COMMENTARY: Love and compassion can go a long way in changing hearts and minds

I am pleased to see a story in this week’s LGBT Weekly encouraging members of our local LGBT community to rally in support of the San Diego Jehovah’s Witness Kingdom Hall in University Heights, which authorities say has been targeted by several hate-motivated arson crimes.

In the article, community activist and columnist Nicole Murray-Ramirez said that she is working to contribute an additional $5,000 to the reward fund that has been set up to find the perpetrators of the hate crime, from an anti-hate crime fund originally endowed by and for the LGBT community.

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: A better IHO for Hillcrest

The future of the derelict building across from Urban MOs has finally been determined.

Over the last few years, plans for 301 University have ranged from residential tower, to mixed use residential/retail, to boutique hotel – each with community amenities, extra parking, new residents and an active retail street scene. However, these plans have failed due to differing visions of Hillcrest’s future.

Now, one plan has succeeded: 301 University is to be a Walgreens store.

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COMMENTARY: Black LGBTQs finding their voice for the future

Having voice in the Black community is still an arduous struggle for its lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBTQ) community. As we cross over into 2012, one of our biggest accomplishments in 2011 has been the various ways in which LGBTQ of African descent have employed different public venues to be heard. These following venues will be used as instruments of change in our future struggle.

The court

COMMENTARY: An open letter to Defense Secretary Leon Panetta about military sexual abuse

(Editor's note: This guest commentary does not necessarily reflect the opinion of SDGLN. The authors penned this for wide distribution and is titled "A Call for Fundamental Change: An open letter to the Honorable Leon Panetta, Secretary of Defense, on the need to fix how rape and sexual assault is handled in the military." In light of the incremental changes announced by the Department of Defense on Dec.

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COMMENTARY: Can you be gay and Muslim?

(Editor's note: This first appeared on The Jakarta Post in Indonesia. The author, a faculty member at Indonesian Islamic University, is a USAID Scholar and Msgr. Kerr fellow at Florida State University.)

Insisting that same-sex relations are actually compatible with religious beliefs would almost certainly challenge mainstream perspectives.

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COMMENTARY: Money talks for LGBT groups

I repeatedly hear and see criticism of LGBT organizations and their leaders. The chatter machine gripes about why the Defense of Marriage Act hasn’t been repealed yet, why transgender persons are not always included in proposed legislation, and even why there is a glut of gay charity summer pool parties.

LGBT people sure like to talk about the work of gay social justice groups; but far too often, they criticize without doing much to help.

COMMENTARY: Census numbers warn of major influx of seniors, preparation needed

Last month, the U.S. Census Bureau released their statistics that give us a snapshot of what America’s senior population looks like. And it’s a warning for all of us.

COMMENTARY: Reinstatement of ban on federal funding for syringe exchange is shameful

AIDS United is outraged and disappointed at Congress' reinstatement of the ban on federal funding for syringe exchange programs, which was lifted in 2009. The ban is included in the Labor Health and Human Services appropriations bill included in the final FY 2012 appropriations package.

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COMMENTARY: It's time to repeal Prop 8 in 2012

(Editor's note: Love Honor Cherish has been cleared by the state to begin gathering signatures for its initiative to repeal Proposition 8. The group has until May 14, 2012, to qualify for the Nov. 6, 2012, presidential ballot.)

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COMMENTARY: How the gay media helped sink merger of AT&T and T-Mobile

There are many stories to be told about the collapse of the proposed AT&T/T-Mobile merger. One of them underscores, once again, the vitality of an advocacy press and bloggers who ask questions and hammer away at the truth in a way that much of the media simply does not. And while there were many involved in that effort, LGBT bloggers and gay media in particular were critical.