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Trans women could give birth in five years if new surgery is a success

It is estimated by some medical professionals that trans women will be able to carry a baby to term within the next five to ten years, according to Yahoo Health.

A Cleveland Clinic last week surprised the public by announcing they will perform uterine transplants to women who are void of one, or have suffered some sort of medical problem resulting in internal damage.

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Happiness is an attainable life goal

I’m not the only one to notice the number of good people to have passed recently in San Diego.

For various reasons, these friends in the community have died too soon. In the wake of it all, I’ve been even more introspective and had some very heart felt conversations which prompted this article.

I’m a personal trainer writing a fitness blog, I get that. At the center of it all though, it’s the lifestyle around this fitness that is my focus each week. And that fitness is so much more than how our belly looks in a speedo.

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When you see that fit person eating crap food!


At 6'4" and 230 lbs, eating isn't just for function to support all this body, but it's for fun for me too. As a trainer, I come across so many odd ideas people hold on what "healthy eating" looks like. Not to mention the things we have to avoid to have the body we want.

To eat well does not have to look like chicken, rice, and broccoli every meal! If we ever get the chance to have a drink together (YES, even booze can fit in!) than you'll likely see me eat some fun food that doesn't fit your idea of healthy.

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Danny Pintauro: I contracted HIV from oral sex

In the week since his headline-making revelation on Oprah: Where Are They Now? that he’s been HIV positive for 12 years, Who’s the Boss? star Danny Pintauro has been working to become an AIDS and HIV activist for those struggling with the same secret.

In his first exclusive sit-down interview with his husband of one year, Wil Tabares, Pintauro, 39, opened up about how he contracted the virus.

Is this man acting unethically if he doesn't tell his girlfriend he dated men?

When you start dating someone, how much of your past are you expected to disclose -- if anything? If you don't reveal something, are you acting unethically? And what role does the way society shames and stigmatizes some people for their sexuality play in all of this?

Ex-hedge funder buys rights to AIDS drug and raises price from $13.50 to $750 per pill

A former hedge fund manager turned pharmaceutical businessman has purchased the rights to a 62-year-old drug used for treating life-threatening parasitic infections and raised the price overnight from $13.50 per tablet to $750.

According to the New York Times, Martin Shkreli, 32, the founder and chief executive of Turing Pharmaceuticals, purchased the rights to Daraprim for $55 million on the same day that Turing announced it had raised $90 million from Shkreli and other investors in its first round of financing.

Yaldo Eye Care Center will help you see your way through life

Not many people know exactly what Lasik is. There are many fears about the procedure and exactly how it works. But, there is one clinic in San Diego that hopes to answer all of your questions while making you feel comfortable and secure.

Is it safe? How much does it cost? What is recovery time? These are the three questions that most people wonder when contemplating Lasik eye corrective surgery.

Gay psychic offers advice in the cards, and he wants to read one lucky SDGLN reader

Note from the Editor: Waylon has an incredible story, not only has he overcome being gay in the highly conservative south, but he also realized he had a very special gift at a very young age. Since then, he has been called upon by many people who rely on his gifts to help them overcome some difficult issues in their lives. Now, Just in time for Halloween, he wants to give one lucky SDGLN reader a personal reading. Here's his story and an opportunity for you:


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Homophobic people often have psychological issues

Homophobic attitudes may say a lot about the person who holds them, new research suggests.

A new study of university students in Italy revealed that people who have strongly negative views of gay people also have higher levels of psychoticism and inappropriate coping mechanisms than those who are accepting of homosexuality.

This doesn't mean that homophobic people are psychotic; rather, psychoticism is a personality trait marked by hostility, anger and aggression toward others.

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Gay men and the battle to be happy

The gay community has made many giant strides forward in recent years, but in certain areas we continue to stumble and make little progress.

In terms of our mental health and well-being, survey after survey tells us that we, as LGBT people, are much more likely to suffer from issues like depression, self-harm and suicidal tendencies than our straight peers. It nevertheless appears to be a stagnant situation, devoid of any significant breakthroughs.