San Diego: Mandatory water-use restrictions begin Nov. 1

SAN DIEGO, California – The City Council voted Monday to enact a Drought Alert status, the second phase of citywide conservation that calls for mandatory water use restrictions to begin Nov. 1 in response to the severe drought conditions statewide.

“Working together as a community, San Diego has done a tremendous job in the past in responding to the call for water conservation,” Mayor Kevin Faulconer said. “For that, we say thank you, and now we must ask for your continued help as we face the uncertainty of future rainfall and water supplies at critical levels.”

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On a main drag in San Diego, Lips turns 15

SAN DIEGO, California -- The neon kiss that lights up historic El Cajon Boulevard at night is a monument to a drag entertainment institution that is 15 years in the making. Lips San Diego has an affectionate presence on the outside and the inside, and that is what makes its history and creation so important.

Lips, which also has locations in New York, Fort Lauderdale and Atlanta, is not only an essential destination for San Diego drag entertainment, but its existence has improved the quality of life in North Park and the lives of the people who work there.

DA: No charges for sexual harassment or break-in at DeMaio campaign office

SAN DIEGO, California -- The District Attorney's Office announced today that it would not be filing any charges at this time in two cases that have swirled around congressional candidate Carl DeMaio's campaign.

SDGLN Poll: Readers reveal the biggest threat to humanity

SAN DIEGO, California – Readers of San Diego Gay & Lesbian News who took our poll share their opinion of which is the biggest threat to humanity: ISIS, Ebola or HIV/AIDS.

Our poll question was: Which is a greater threat to humanity?

The results, which are not scientific, reveal that 55% of readers believe that ISIS is the greater threat, 23% say HIV/AIDS and 21% say Ebola.

The new SDGLN Poll question asks readers: Halloween has been called America's gay holiday. Do you agree?

Scott Peters' camp admits getting Carl DeMaio's campaign playbook after break-in

SAN DIEGO, California -- The race for 52nd Congressional District took a bizarre turn today with the blockbuster news that Rep. Scott Peters' campaign manager received a copy of Carl DeMaio's campaign plan not long after DeMaio's office was burglarized.

The explosive news came during Friday's taping of NBC 7's "Politically Speaking" political show that will be broadcast Sunday morning. The revelation was televised on Friday morning during NBC 7's 11 am news report.

HBA hold elections for board of directors, executive positions

SAN DIEGO, California – The Hillcrest Business Association re-elected five board members at its annual meeting Tuesday night, and three of its four officers were also retained for another year.

The annual meeting and elections took place at Snooze an AM Eatery and was attended by HBA members, city dignitaries and community members. The election filled eight two-year vacancies for terms expiring October 2016 and the completion of two partial terms expiring October 2015.

SDGLN Poll: Readers share thoughts on Supreme Court and marriage equality

SAN DIEGO, California – Readers of San Diego Gay & Lesbian News who took our poll try to interpret the message send by the U.S. Supreme Court by allowing appellate court rulings on gay marriage stand.

Our poll question was: What does Supreme Court denial to hear gay marriage cases mean?

The results, which are not scientific, reveal that 42% of readers believe that the Supreme Court considers marriage as a constitutional right, 36% think it means marriage is a states-rights issue and 22% are not sure.

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Jason Stuart: A comic of many means

(Editor's update: Sher Krieger of Martinis Above Fourth reports that Jason Stuart has postponed his show scheduled for Oct. 16. A make-up date has not been announced.)

SAN DIEGO, California -- Jason Stuart is a gay stand-up comic who is proving that getting older is not a death sentence in Hollywood, at least not for an active artist such as himself.

Community opinions vary on proposal to name school for Christine Kehoe

SAN DIEGO, California -- About 40 people attended a community forum Wednesday night at Florence Elementary School in Hillcrest to discuss a proposal to rename that school for former state Sen. Christine Kehoe.

In the crowd were members of the local LGBT community who are supporters of the proposal, and parents and school volunteers from Florence who had questions and concerns.

Mid-City Rapid 215 transit service begins Sunday

SAN DIEGO, California -- SANDAG's Mid-City Rapid 215 transit line -- providing rapid transit buses between San Diego State University and Downtown -- will begin service early when it launches on Sunday, Oct. 12.

The Mid-City Rapid Project will provide a faster, more efficient and comfortable way for residents to travel in the communities along the route.

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