Gay man pulled from home, beaten by NYPD officers yelling “faggot” in horrifying video

A gay Staten Island man is suing the NYPD after four officers dragged him from his home last month before violently beating him in the front yard while repeatedly yelling homophobic slurs.

Louis Falcone, 31, told the New York Daily News that officers arrived at the home he shares with his 66-year-old mother on June 19 to investigate a noise complaint. He had been arguing loudly with his brother an hour earlier, who had come home in an “obnoxiously drunk” stupor and left before police arrived to investigate the noise.

‘We stayed silent… no more': Israeli MP comes out after Pride stabbings

An Israeli politician has come out as gay, following a violent attack at the Jerusalem Pride Parade.

Six people were injured at the Pride march in Jerusalem yesterday, after a knife-wielding man launched an attack. A Hardei man, Yishai Shlissel, was named as the suspected perpetrator, and has been taken into custody by police.

Following the harrowing attack, MK Itzik Shmuli of the centre-left Zionist Union party came out as gay in a column for Hebrew-language newspaper Yedioth Ahronoth.

'Ex-gay' Nevada woman needs crowd funding for her straight make-over

A woman in Las Vegas says she is no longer a lesbian and hopes that people will donate to her GoFundMe page for a ‘straight’ makeover.’

Chelsie Rene, claims that her newly embraced relationship with God has made her change her ways and she is choosing ‘Him’ over ‘her.’

The closeted straight person claims that the road to embracing her heterosexual self is a long and expensive one.

“I’m learning to walk in this new lifestyle day by day.I have to say, I’m falling in love with myself more every step I take,” she said.

Six seriously stabbed in Jerusalem gay Pride parade

The Guardian is reporting that six people have been stabbed in Jerusalem during a gay pride event.

Police are describing the attacker as an ultra-orthodox Jewish man.

Reports are coming out of Israel saying that the injuries are severe and that medical staff are attending to the wounded.

Israel’s predominantly secular citizens have been clashing with the ultra-orthodox Jewish community over homosexuality.

Despite anti-gay fears, Jamaica announces first Pride

Although the country is internationally known for its persecution of the LGBT community, Jamaica will celebrate its first Pride event next week.

Hosted by the Jamaica Forum of Lesbians, All-Sexuals and Gays, the celebration will take place at the same time as the national week to commemorate Emancipation Day and Independence Day.

Promoting its Kingston-centred event through its Facebook page, J-FLAG will begin with a flash mob and opening ceremony, which its members are already preparing for.

An ex-gay State Senator is running for governor in Missouri

When Missouri state Sen. Bob Dixon (R), announced his candidacy for governor in early July, he touted his staunch conservative ideals, a desire to "get government out of the way" and his firm belief in traditional marriage.

Last week, he also released a statement clarifying his past as a young gay man -- an experience he attributes to a bout of "teenage confusion."

More details about Cecil the Lion's death emerge, dentist still claims he's innocent

More details emerge as the outrage over the unscrupulous death of Cecil, the world’s most grieved lion, continues.

Minnesota dentist Walter Palmer was chastised by what seemed to be everyone in front of a computer yesterday as his identity was revealed to be the U.S. hunter who paid $50,000 to stalk and kill the majestic cat even though the feline was protected and wearing a GPS collar.

Theo Bronkhorst and Honest Ndlovu, the two men who lead the expedition are being brought up on poaching charges in Victoria Falls.

Catholic church denies that preventing transgender man from being a Godparent is 'discrimination'

Alex Salinas is 21 years old. He was assigned female at birth, but is now living as his authentic self as a man. He is a "firm believer" and wants to be a godparent at his nephew's baptism but the diocese of Cadiz and Ceuta is standing in his way. According to them, he is not a "suitable" person because of the life he leads, a life not "congruent with faith.”

The same-sex couple turned away by Sweet Cakes by Melissa speak out

The same-sex couple who were turned away by Oregon's Sweet Cakes by Melissa in 2013 when they sought a wedding cake are speaking out for the first time. 

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The whole internet is angry over dentist who killed Cecil the Lion.

Minnesota dentists Walter J. Palmer is not having a good day. The owner of River Bluff Dental is in the hot seat for having killed Cecil the Lion, one of Zimbabwe’s most prized animals.

Palmer is a sport hunting enthusiast who uses a bow and arrow for his kills. It is reported that Cecil was protected by the Zimbabwe National park, even collared, but lured out of it’s borders, where Palmer then shot him.