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Popular lesbian comic Poppy Champlin talks to SDGLN about her life and "Queer Queens of Qomedy"

Poppy Champlin is a comedian. She is also a lesbian. Although when I spoke to her, she said she wasn’t sure which one of those statements was most true.

What she is sure about however, is her self-inflicted, overloaded schedule.

She etched some time out of her calendar to talk to SDGLN, and we jumped at the chance to get to know this famous lady before she comes to San Diego with her jocular crew of lesbian comediennes.

Champlin is bringing her Queer Queens of Qomedy Tour to town on September 13 at the MG Space in North Park for a night of laughs fueled by estrogen.

Ellen DeGeneres responds to Caitlyn Jenner's comments about marriage equality

Ellen DeGeneres opened up to Howard Stern this week about her recent interview with Caitlyn Jenner in which the transgender Olympian revealed her thoughts about marriage equality.

One Direction singer to appear in gay men's magazine

One Direction singer Liam Payne will appear on the November cover of Attitude, a European gay men’s magazine.

The band is currently on hiatus and Payne will go solo for the interview portion of the article. Gay Star News reports that what will be discussed is under wraps, but it will be his most revealing yet.

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Garth Brooks returns to San Diego for two nights

Garth Brooks returns to San Diego nearly 20 years after his last visit. The country singer just announced his Garth Brooks World Tour with Trisha Yearwood and will be at the Valley View Casino Center on Friday, November 6 and Saturday, November 7 at 7 pm.

The last time Brooks held a concert in San Diego was in 1996 to a crowd of over 42,000 people. The event sold-out so quickly, it made history as the fastest three-day concert sellout in the venue’s history.

Band may sue Huckabee over use of "Eye of the Tiger"

As Kim Davis was paraded in front of a crowd by Mike Huckabee shortly after her release from jail, a famous fight song played in the background, but the writer of that song, according to TMZ , is ready to sue.

The 1982 song “Eye of the Tiger,” by the group Survivor, blared around the County Clerk as she thrust both arms toward the sky.

This man identifies as 'Graysexual.' Here's what that means.

You know what "gay" and "lesbian" and "bisexual" mean. You might even know what "asexual" and "pansexual" mean. But have you ever heard of someone identifying as "graysexual?"

Chris Brown bails on contracted lesbian event, saying gay men were in attendance

ATLANTA, Ga. - Hip hop artist Chris Brown was a no-show at a lesbian circuit party in Georgia on Saturday, September 5.

The Georgia Freight Depot nightclub was expecting Brown to introduce R&B singer Teyana Taylor, he was not expecting to sing.

The lesbian-only event had been heavily promoted and over 4,000 people were in attendance. Flyers with Browns image were distributed around the city to get people at the venue.

The Atlanta Gay Black Pride weekend event was heavily publicized, but the night of the event Brown was nowhere to be found.

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Six-time Tony winner to perform at GayDays Anaheim

Broadway singer Audra McDonald will make an appearance at GayDays Anaheim on October 2 at the Disneyland Hotel.

Having just wrapped up on the new movie adaption of “Beauty and the Beast,” and finishing her performance of Broadway classics at the Hollywood Bowl last night, McDonald is not taking a break anytime soon.

The six-time Tony winner is currently on her fall tour, and will finish in Australia on November 7.

But the busy Broadway songstress is making time in between countries to do a performance for GayDays in Anaheim Ca, on October 2, at the Disneyland Hotel.

17 genius tweets from the person who allegedly 'Sits Next to Kim Davis'

Kim Davis, the anti-gay county clerk from Rowan, Kentucky, is in jail now for breaking the law by not signing marriage licenses.

The media attention that has zeroed in on the county courthouse over the past week or so has no doubt been a major disruption for Davis’ colleagues, but it has also brought the rest of America entertainment in the form of any number of memes.

One enterprising Twitter user has made an account that purports to give us a first-hand account of events from the woman who sits next to Kim Davis.

THEATER REVIEW: "Hello Dolly!”

Good news: Dolly Levi, that quintessential meddler and matchmaker, is back in town and up to her old tricks, manipulating people for romantic and – let’s face it – financial purposes. But this busybody does it with such charm and panache that it’s impossible not to enjoy her antics.

“Hello, Dolly!” plays through Oct. 15 at Welk Resort Theatre San Diego in a sprightly, wonderfully performed and spectacularly danced production directed and choreographed by Ray Limon.