Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood: “Homophobia is the solution?”

Editor’s note: Egypt is a dangerous place to be gay, thus many LGBT blogger go by a nickname. This blog was brought to SDGLN’s attention by GayMiddleEast.com.

CAIRO, Egypt -- Not too long ago, the ex vice-president, Omar Suleiman, used Muslim Brotherhood as an Islamophobic straw-man in all his interviews during the Jan25 Revolution to scare the whole world of what would happen if Mubarak left.

Today, Muslim Brotherhood are using homophobia and xenophobia to attract people's votes like they did before during the constitutional referendum and influenced people to vote "yes"!

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COMMENTARY: Which America do you want to live in?

Day by day, two Americas are emerging.

One is split by the vast middle. Most residents of the West Coast and the Northeast share similar values in support of equality and fairness. Then there is Middle America, where hate, discrimination and bigotry are being practiced daily and voted into law, thus creating two separate and unequal societies.

Just as slavery once divided the nation, so is gay civil rights.

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COMMENTARY: Picked on the playground, lessons from Lakers' Kobe Bryant

Kobe Bryant made national news on April 12 when he called a referee as a “faggot” during a basketball game. He apologized, was fined $100,000 by the NBA, yet now pledges to appeal that fine.

My reaction to the incident came in waves.

COMMENTARY: CSU sneaks toward academic elitism

On Wednesday, April 13, campuses across the California State University system (CSU) hosted demonstrations — dubbed Take Class Action Day — to protest budget cuts to the Cal State system.

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COMMENTARY with VIDEO: No excuse for attacks on transgender people!

Editor’s note: Chrissy Lee Polis, 22, a transgender woman from the Baltimore area, was attacked by two girls in a McDonald’s restaurant on April 18. The incident was caught on video, which went viral on You Tube. The two teenage girls have been charged in the case.

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COMMENTARY: 150 years later, America’s gay Confederate and Union soldiers finally acknowledged

Queer Civil War buffs have been arguing for some time that the deafening silence around lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer (LGBTQ) Confederate and Union soldiers indicates proof of their very presence.

With this month commemorating the 150th anniversary of the start of the American Civil War, I went combing through Civil War annals to find our queer brethren -- and did!

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COMMENTARY with VIDEO: The immorality of the GOP’s defense of DOMA

Mom and Dad love each other through thick or thin, from the day they met in church to the day he died at a hospice as she held his hand.

And Mom would fall in love a second time and marry, and once again would outlive a husband.

In both cases, Mom as the widow did not have to pay estate taxes on anything she inherited. That’s the law.

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ACTION ALERT with VIDEO: Save Balboa Park!

SAN DIEGO -- Balboa Park, our city's crown civic jewel, is close to the heart of San Diego's LGBT community.

As Hillcrest's backyard, Balboa Park hosts one the the largest Pride festivals in the nation. We utilize the resource for a wide variety of sports and outdoor activities.

But one aspect we all enjoy and appreciate is the wonderful park atmosphere created by the historic architecture and landscaping. It is of such significance that El Prado is on the National Register of Historic Places as a historic district.

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COMMENTARY: Using blacks for "saving America from the bondage of gay marriage"

No faith community knows better than the Black Church how religion-based bigotry shapes prejudicial attitudes many white Americans once held toward African-Americans in this country.

Religious texts have been interpreted to justify some of this country’s worst crimes against our community, resulting in the legality of slavery, the lynching of black boys and men -- including that of 15-year-old Emmett Till, which the nation will never forget -- and the prohibition of interracial marriage.

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COMMENTARY: "Asians in the Library" episode is wake-up call to LGBT community

This March, UCLA student Alexandra Wallace shot to viral Internet infamy with her offensive "Asians in the Library" video.

In three short minutes posted onto YouTube, Alexandra bemoans the “hordes” of Asian students accepted at UCLA. She urges them to adopt "American manners." She complains about Asians making mobile phone calls in the library to family impacted by the recent tsunami in Japan. And to top it all off, she offers a mocking interpretation of Asian languages, complete with “ching chong ling long ting tong.”

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