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Fearing blacks and gays

The USA and Blacks: The U.S. Supreme Court in its restricting important aspects of voting rights legislation, and actions of some states to suppress the black vote suggest there is a fear of black participation in the electoral process.

And, the killing of unarmed black boys and men by police and would-be-police has caused me to remember these words spoken by Malcolm X about black self-defense:

Nicole Murray Ramirez condemns "The smearing of Carl DeMaio"

Nicole Murray Ramirez, a civil rights pioneer in San Diego for more than 40 years, has written a passionate column titled "The Smearing of Carl DeMaio" that was published in today's LGBT Weekly.

The anti-gay hatefest: A who's who of the 2014 Values Voter Summit

This weekend, Republican elected officials including Sen. Ted Cruz, Sen. Rand Paul, and Gov. Bobby Jindal will take part in what has become an annual ritual for potential GOP presidential contenders: they will seek to curry the favor of the Religious Right by speaking at the Family Research Council’s Values Voter Summit.

The despicable antigay attack on Arkansas’ courts

On May 9, 2014, Judge Chris Piazza, a state trial court judge in Arkansas, ruled that the state’s statutory and constitutional bans prohibiting marriage for same-sex couples violated the constitution of the United States, and had to be struck down.

Commentary: Who's telling the truth at LGBT Weekly?

SAN DIEGO, California -- A casual reader of LGBT Weekly this week would get two starkly contrasting views on congressional candidate Carl DeMaio.

Publisher Stampp Corbin portends to climb into "DeMaio's political mind" and concocts a fantasy of a candidate who would do anything to "win at any cost." Corbin makes some outrageous allegations against DeMaio, none of which are sourced or referenced or proven by the facts.

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Peters vs. DeMaio: "One of the biggest slugfests of all time"

In less than three months, voters will decide whether Rep. Scott Peters (D-San Diego) will continue to represent the 52nd congressional district or whether former San Diego Councilman and Republican candidate Carl DeMaio should replace him.

The most recent poll numbers show the freshman congressman is trailing his opponent by 7%, kicking off the mudslinging portion of the electoral process.

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Religious Discrimination 101

Religious discrimination is a real thing.

In this very moment it is a tragically real and present danger to thousands of Yazidi people who have been targeted for extermination by ISIS -- the terrorist group called "too radical for Al-Qaeda" -- because of their ancient religious beliefs.

Susan Jester commentary: There they go again, San Diego!

(Editor’s note: Susan Jester is the two-time president of Log Cabin Republicans San Diego, 1983-89 and 2012-14. Her biography is extensive: Ms.

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Anderson Cooper decimates Texas lawmaker's anti-gay argument

Anderson Cooper battled Texas state Rep. Bryan Hughes on Wednesday night over his support for gay conversion therapy programs.

The Texas Republican party recently voted to endorse "reparative therapy" in their platform, which now says that "no laws or executive orders shall be imposed to limit or restrict access to this type of therapy."

Cooper hosted Hughes for Wednesday's "Keeping Them Honest" segment, and asked him to respond to medical professionals who have said that conversion therapy is harmful to kids.

Gay marriage dividing Republicans

The newly-adopted Texas Republican Party platform stirred up a national debate over the discredited "reparative therapy" for gays, arguably setting the stage for pro-marriage equality Republican activists to force change as concerns resurface that the party's own actions further stymie relevance and growth. Marriage equality promises to be a forefront watershed issue for the Republican Party in the lead up to the 2016 Presidential Election.

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