Buyer of Pernicano’s property to speak to Uptown Planners

SAN DIEGO, California -- The Uptown Planners and the public may hear the first ideas about the development for the long-empty Pernicano’s Restaurant site when the advisory group meets at 6 p.m. Tuesday, Aug. 4, at Joyce Beers Center in Hillcrest.

The once-famous Italian restaurant, frequented by celebrities and locals alike, has been vacant for more than three decades despite pleas by Hillcrest residents and local politicians to either reopen or demolish the decrepit building.

What to do about the homeless in San Diego?

SAN DIEGO, California -- Everybody seems to be concerned about dealing with the homeless in San Diego, and two community groups in the Uptown area recently conducted public meetings to debate the hot-button issue. Meanwhile, San Diego Uptown News followed up with the Hillcrest Business Association to find out how its pilot program with the Alpha Project is working out.

Uptown community groups give thumbs down to city's land-use draft

SAN DIEGO, California -- Uptown Planners and various community groups have spoken in unison: No “density bonus” in the proposed Uptown Community Plan update. But will city planners listen?

The Uptown Community Plan — which guides development in Park West, Bankers Hill, Hillcrest, Mission Hills, Medical District, Middletown and the western half of University Heights — is being updated by the city for the first time since 1988. The updated plan will have a major impact on these neighborhoods for the next 25 years.

North Park residents fear growth is out of control

SAN DIEGO - There’s a battle over new condos popping up in North Park.

To some, they mean progress. To others it means their neighborhood is losing control. Some want building to stop until a neighborhood plan is approved.

If you've lived in San Diego long enough, you've seen the transformation in North Park in the last decade or so. Along University Avenue, residents and visitors have new stores, new restaurants and new places to live. But some say it's getting out of hand.

Unique restaurant "Lemonade" to open in Hillcrest August 3

UPDATE - Lemonade has told SDGLN that their grand opening has been delayed until Thursday, Aug 6.

SAN DIEGO - Hillcrest welcomes the innovative eatery Lemonade to its wide variety of restaurants in the Hillcrest neighborhood.

The Los Angeles based chain is set to open its doors Monday, August 6 (updated), on Fifth Avenue in Hillcrest.

With its bright open seating setting, The restaurant is a favorite among people who like the idea of fast food, but want it to be fresh, healthy and comforting.

CityFest brings food and fun to Hillcrest on Aug. 9

Thirty one years ago CityFest brought people from all over San Diego together underneath the Hillcrest sign for an afternoon of fun and entertainment.

On Sunday, August 9, the fun continues as CityFest once again fills the streets of Hillcrest with its signature atmosphere of delectable aromas and community togetherness.

With over 250 artists and craftsman, the annual neighborhood marketplace has something for everyone.

Included in this year’s free event will be:

• International food court

Donald Trump piñatas a big hit in San Diego

SAN DIEGO - People angry with Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump for his comments against illegal immigrants have found a way to strike back.

Videos of people taking out their anger on Donald Trump piñatas have popped up all over social media recently, and now those piñatas of the billionaire are showing up in some San Diego stores.

More than a month ago, the most popular piñata at Rainbow Party Supplies in Barrio Logan was the Minion from the successful animated film franchise. Now, it's "The Donald."

San Diego online child predator sentenced to 120 years

Today a Superior Court judge sentenced 43-year-old John Kinloch to a 120 year-to-life prison sentence, plus five years for child molestation, according to San Diego County District Attorney Bonnie Dumanis,

“Sexual predators who target our children are some of the worst criminals on the street,” DA Dumanis said. “They steal innocence and rob families of their spirit. I’m proud of the hard work Deputy DA Harrison Kennedy who prosecuted this case.”

A BIG Thank you to San Diego from the Executive Director of Pride

"San Diego LGBT Pride 2015 will never be forgotten. It showed the tremendous heart of our community," said Stephen Whitburn, Executive Director, San Diego LGBT Pride.

"I'm grateful to the thousands of people who endured Hurricane Delores with good humor and high spirits, marching and dancing through the streets of Hillcrest and rallying and rejoicing in Balboa Park. Thank you for coming together to celebrate our successes and energize ourselves for the work still to be done in the pursuit of true liberty and justice for all."

Rain and thunder weather forecast for Pride

San Diego Pride might get a little wet this morning as the rainbands of passing Hurricane Delores enter the area.

Today will be cloudy and warm, with muggy temperatures reaching into the 90’s in some areas.

Lightning and thunder have already started to hit San Diego. Weather.com is forecasting thunderstorms and scattered showers throughout the day and weekend.