SDGLN Poll: Readers reveal whether they attend "Crazy Bitches" screening

SAN DIEGO, California – Readers of San Diego Gay & Lesbian News who took our poll weigh in on whether they plan to attend the monthly screening by FilmOut San Diego.

Our poll question was: Do you plan to attend FilmOut San Diego's "Crazy Bitches" screening on Sept. 24?

The results, which are not scientific, reveal that 32% of readers say they plan to attend the film, and 68% say they are not.

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Reese Witherspoon’s "Wild" to kick off San Diego Film Festival

SAN DIEGO, California – The 2014 San Diego Film Festival will launch on Sept. 24-28, with award-winning independent films, filmmakers, actors, panels and parties.

Reese Witherspoon's "Wild" will open the festival on Sept. 24, while Hilary Swank's "You're Not You" co-starring Emmy Rossum and Josh Duhamel will close the festival. Duhamel will definitely appear at the festival. Other celebs confirmed include Michelle Monaghan, Richard Dreyfuss, Alison Pill, Tom Berrenger and Alan Arkin.

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FilmOut San Diego: Jane Clark and her "Crazy Bitches" are coming to town

SAN DIEGO, California -- Expect a wild and crazy night next week when writer-director Jane Clark and her cast of "Crazy Bitches" come to town for FilmOut San Diego's monthly screening.

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Sgt. Daniel Meyer ... more than just a cop

SAN DIEGO, California -- As the LGBT liaison, San Diego Police Sgt. Daniel Meyer brings 10 years of service on the force to Hillcrest and surrounding areas. Aside from protecting citizens, he is also determined to make sure people know that police officers are people, too.

Meyer grew up in Woodland, California and made his way to San Diego when he was 2 years old. Like most kids, he played sports and by his own admission says “I was a hyper kid who at times, as my parents described it, bounced off the walls as a child.”

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Matt Alber: "My songs have never been written from the closet”

Matt Alber is a man made of music. His devotion to sound started at an early age and would eventually propel him into the music industry with his own unique style. Wanting to express his own feelings of love, the singer/songwriter gave his talent to a community that was eager to embrace it.

New California law requires motorists to provide room for bicyclists on the road

SACRAMENTO — Starting Tuesday, motorists can be fined for not giving bicyclists enough room on California’s ever-contested roadways.

A new state law, called the Three Feet For Safety Act, requires drivers stay three feet from bicyclists when passing from behind.

If a motorist can’t give three feet because of traffic or road conditions, they must “slow to a speed that is reasonable and prudent,” and only pass when the cyclist will not be endangered, the law states. Currently, drivers must give cyclists a safe but unspecified passing distance.

SDGLN Poll: Readers reveal whether they plan to vote in the November election

SAN DIEGO, California – Readers of San Diego Gay & Lesbian News who took our poll share whether they plan to vote in November.

Our poll question was: Do you plan to vote in the midterm elections in November?

The results, which are not scientific, reveal that 97% of readers say they plan to vote in the midterm elections on Nov. 4, 2014, and 3% are not.

The new SDGLN Poll question asks readers: Do you plan to attend FilmOut San Diego's "Crazy Bitches" screening on Sept. 24?

Heat records will fall across San Diego this weekend

SAN DIEGO, California -- Heat records are expected to fall across San Diego County this weekend, with temperatures rising 10 to 15 degrees above normal, from the coast to the mountains, says the National Weather Service. Forecasters say its most likely that new records will be set in San Diego, Oceanside Harbor, Chula Vista, Escondido, Ramona, Alpine and El Cajon. The weather service will have a heat advisory in effect Saturday through Monday.

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Urban might Part II: Gay couple rejoice over their miracle

(Editor’s note: What we learned from Part I, as told by Timothy Rawles:

Dennis Wood and Jody Carey devote most of their time developing a neighborhood and bringing a community together. City Heights, on the east side of San Diego, was a neighborhood of broken-down homes, collapsing fences and introverted inhabitants. Yet, through the determination of two men seeing the need to bring a sense of togetherness to a township, a new, organized and devoted neighborhood emerged.

SDSU Police searching for person of interest in sexual assault case

SAN DIEGO, California -- The San Diego State University Police Department has released the photo of a person of interest in a sexual assault case that was reported on campus on Saturday, Sept. 6.

Photos of the individual are shown at right and to the left. SDSU Police have provided the following description of the suspect.

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