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THEATER REVIEW: “Next Fall” couple are a gay Fundamentalist and an agnostic, facing a medical crisis and family issues

(Critic’s note: Religions have demonstrably divided individuals, families and countries and have, in my opinion, caused more problems than they have ever alleviated or solved. I have attempted objectivity here, but keep the foregoing in mind as you read this review.)

Luke (Stewart Calhoun) is young, personable, hot, gay – and a fundamentalist Christian who routinely prays for forgiveness after sex.

Adam (Matt McGrath) is a grumpy, nebbishy hypochondriacal agnostic, unable to comprehend how anyone can believe what Luke says he believes.

VIDEO: GLAAD's What To Watch on Thursday

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Will fesses up to his feelings on "Days of Our Lives," Robear of "NY Ink" is looking for love, Callie takes Meredith under her wing on "Grey's Anatomy," plus new episodes of "Archer" and "Project Runway All Stars."

8 pm: Days of Our Lives on SoapNet (1 hr) NEW

THEATER REVIEW: “Visiting Mister Green” resonates with audiences

Elderly widower Mr. Green (Robert Grossman) shuffles slowly to the door of the apartment he shared for 59 years with his beloved Yetta, wondering who could possibly be knocking.

He is puzzled to see the 20-something Ross Gardiner (Craig de Lorenzo), who announces he has come to “help.”

VIDEO: GLAAD's What To Watch on Wednesday

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Dalia and Tessa plot against each other on "Suburgatory," "Modern Family's" characters give out way too much information, Brad and Jane have their yearly argument on "Happy Endings," plus new episodes of "The Challenge" and "Days of Our Lives."

8 pm: Days of Our Lives on SoapNet (1 hr) NEW

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Joe Manganiello: From wolf on "True Blood" to stripper in "Magic Mike"

NEW YORK — Joe Manganiello was a theater-loving jock who defended the arty kids in school, but never felt he belonged to any clique. Then he was cast in "True Blood" and found his feet — all four of them. As he prepares for the HBO show’s new season and the release of his latest film, "Magic Mike," Manganiello talks with Out magazine’s William Van Meter about these projects, his awkward high school years, and, of course, taking it all off for the camera.

VIDEO: GLAAD's What To Watch on Tuesday

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The It Gets Better special premieres tonight on MTV and Logo, Warblers and New Directions go head-to-head in "Glee's" winter finale, John babysits a film crew on "Southland," "White Collar's" Neal Caffrey is brought in to steal a valued item from Yankees Stadium and all new episodes of "Days of Our Lives," "Tabatha Takes Over" and "Undercover Princes."

DVD REVIEW: “Black Briefs” goes to the dark side of gay cinema

“Black Briefs,” a compilation of six dark-themed gay short films, comes to DVD today.

The release by Guest House Films will not be everybody’s cup of tea.

The DVD starts off with “Spring,” directed by Hong Khaou. The 13-minute short dives into S&M sex as a handsome young man meets up with an older stranger for a frightening experience that will change his life. Few films have taken up auto-erotic asphyxia, a potentially deadly sexual experience, and that theme adds extraordinary tension for viewers who might wonder if they are watching a “snuff” film.

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THEATER REVIEW: San Diego Rep's "In The Wake" has great cast burdened by talky script | VIDEO

The trouble with talky liberals, Lisa Kron seems to say in “In The Wake,” is that they act on assumptions that probably aren’t so.

Notions like life is fair, good will triumph in the end and we can have it all are, after all, attractive and comforting to believe despite the mountain of evidence to the contrary. But the danger of buying in is the possibility of leaving others wounded in your wake.

VIDEOS: GLAAD's What To Watch This Weekend

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Tune in Friday as Lucretia works to move up the ranks on "Spartacus: Vengeance," two brides deal with unpleasant circumstances on "Say Yes to the Dress: Atlanta," and election results will be challenged on a new "Days of Our Lives."

Catch "Color Splash" on Saturday and see David Bromstad's team renovate a master bedroom.

GLAAD's What To Watch on Thursday

(This post was originally published at GLAAD Blog.)

"Project Runway All Stars" designs for the Broadway stage, Derek gets a surprise visit on "Grey's Anatomy," and new episodes of" Days of Our Lives," "Archer" and "NY Ink."

8 pm: Days of Our Lives on SoapNet (1 hr) NEW

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