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Gamers don't support hate speech in video games

A game promoting "transgender kills" was removed on Monday morning from the online game curation community Steam after a short time on its Greenlight page. Users were able to vote on "Kill the F*ggots" as one of the games the site should offer to sell. Although the clearly expensive game is no longer available, it is sparked a burgeoning online debate about hate speech in the gaming community.

Baseball fans react to gay couple's kiss on Dodger Stadium "Kiss Cam"

LOS ANGELES, California - If you have ever attended a pro-sports game, chances are you have been “entertained” by the kiss cam between innings or quarters. For the unfamiliar, it’s that moment when camera operators turn their cameras on pairs of fans, pressuring them to kiss while the entire stadium watches.

Often times, two men become the punch line of a joke when they are framed on the screen with the word “KISS” beneath their faces.

Kris Jenner gets emotional over ex-husband in E! clip

One week after Bruce Jenner told Diane Sawyer and the world that he is transgender, E! announced that it will air a two-part special, "Keeping Up With The Kardashians: About Bruce." The program will be different than Jenner's eight-episode E!

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The FilmOut trailer has arrived

The official FilmOut trailer has arrived and it looks like this year’s event will be bigger than ever. With many films making their west coast premieres, the festival will once again be host to Hollywood’s biggest names in LGBT entertainment.

From the legendary heart throb Tab Hunter to the current stars that make Hollywood shine, FilmOut is going to take San Diego by storm from Friday, May 29 -31.

Microsoft launches software that can 'read' you

Microsoft has unveiled an app that will guess your age.

According to the Tech Net website the application lets people upload a picture of themselves and hopes the data analysis will properly guess their age and gender.

Ellen DeGeneres has a surprise for the gay-straight promposal couple

Ellen DeGeneres had a generous surprise in store this week for the gay-straight "couple" whose colorful promposal went viral last week in the blogosphere.

Marlon Roudette's dance groove "When the Beat Drops Out" could start your weekend right

With the right balance of R&B, dance beat, and smooth pop, Marlon Roudette’s “When the Beat Drops Out,” is perfect for those times in the club between the energetic dance anthems and the cool-down periods.

Coined as “Rave & B,” Roudette’s music style has a subtle reggae undertone, but retains its top 40 feel by keeping the lyrics coherent and the dance rhythm constant.

Hailing from the UK, Roudette is no stranger to music. His father is record producer Cameron McVey, and his step mother is 90’s dance chart topper Neneh Cherry.

THEATER REVIEW: "Pride And Prejudice, A Musical"

You don’t often see a musical in which the writer of the source material is herself a character, but Jane Austen and her sister Cassandra show up in interesting and amusing ways in Lindsay Warren Baker and Amanda Jacobs’ new musical version of Austen’s beloved novel “Pride and Prejudice.”

'19 Kids And Counting' star Josh Duggar has some awful thoughts about marriage

Josh Duggar thinks everyone deserves equal treatment under the law -- but that marriage should still be defined between one man and one woman.

"Natural marriage is something that has been clearly defined over the years," he said at a National Organization for Marriage event on Sunday. "What's really at stake here is the American family. Marriage is essential to the American family and every single child deserves a mother and a father."

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Mad Men star Williamson getting married to Eastsiders John Halbach

Actor Kit Williamson, who plays Ed Gifford on the series Mad Men, announced today that he will marry his Eastsiders co-star John Halbach.

“I started working on the show while I was in graduate school at UCLA,” recalls Williamson. “Ed was originally planned to appear in only one scene. I’m grateful the writers kept bringing him back. It’s been incredible to see Ed grow and an unexpected gift for me as an actor.”

The AMC series is coming to a close, but Williamson and Halbach will continue to play against each other in their Logo TV web show “The Eastsiders.”