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Bullied gay preteen athlete finds courage with the help of a pro

The uplifting story of a 12-year-old coming out.

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Gay men and the battle to be happy

“I felt I was worth nothing. I hated myself, I hated being gay and suicide seemed like it was the best option.”

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The biggest killer in the LGBT community may not be what you think

Smoking is still the biggest killer, and the LGBT community are the biggest users.

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Hillcrest dermatologist can freeze fat, remove it forever

Local dermatology practice gets a high-tech machine.

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Life Beyond Therapy: Considering parenthood?

LGBT parenting is definitely here, and the number of forms it can take are infinite.

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SDGLN Reader Poll

Do you think the Caitlyn Jenner costume by "Spirit Halloween" is offensive?:

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  • Bike to Work Day postponed due to rain

    The heavy rains and thunderstorms in the forecast across the San Diego region Friday could create unsafe bike riding conditions, according to SANDAG spokesman Ian Monahan

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  • Wine fundraiser for Gay Bowl XV

    Tickets to the event are $15 for seven wine pours and raffle tickets will be available with prizes to include: gift cards, winery memberships, SDSU Aztec football tickets and more.

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  • Life Beyond Therapy: Cheaters

    You wonder: How can you trust him again? For most of us, it takes time; you can’t rush it. He will have to realize this and not pressure you to “get over it.”