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THEATER REVIEW: “Sons Of The Prophet”

Chekhov put it this way: “Happiness does not await us all. One needn’t be a prophet to say that there will be more grief and pain than serenity and money. That is why we must hang on to one another.”

Playwright Stephen Karam opens “Sons Of The Prophet” with a shocking car crash that will send a Lebanese-American man to the hospital. He will die a few weeks later of a heart attack, which may or may not have been precipitated by the crash. The crash was caused by a teenager’s prank: He had placed a dummy deer in the road, and the driver swerved to avoid it.

"Penis Talk Show" and "Vagina Talk Show" are coming to Long Beach

(Editor's note: "The Penis Talk Show" will be staged at 8:15 pm Feb. 7 and "The Vagina Talk Show" at the same time on March 7 at The LGBTQ Center of Long Beach. The show contains nudity, and nobody under the age of 18 will be admitted. For more information or to buy tickets costing $20, click HERE.)

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THEATER REVIEW: “Plays By Young Writers”

Bumps along the friendship road, immigration issues, finding a long-lost father, a fairy godmother with an urgent problem are some of the situations you’ll find in this 30th edition of “Plays By Young Writers,” onstage through Feb. 1 at The Old Globe’s Sheryl and Harvey White Theatre. But connection (preferably human) is the overarching theme.

Sponsored by the Playwrights Project, eight plays were selected from 581 submissions for either a staged reading or a full production. Students were mentored by professionals and all plays directed by professionals in the field.

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THEATER REVIEW: “One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest”

Here’s a rule of life: Bucking the system will always get you in trouble. And here’s the corollary: The system will always exact revenge.

Case in point: the patients of Nurse Ratched (Carla Nell), a psychiatric nurse with a need for order. She maintain this through manipulation, humiliation and threats to her patients. The main threat is the “shock shop,” where patients labeled intractable are lobotomized – all in the name of “helping” them.

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I once had a boyfriend who described himself as “a public utility,” his function in life to make others feel better. People, especially women, loved being around him.

Fifty-something Scottie (Robert May) is a bit like that. Scottie has spent a lifetime ignoring the momentous in favor of the frivolous and fun. He uses his fireplace as a book rack. And has a rubber chicken hanging by its feet as a clue to the level of his jokes.

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THEATER REVIEW: “The Lion in Winter”

The characters are great soap opera fodder: Henry II of England, named king by birth, has lasted in the job by wile and brute force. (“There is no other way to be a king, alive and 50 all at once,” he notes.)

Now in his waning years (they waned a lot earlier in the Middle Ages), Henry (Jason Heil) considers his life and his legacy. He has Eleanor (Dagmar Krause Fields), a wife ten years his senior (who came with property Henry wanted, the Aquitaine region of France, but aside from that Henry has little interest in her).

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THEATER REVIEW: “Gunmetal Blues: The Musical”

Take a laconic gumshoe in a trench coat, put him in a dingy bar with a piano player, bring in a dazzling blonde (or two or three) and a murder victim and watch what happens.

It’s a formula that’s worked for eons of detective novels and films noirs, and now it works again in another format. The San Diego premiere of “Gunmetal Blues: The Musical” has been extended through Feb. 15 at North Coast Repertory Theatre, directed by Andrew Barnicle.

GLAAD announces 2015 Media Awards nominees

LOS ANGELES, California -- SDGLN media partner GLAAD has announced the nominees for its 2015 Media Awards, taking place Saturday, March 21 in Los Angeles, and Saturday, May 9 in New York City.

Awards will be given out in 39 categories, including Outstanding Film - Wide Release; Outstanding Drama Series; Outstanding Comic Book; and 10 Spanish language categories.

Well-known nominees include:

* "The Imitation Game," "Pride" and "Tammy" for Outstanding Film - Wide Release

* "Degrassi," "The Fosters" and "Game of Thrones" for Outstanding Drama Series

FilmOut San Diego presents David Lynch's "Blue Velvet"

SAN DIEGO, California -- FilmOut San Diego and Mance Creative will co-present writer/director David Lynch's "Blue Velvet" mystery thriller at 7 pm tonight, Jan. 21, at the Hillcrest Landmark Cinema.

The following movie description was provided by FilmOut San Diego:

"Blue Velvet" is a 1986 American mystery thriller written and directed by David Lynch. The movie exhibits elements of both film noir and surrealism. The film stars Kyle MacLachlan, Isabella Rossellini, Dennis Hopper and Laura Dern.

GLAAD's What To Watch This Week

Grab the remote, set your DVR or queue up your streaming service of choice! GLAAD is bringing you the highlights in LGBT on TV this week. Check back every Monday for up-to-date coverage in LGBT-inclusive programming on TV.

The second season of Black Sails kicks off on Starz with Eleanor facing a new threat, Max confronting Bonny, and Flint and Silver standing before the crew for judgement as Vane revels in his new power on the island. Black Sails: Saturday, 9pm on Starz.