Life Beyond Therapy: Do I have enough?

As a psychotherapist, over the years, I’ve heard many people say that they don’t have enough of the good things in life. This column looks at a few of the things that I think really matter.

Fun: Enjoyment, amusement and pleasure … that’s a good definition of fun. To quote San Diegan Dr. Seuss: “Today is gone. Today was fun. Tomorrow is another one.” To which you may reply: “As if.”

Life Beyond Therapy: The psychology of shopping (and hoarding)

I enjoy shopping … in small doses. It’s fun to go into stores and see what’s there.

I used to shop a lot more. When I would go into a store, I’d literally get an adrenaline rush: so much stuff to look at … and buy. There was a period when shopping was a kind of entertainment for me. When I was bored, I knew what to do: I could go shopping.

Does this sound like you? If so, you’re not alone. Many of us are shopping to fill the voids in our lives.

The Mankind Project is looking for GBTQ men like you

The Mankind Project is a weekend getaway for GBTQ men that starts May 15 and goes through May 17. It focuses on healing the inner-self through reflection and removing those obstacles that restrict GBTQ men from reaching their full potentials.

It is the mission of the Mankind Project to make GBTQ men aware of the pain they are capable of creating, and the suffering in the lives of those around them. The project claims that doing this type of exercise is a paradox of modern masculinity, but one that they are dedicated to teaching.

New bill that supports LGBT schoolchildren moves through commitee

LOS ANGELES, California - Assemblymemeber Patrick O’Donnell (D-Long Beach) has authored a bill that will bring more support to the classroom for LGBT students. AB 827 would make it mandatory for educators to receive training and resources annually to assist LGBT youth in California schools and communities.

National child welfare organizations affirm support of LGBT parenting and adoption

WASHINGTON DC -- The Child Welfare League of America (CWLA), Donaldson Adoption Institute (DAI), North American Council on Adoptable Children (NACAC) and Voice for Adoption (VFA) on Thursday released a joint statement supporting LGBT parents, and affirming that they are as capable of raising children as non-LGBT couples and individuals.

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Life Beyond Therapy: Considering parenthood?

Two of my friends — a lesbian couple — recently had a child. Another friend of mine — a bisexual woman — adopted a teenager last year.

Currently, my clients include: two gay dads with two kids (one adopted, one via a surrogate); a gay man and a bisexual man who adopted a child; a “marriage” of three gay men who adopted two special needs children; a transgender man and his lesbian wife who recently were awarded custody of their three grandchildren; and quite a few same-sex couples who are parents (and stepparents) to children from previous relationships.

Mental Health First Aid course available to community members at no cost

SAN DIEGO, California -- Mental Health America of San Diego County is offering free eight-hour Mental Health First Aid certification courses for interested community members.

Mental Health First Aid training teaches participants how to help people developing a mental illness or in a crisis. It introduces people to risk factors and warning signs of mental health and substance use problems, and teaches them a five-step action plan to help people get the care they need in their community. It’s people learning to help people.

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Life Beyond Therapy: Love, friendship and “soul mates”

Have you heard people talk about their “soul mate”? This perfectly-designed person is your ideal match. God sent them just for you. There is no other person on earth who would be such a good match.

Do you believe this? Because, if you do, recent psychological research shows that you’re going to have a very hard time in a romantic relationship.

Positive Spin: Digital storytelling project to support federal HIV response

The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) today released Positive Spin, a comprehensive digital educational tool that uses personal storytelling to promote the importance of getting people with HIV into treatment. The project, which was developed by with input from federal agencies, healthcare professionals, persons living with HIV and community-based HIV organizations, is available at

Londoners less tolerant of gay or transgender children, poll reveals

LONDON -- Londoners significantly less likely to be accepting if their child came out as gay or transgender compared with the rest of the UK, a new study has revealed.

A senior member of a charity which supports parents with LGBT children said she is surprised by the findings.

A YouGov poll of 1,683 UK adults conducted for PinkNews showed that residents of the capital are over five times more likely to reject support for a gay child. This figure rose to a fifth when respondents were asked about the prospect of their child being transgender.