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The biggest killer in the LGBT community may not be what you think

Smoking is still the biggest killer, and the LGBT community are the biggest users.

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Hillcrest dermatologist can freeze fat, remove it forever

Local dermatology practice gets a high-tech machine.

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Life Beyond Therapy: Considering parenthood?

LGBT parenting is definitely here, and the number of forms it can take are infinite.

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A question of care: Growing older and facing loss as LGBT people

At this point in history, I believe the unifying theme for LGBT aging advocates lies in our ability to respond to loss. We must imagine solutions that catch each other when we experience profound loss, and we need stories that account for our unique histories and commonalities.

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College wrestling champion comes out

Former Ohio State NCAA champion wrestler Mike Pucillo opens up about his sexuality in a new interview with Open Mat's Jason Bryant.

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  • Bike to Work Day postponed due to rain

    The heavy rains and thunderstorms in the forecast across the San Diego region Friday could create unsafe bike riding conditions, according to SANDAG spokesman Ian Monahan

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  • Local swim club celebrates a milestone

    The origin of DSST dates back to 1985, when the group was formed in order to prepare for the first-ever Gay Games, held in San Francisco that year.