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COMMENTARY: Why Rick Perry is going to hell – or at least back to Texas! | VIDEO

By resorting this week to gay bashing, Rick Perry has hammered the last nail in his own coffin, signaling a final and desperate attempt to spark any interest in his badly failing campaign to become the Republican presidential nominee.

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COMMENTARY: Obama, Clinton put world on notice over LGBT rights

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s breathtaking speech in support of global LGBT rights, given before the UN Human Rights Council gathered Tuesday in Vienna to observe Human Rights Day, was historical and timely.

In perhaps the most important speech of her stellar career, Clinton reaffirmed her mantra that “Gay rights are Human Rights, and Human Rights are gay rights.”

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: San Diegans urged to "pressure" City Council to put pension reform on June ballot

I urge San Diegans to keep the pressure on the City Council to ensure a fair and timely vote on the Comprehensive Pension Reform (CPR) Ballot Measure in the June 2012 election.

Monday, the City Council voted 5-3 to initiate the process to place the measure on the June ballot. However, several councilmembers strongly opposed the action and suggested the vote be delayed until November 2012.

Some councilmembers also made it clear that they intend to skew the measure’s description, voter guide summary and fiscal analysis.

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COMMENTARY: How you can help fight anti-gay laws in Russia

Source: LGBT Human Rights Project GayRussia.Ru

Many of you have been asking us how you can help to fight the bill in the most effective way. This press release aims to answer your questions as well as bring more insight about the context.

In the last few days, GayRussia has been consulting with its activists, other Russian based LGBT activist groups and legal specialists to think of how to best address the current circumstances.

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COMMENTARY: My date with Newt Gingrich

Newt Gingrich is on a campaign in search of a presidency, but he’s having some trouble keeping his ambitious foot out of his mouth. Last year, his most foot-worthy faux pas was comparing a proposed Muslim community center in New York to Nazis putting a sign next to the Holocaust Museum.

COMMENTARY: Cameroon urged to release men jailed for alleged homosexuality

The Cameroonian authorities must immediately release two men who have been sentenced to five years in prison by a court in Yaounde for homosexual acts, Amnesty International said today.

A third man was sentenced without being present after jumping bail. The men were arrested in July after police alleged they were caught in a sexual act in a car.

“The Yaounde court must overturn this shocking sentence, which punishes these three men solely on the basis of their perceived sexual orientation,” said Erwin van der Borght, Amnesty International’s director for Africa.

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COMMENTARY: Where does Occupy Wall Street go from here? A proposal from Michael Moore

(Editor's note: This commentary by Academy Award-winning filmmaker and best-selling author Michael Moore appears on Michaelmoore.com.)


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COMMENTARY with VIDEO: Pepper-spraying protesters is so un-American

What has happened to our constitutional rights in America?

The brutal police response of pepper-spraying peaceful Occupy protests across the country violates American rights to assemble and protest.

What happened to the Iraq war veteran at Occupy Oakland is wrong.

What happened to the 84-year-old woman at Occupy Seattle is wrong.

What happened to students at the University of California at Davis is wrong.

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COMMENTARY: Queer politics is for the birds

Homophobia runs deep!

So deep that it also impinges on the animal world.

Toronto’s zoo is splitting up a pair of same-gender penguins. These Happy Feet males, Pedro and Buddy -- jokingly referred to as "Brokeback Iceberg" -- have been nesting with each other for a year.

The reason for the boys’ split-up, a zoo official says, is because African penguins are an endangered species.

The pair has what’s known as a "social bond," but it’s not necessarily a "sexual bond," Tom Mason, the zoo’s curator of birds and invertebrates told The Associated Press.

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COMMENTARY: Why are Republicans in bed with known anti-gay hate groups?

The Republicans and the Tea Party are hell-bent on making Barack Obama a one-term president, and their tactics are shameful at the very least.

Not only are the conservatives refusing to aid the effort to jump-start an awful economy that went into the toilet under the reckless spending and warmongering by President George W. Bush, one of their own, but they are doing everything in their power to demonize the LGBT community in a blatant attempt to turn out the vote of the Religious Right.

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