LETTER TO THE COMMUNITY: Todd Gloria explains his vote on Balboa Park changes


[Monday night], the City Council approved plans to restore pedestrian-only access through the heart of Balboa Park.

There is no place that ignites the passions of San Diegans like Balboa Park, and the plans to remove cars from the park stirred controversy to new levels. I am grateful that our City is home to a place of such importance – historically, civically, and personally. The vote I cast to approve the Plaza de Panama project reflects my respect and appreciation for what is known as the jewel of our City.

COMMENTARY: Don't let Big Government choose your news

A proposed new plan for government control of television news, and perhaps Internet news, is now pending before the Federal Communications Commission. It would enable the government to suppress opposing points of view, reduce diversity and chill speech.

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GUEST COMMENTARY: Prop 29 is good for everyone (except Big Tobacco)

Cancer is a great equalizer. It doesn’t care about your sexual orientation, your ethnicity or how much money you have – it kills indiscriminately and ferociously.

In fact, cancer and heart disease kill more people in California than any other causes. In California, nearly one in two people born today will have cancer in their lifetime, and one in five will die from it.

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Fred Karger proud to make history as first gay candidate for President

SAN DIEGO -- Fred who?

You know, that guy running for President of the United States. The one who made history as the first-ever openly gay candidate seeking the highest office in the land. The guy who launched the humorous “Fred who?” campaign to drum up his recognition factor.

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COMMENTARY: Will black ministers follow Obama on marriage equality?

African-American ministers have come out for, and against, President Barack Obama's stance on marriage equality.

LGBTQ activists of African descent have pondered what would be the catalyst to rally those African-American Christian ministers to support same-sex marriage and engage the black community in a nationwide discussion.

Last week the answer arrived in Obama's support of marriage equality.

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COMMENTARY: Frank Rich on bully Romney and the gay vote

The polls have not been too kind to Obama's gay-marriage announcement. Both New York Times/CBS and USA Today/Gallup show around 25 percent of voters saying they’re "less likely" to vote for him because of it. Is Obama going to regret that he did this now?

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COMMENTARY: A happy day for special mothers who love their gay children

Sunday was Mother’s Day, and countless mothers lined up with their families, clutching their restaurant wait-list buzzer thingies that, when activated, startled many of them into an inopportune piddle. Then they waited an untoward amount of time for a mediocre brunch, a watery mimosa, and a flagging carnation. Yet, they remained cheerfully appreciative of the U.S. style of maternal adulation, grateful for the predictable mundanities of motherhood.

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COMMENTARY: Obama forced to come out on gay marriage

While President Barack Obama's views was still "evolving" on marriage equality, it's apparent they were evolved for two of his top officials.

For Vice President Joe Biden the issue is a no-brainer.

“I am absolutely comfortable with the fact that men marrying men, women marrying women and heterosexual men and women marrying one another are entitled to the same exact rights, all the civil rights, all the civil liberties,” Biden said in a Sunday morning interview on NBC’s “Meet the Press,”

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COMMENTARY: VP Biden endorses same-sex marriage - kind of, like, yeah

Vice President Joe Biden has had the pleasure being the administration’s herald of good things to come in the Barack Obama presidency. In 2010, he foretold the end of the U.S. military’s Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell policy on CNN’s Larry King Live. In 2011, he proclaimed the inevitability of same-sex marriage.

COMMENTARY: Wilson, Rove, Gingrich ... and Fletcher

(Editor’s note: The Chair's Corner is a blog by Jess Durfee, chair of the San Diego Democratic Party.)

I've written previously here about the danger posed by Carl DeMaio, a Republican candidate for Mayor whose call to make our San Diego "the Wisconsin of the West" only hints at his extreme right-wing agenda.

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