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Commentary: Marriage equality promotes equality, prosperity

In the month since we launched Mayors for the Freedom to Marry, a bipartisan, national coalition of mayors from across the nation who have come together to support the right of gay and lesbian couples to marry, a lot has happened.

COMMENTARY: HRC website showcases Mitt Romney’s constantly changing positions on LGBT issues

WASHINGTON – Showcasing Mitt Romney’s constantly changing positions on issues important to LGBT Americans, the Human Rights Campaign today launched a new website to educate voters about the former Massachusetts Governor’s record.

“Mitt ‘N Match” cleverly allows users to see his various stances on open military service, workplace non-discrimination and relationship recognition.

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COMMENTARY: The war on women still rages

March is National Women’s History Month, and this year’s theme is “Women’s Education — Women’s Empowerment.” It’s a nice mom-and-apple-pie theme.

COMMENTARY: Father of gay soldier killed in Afghanistan campaigns for Minnesota legislature

(Editor’s note: Melanie Nathan is a frequent contributor to San Diego Gay & Lesbian News. This opinion piece first ran at LGBTQ Nation, a content-sharing partner with SDGLN.com.)

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LETTER TO COMMUNITY: Demand government include us in Census

At the Task Force we insist that systemic racism is an LGBT issue – as is immigration, housing, health care, fair wages, Social Security and sexism. That's why our work every day of the year reflects our deep and central commitment to racial justice.

As Black History Month comes to a close, we're reminded of the determination and tirelessness with which those who have come before us have worked to create a more just and equal society.

COMMENTARY: Your anti-birth-control voter guide for 2012

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Please report on LGBT mayoral issues fairly and accurately

Letter to the Publishers and Editors of City Beat, Gay San Diego, LGBT Weekly, San Diego Gay & Lesbian News:

As a progressive I believe San Diego is on the cusp of one of the most important civil-rights moments ever to occur in San Diego, the election of a gay mayor.

As an individual who is personally dedicated to the cause of equality, I cannot help but be overwhelmed at the possibility that San Diego could become a leader in the nation for a standard of quality that can be set in city government regardless of a mayor's sexual orientation.

COMMENTARY: Homophobic Tennessee lawmakers can eat my grits!

Ever been to Tennessee, the Volunteer State? Tap your toes in Nashville, the heart of country music? Hike through the majestic Smoky Mountains? Traipse through Elvis’ Graceland mansion in Memphis? Or visit Ruby Falls and Rock City in Chattanooga?

Lots of wonderful people are from Tennessee: historical figures like Davy Crockett and Sequoia; singers such as Dolly Parton, Tina Turner, Aretha Franklin and Isaac Kaye; celebrities like Dinah Shore, Cybil Shepherd and Morgan Freeman. Some of my ancestors are from there, too.

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COMMENTARY: Memo to New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie - Can we vote on YOUR rights?

The New Jersey Legislature, dominated by Democrats, is poised to pass a gay marriage bill. But today, Gov. Chris Christie vowed to veto any such bill that reaches his desk.

The matter should be decided by voters, Christie told an audience gathered at a Jewish community center in Bridgewater, N.J.
Here we go again. The governor is playing political games with individual rights ... yours and mine.

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Contemplating the hypocrisy of Newt Gingrich

Just having some random thoughts, comparing Newt "The Grinch" Gingrich to Bill "Slick Willy" Clinton:

Bill: Cheated on wife, worked through problems and remained with Hillary; status of happiness level of marriage: unknown

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