harvard you did not encounter the Rev. Peter J. Gomes, you have not had the quintessential Harvard experience.

For undergraduates, if they were paying attention, Gomes bookended their four-year experience at Harvard with his welcoming remarks during orientation and his baccalaureate address at graduation.

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