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COMMENTARY: Republican candidates possessed by demons

A whimsical poll report last Tuesday by Public Policy Polling (PPP) has turned into a stunning revelation that is sweeping the nation: Republican candidates are possessed by demons. And according to some experts, that belief “explains it all” for distraught voters.

The light-hearted Halloween poll of 1,200 likely voters, an innocuous diversion from the brawling punditry that has become U.S. politics, found that 62 percent of voters have a favorable opinion of the fanciful holiday, but not so of human nature.

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COMMENTARY: Ryan invites feminist to phone for Romney — OOPS!

On Tuesday, one day after the worst of Hurricane Sandy and one week before Election Day, I received an email from Republican VP candidate Rep. Paul Ryan, inviting me to phone bank for the Romney-Ryan ticket.

Me! The feminist who “won’t vote for Romney or anyone who embraces a fundamentalist interpretation of women’s rights and roles.” A liberal woman phone banking for Romney? Not!

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COMMENTARY: Mean Mitt is a rotten apple in a bad barrel

In this election cycle, much of America has been riveted by the eye-popping extremism of several Republican candidates. Donald Trump, the rich builder turned ridiculous “birther” is the posterboy for the sickness that has seduced the modern GOP.

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COMMENTARY: After the Nov. 6 election, what then?

Just one more week of political hell – and then we simply have to deal with the consequences and move on. I’d love to see us move on in a world filled with love and compassion for one another; I’m just not sure the American people are programmed for those sorts of feelings.

Let’s face the facts – no matter who wins this election – prejudice, racism, homophobia, discrimination and bashing in all forms will continue to face those of us who are part of the “less-than” population.

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COMMENTARY: Seriously, how can women vote for Romney?

“How can women possibly vote for Romney and Ryan?” She looked dismayed, my friend, and I understood how she felt.

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COMMENTARY: It's the Supreme Court, stupid!

No community has more at stake in this presidential election than the LGBT community. In Barack Obama, we have a Democratic candidate who has embraced full equality for LGBT people. We have a Republican candidate in Mitt Romney who is against the Employment Non-Discrimination Act (ENDA), was against ending "Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell" (DADT), and is against marriage equality or civil unions for gay couples.

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COMMENTARY: You’re here, you’re queer – now get out and vote!

With the presidential election two weeks from today, it’s time to review what is important for the LGBT community. You need to read, you need to understand what really is at stake, and then you need to go vote.

Mitt Romney has signed the National Organization for Marriage Pledge that states the following:

• He supports sending a federal marriage amendment defining marriage as the union of one man and one woman to the states for ratification.

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COMMENTARY: Translating Mitt Romney

16 October 2012 Presidential Debate excerpt:

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COMMENTARY: Latino activists join with marriage advocates. Will it work?

The kerfuffle concerning undocumented immigrants and legalizing same-sex marriage are usually competing and unresolved hot-button issues for voters heading toward the ballot box. Immigration advocates and LGBTQ rights groups have long tried to get its constituencies working together.

Historically, the efforts have been abysmal.

But organizations like Casa de Maryland, a community organization advocating for undocumented immigrants has formed an alliance with Equality Maryland and the Latino GLBT History Project.

LGBT celebrities tout Obama's achievements for gay community

Some of America's most visible LGBT celebrities are speaking out in a new campaign video in support of President Barack Obama's re-election efforts.

Jane Lynch ("Glee"), Jesse Tyler Ferguson ("Modern Family"), Zachary Quinto ("American Horror Story"), George Takei ("Star Trek"), Chaz Bono, comic Wanda Sykes and tennis great Billie Jean King appear in the video titled "Obama Pride: LGBT Americans for Obama."