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New York City reports 3 new cases of meningitis

Three new cases of meningitis among gay and bisexual men have been confirmed in New York in the last two weeks, health officials said on Friday, in an apparent revival of an outbreak that killed seven men in the city from 2010 to 2013.

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Life Beyond Therapy: Porn detox

To detox is to eliminate poisons from our system. Too much “junk sex,” like too much junk food, can also poison our system. From talking to my clients, it seems like there is an awful lot of porn-focused sex going on in the LGBT community.

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In The Raw: Texting tips to prevent harming your relationships

Texting in relationships can become a problem — many couples sit in bed with their phones at night, spending time browsing the Internet or texting friends instead of snuggling up with their partner.

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Trans* surgeries don't make the man (or woman)

Let me be very clear about something: Surgery is absolutely not a requirement for or condition of trans*ness.

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Life Beyond Therapy: How to be (and have) a good friend

In this world of Scruff, Grindr, Mister and all the other social/hookup apps, sex seems to be an awfully high priority. Sometimes, I wonder if the art of friendship is getting lost.

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  • Wine, Women & Hormones workshop to discuss healthy aging

    "Wine, Women & Hormones" will teach participants how to empower themselves and get informed on making healthy choices. The workshop will discuss personalized hormone therapy and answer women's questions. Participants will learn how they can gain more energy, lose weight, increase their sex drive, and have better emotional control.

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