Target opens mini store in South Park

SAN DIEGO, California -- Crowds of shoppers and curious neighbors descended upon a Target mini store that had its soft opening on Wednesday, Oct. 7. Part of the parking lot was turned into a small carnival with games for children, free food and caricature drawings.

San Diego police officer "whips" then "nae nae's" on video

It appears that everyone is doing the popular dance move “whip/nae nae,” even San Diego’s finest.

Officer John Larson was patrolling Qualcomm Staduim last Sunday before the Chargers took on the Cleveland Browns, when he met a group of teenagers in the parking lot.

The kids, from the El Cajon Falcons football team, were doing some fundraising to which the uniformed officer happily contributed.

But the teens had another request, one that would get Officer Larson shaking in his holster. They asked if he could do the “whip/nae nae” for them.

San Diego Gulls release city-loving sports anthem

San Diego has a football, baseball and now a hockey team, complete with its very own foot stomping arena anthem.

Today the San Diego Gulls anthem was released and is free to download.

This, the inaugural interpretation, is sung by the award winning Rebecca Jade who will perform it live at the Valley View Casino on Saturday October, 10 for The Gulls season opener.

Its heavy anthem feel and personalized San Diego lyrics are sure to give hockey fans a boost of spirit within their seats around the rink..

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Disturbing Planned Parenthood videos have an LGBT San Diego connection

Planned Parenthood has been focusing a lot on recent videos that have been released throughout the year. These clips depict Planned Parenthood officials talking on (hidden) camera about harvesting aborted fetuses for their organs and selling them to research facilities. The videos are produced by The Center for Medical Progress CMP), and one alleged project worker has a San Diego LGBT connection.

Digital currency Bitcoin to open first-ever San Diego ATM in Ocean Beach on Oct. 8

The digital currency known as Bitcoin is adding an ATM, or “BTM” in the San Diego neighborhood of Ocean Beach on Thursday October 8. This new concept of monetary trade which eliminates the use of banks and fees has become a popular source of underground exchange in the last few years.

Bitcoins are in-person exchanges, or decentralized digital currency, meaning there is no need for the regulation of a middle-man, in this case a bank.

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Balboa Park named one of America's six Great Public Spaces

SAN DIEGO, Ca. - The American Planning Association (APA) is in love with San Diego’s Balboa Park; they named it as one of the six Great Public Spaces on their annual Great Spaces in America list.

The APA recognizes locations around the country which help provide community socialization, economic growth and help lead other parks in America to follow their example.

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Televised Coronado City Council meeting on bike lanes goes viral, SDBC responds

Recently a KPBS televised City Council meeting in Coronado went viral. Residents of the island approached the councilmembers on September 15, and expressed their disdain for adding more bike lanes to their neighborhood. The proposal would have extended the amount of bike lanes to include 12 more miles.

One homeowner called the safety markings “graffiti” and another compared the street markings to having her daughter go into a tattoo shop and get full body ink.

Another resident complained that if you stare at the bike lanes for too long, you get dizzy; a sense of “vertigo.”

Kindergartner not welcomed back to San Diego school because she has two moms

SAN DIEGO -- A five-year old girl is at the center of a fight that pits freedom of religion against nondiscrimination rights.

It's a fight that some say could wind up in the U.S. Supreme Court in the near future.

"I love my two moms."

Those were the words of a little girl, who sat in front of a coffee table drawing pictures of her family instead of sitting in a kindergarten classroom at Mt. Erie Christian Academy with her peers.

Remembering PSA flight 182 and North Park on this day

Among other things, San Diego can be regarded as having a significant place in aviation history. From innovative airplane advancements to designs, the city has made air travel one of its most precious societal contributions.

However, today marks the 37-year anniversary of one of its most horrific ear marks in the history books of air navigation.

On September 25, 1978, PSA flight 182 was making its way to San Diego from Sacramento. The flight had 128 passengers on board with a flight crew of 7.

North Park: Put us in one police division

SAN DIEGO, California -- A common complaint among North Park residents is that the neighborhood is split between two police divisions, and some folks during a time of need are confused about which station to call.

Do you phone the Western Division or the Mid Cities Division for help during a non-emergency?

The issue plays out frequently on community-oriented apps such as Nextdoor.