LETTER TO THE COMMUNITY: A dialogue between Gloria Johnson and Johnathan Hale

(Editor's note: San Diego community activist Gloria Johnson and Hale Media publisher Johnathan Hale exchanged emails about Hale's Letter to the Community in which he opined: "Real LGBT leaders don't put politics above Pride." The letter was the most-read story on SDGLN on Thursday and stimulated much public discussion across Social Media.

Letter to the Community: Real LGBT leaders don’t put politics above Pride

“Are you ready?”

With those three words, my partner Carl DeMaio took my hand, squeezed it, and the two of us started down the parade route in this year’s San Diego Pride Parade.

I almost did not walk in the Pride Parade this year.

I want to share with you why – and why I am so glad I did.

First, let’s recall why Pride came to be.

The LGBT community was tired of living closeted lives and we developed Pride events to show that we were, indeed, proud of who we are.

LETTER TO THE COMMUNITY: Rep. Susan Davis honored to accept Friend of Pride Award

(Editor's note: The Spirit of Stonewall Rally will begin at 6 pm Friday, July 20, at the corner of Harvey Milk Street and Normal Street in Hillcrest. The event officially kicks off San Diego LGBT Pride weekend.)

Happy Pride! I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend. I am honored to receive the Spirit of Stonewall Friend of Pride award this year and my most heartfelt congratulations to the other San Diego Pride award winners.

LETTER TO THE COMMUNITY: Carl DeMaio invites community to reception, march with him in San Diego Pride Parade

As a matter of full disclosure, SDGLN Publisher Johnathan Hale has a personal relationship with Carl DeMaio. Their relationship in no way impacts the editorial decisions made by Ken Williams, SDGLN Editor in Chief, and does not influence our political coverage. Williams can be reached at ken@sdgln.com, @KenSanDiego on Twitter or at (877) 727-5446, x713.

This November, San Diego has a strong chance of electing its first LGBT mayor – an amazing development that reflects the diversity and acceptance that we’re proud of in San Diego.

LETTER TO COMMUNITY: Creating change with parking meter change

SAN DIEGO – Councilmember Todd Gloria, serving as chair of the Budget and Finance Committee, today championed changes to policies and procedures to make more effective use of available funds for parking improvements in the City of San Diego.

“The shortage of parking is a problem in many San Diego communities, and funds are available to solve it,” Gloria said. “City staff and parking districts must move forward with tangible parking improvements for our neighborhoods.”

LETTER TO THE COMMUNITY: Todd Gloria explains his vote on Balboa Park changes


[Monday night], the City Council approved plans to restore pedestrian-only access through the heart of Balboa Park.

There is no place that ignites the passions of San Diegans like Balboa Park, and the plans to remove cars from the park stirred controversy to new levels. I am grateful that our City is home to a place of such importance – historically, civically, and personally. The vote I cast to approve the Plaza de Panama project reflects my respect and appreciation for what is known as the jewel of our City.

COMMENTARY: Don't let Big Government choose your news

A proposed new plan for government control of television news, and perhaps Internet news, is now pending before the Federal Communications Commission. It would enable the government to suppress opposing points of view, reduce diversity and chill speech.

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GUEST COMMENTARY: Prop 29 is good for everyone (except Big Tobacco)

Cancer is a great equalizer. It doesn’t care about your sexual orientation, your ethnicity or how much money you have – it kills indiscriminately and ferociously.

In fact, cancer and heart disease kill more people in California than any other causes. In California, nearly one in two people born today will have cancer in their lifetime, and one in five will die from it.

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Fred Karger proud to make history as first gay candidate for President

SAN DIEGO -- Fred who?

You know, that guy running for President of the United States. The one who made history as the first-ever openly gay candidate seeking the highest office in the land. The guy who launched the humorous “Fred who?” campaign to drum up his recognition factor.

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COMMENTARY: Will black ministers follow Obama on marriage equality?

African-American ministers have come out for, and against, President Barack Obama's stance on marriage equality.

LGBTQ activists of African descent have pondered what would be the catalyst to rally those African-American Christian ministers to support same-sex marriage and engage the black community in a nationwide discussion.

Last week the answer arrived in Obama's support of marriage equality.