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Life Beyond Therapy: Sigmund Freud goes to Palm Springs

I was thinking recently of what it would be like if Sigmund Freud — the famous psychoanalyst — were alive today and joined me for a weekend in Palm Springs. He and I would sit by the pool at an LGBT-friendly resort during White Party weekend, margaritas in hand, watching the boys and girls go by.

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ACTION ALERT! Fund set up to help Firestorm player, injured in freak accident at softball tourney

Mike Petracca, who plays for the San Diego Firestorm softball team, was severely injured in a freak accident on Saturday, Jan. 18, while in Las Vegas, Nevada to compete in a softball tournament.

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Life Beyond Therapy: "Eternal boy" syndrome

Do you remember Peter Pan? His theme song was, “I won’t grow up.” While this may be charming in an animated Disney character, it’s not a good strategy for us as LGBT men and women.

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Healing Within: Make lasting changes this year

There are several things you can do to get back on track with your health. But the first thing you want to do is get real. Be honest with yourself.

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Look Better Naked: Promote healthy living even during time of stress

Practicing healthy lifestyles can help combat the negative impact of stress on telomeres, a part of chromosomes whose rate of shortening is considered a sign of aging.

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  • Male victims of campus sexual assault speak out

    It was Andrew's sixth night of freshman year at Brown University when he was assaulted by a male student in his dorm bathroom. When Andrew brought on-campus charges, his assailant was expelled. That's just the tip of the iceberg.