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COMMENTARY: Why Mitt Romney will not get my vote

Mitt Romney, the presumed Republican Party nominee for president, is the more “moderate” GOP candidate to survive a bruising primary season. That’s not a compliment, considering that most of his competition was to the far right of Genghis Khan.

Romney must not be allowed anywhere near the White House. He must be defeated in the November presidential election, and here are the prime reasons:

1. Judicial appointments

COMMENTARY: How Richard Grenell became Mitt Romney's gay fall guy

The presumptive Republican presidential nominee, Mitt Romney, likes to play it safe. Romney avoids controversy, by any means necessary — even if he has to lie, flip-flop for, or somersault.

When the news hit on the evening of April 19 that Richard Grenell, an openly gay Republican, was appointed to be Romney's national security and foreign policy spokesman, anti-gay GOP criticism erupted.

The elephant that sits neither quietly nor invisibly in the GOP’s room is that the Republican Party is just as gay as the Democratic Party — just more closeted.

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COMMENTARY: The enemy within

San Diego’s large and diverse LGBT community is often its worst enemy.

Petty tyrants somehow get appointed to the board of directors of our nonprofit organizations, and they then quickly put self-interest and personal ambition ahead of the good of the community.

Self-proclaimed leaders with hidden personal agendas often try to persuade other board members to heed to their bidding, dividing the board of directors and rendering the organization largely ineffective.

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COMMENTARY: Obama and Romney can’t fence sit on marriage equality

While President Barack Obama's attitude concerning same-sex marriage is evolving, and presidential hopeful Mitt Romney's attitude is an unequivocal denouncement, the American people seem to moving solidly toward an acceptance of marriage equality. Both Obama and Romney need to get with the program.

Simply put: In the last presidential election it would have been political suicide to support marriage equality. This November it may be a risk not to.

COMMENTARY: Remember who signed the NOM Pledge

Bravo to The New York Times editorial board for condemning the National Organization for Marriage and shaming the Republican presidential candidates for not repudiating NOM’s strategy to “Divide and Discriminate.”

LETTER TO COMMUNITY: San Diego Log Cabin Republicans rescind Nathan Fletcher endorsement

Nathan Fletcher’s decision to leave the Republican Party this morning leaves a void for many mainstream Republican voters in the upcoming San Diego mayoral election.

Log Cabin Republicans is a Republican advocacy and volunteer organization first and foremost, and our bylaws clearly state that one must be a registered Republican to receive our endorsement.

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Robert George's appointment raises concerns about religious freedom

The COMPASS Coalition (Coalition on Minority Protection Against Sexual Stigma) congratulates professor Robert George's appointment to the U.S. Commission for International Religious Freedom. He brings a distinguished academic voice to the national and international table on the complex issues around religious freedom. We are encouraged by professor George’s own comments on his appointment:

Senior Romney adviser admits: Mitt’s positions change “like an Etch a Sketch”

WASHINGTON – A senior adviser to Mitt Romney said on CNN this morning that Romney’s positions on an array of issues are akin to an Etch a Sketch, and that the beginning of the general election campaign was a clean slate for the candidate.

The adviser made the remarks when asked whether Romney had moved too far to the right to remain palatable to moderate voters:

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COMMENTARY: Student editor of hate tabloid runs for ASI president at Cal State San Marcos

Nitwits run for office at every level in the United States. They’re almost a form of entertainment here, except that some of them manage to get elected and then the manure spreader goes full throttle. Thankfully, a lot of them tend to trip up on the campaign trail.

LETTER TO EDITOR: What cultural war?

Your recent poll listed online alludes to the GOP's "war on women" stated as though it is fact.

It is this level of unsubstantiated, absurd hyperbole that dramatically weakens our political credibility. It makes the gay community seem woefully ill-informed, hysterically latching onto the most extreme left-wing propaganda.

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