House Democrats make move trying to force vote on ENDA

WASHINGTON DC – Four Democrats in the U.S. House, lead by openly gay Rep. Jared Polis (D-Colorado), filed a discharge petition today that could force the Republican-controlled body to vote on the Employment Non-Discrimination Act (ENDA) that overwhelmingly passed the Senate.

According to The Hill, the petition would need to win the backing of 218 lawmakers to force House consideration of the non-discrimination bill passed last year by the Senate.

Social Media sleuths help ID suspects in gay bashing

PHILADELPHIA, Pennsylvania -- Police say Social Media users have provided a key assist in efforts to track down a dozen suspects in a brutal assault on two gay men in Center City Philadelphia.

Action News has learned attorneys for several members of a group caught on camera the night of the attack have now called police.

Those attorneys were making arrangements to bring their clients in for questioning on Wednesday.

Transgender princess faces backlash, but stays strong

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colorado – A Colorado high school has crowned a transgender student as homecoming princess, and the decision has sparked widespread controversy on Social Media about whether the school district should allow this to happen.

Colorado Springs’ District 49 says they don’t exclude any student from participating in programs or activities based on gender identity or expression.

Homecoming princess Scarlett Lenh was born a boy, but feels more comfortable living life as a girl.

Transgender teen, center of controversy, escapes from custody

HARTFORD, Connecticut -- A transgender girl whose imprisonment without criminal charges raised an outcry among her advocates has escaped from custody in Connecticut.

The Department of Children and Families says in a statement that the girl identified as Jane Doe escaped Tuesday while attending her first day at a therapeutic program. Police and department staff are working to locate her.

Arkansas AG asks state's high court to uphold gay marriage ban

LITTLE ROCK, Arkansas -- The Attorney General's Office is asking the Arkansas Supreme Court to uphold the state's gay marriage ban, arguing a county judge was wrong to say it violated the state and U.S. constitutions.

Attorney General Dustin McDaniel's office on Monday asked justices to uphold the 2004 constitutional amendment and an earlier state law defining marriage as between a man and a woman. Pulaski County Judge Chris Piazza struck down the ban earlier this year, and 541 same-sex couples were married before the ruling was suspended by the state Supreme Court pending appeals.

Gay marriages in Indiana, Wisconsin put on hold

CHICAGO, Illinois -- The Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals just issued a stay on its ruling saying Indiana and Wisconsin's same sex marriage ban is unconstitutional.

This means same sex couples cannot get married in Indiana or Wisconsin until this case runs through the rest of the appeals process, which means the US Supreme Court.

Both the state and plaintiffs have asked the high court to hear the case on appeal.

The Justices are set to consider whether to take the case later this month.

Judge: Arizona must respect Fred and George's marriage

PHOENIX, Arizona – A federal judge ruled today that the state of Arizona must respect the marriage of military veterans Fred McQuire and George Martinez, for the purposes of being listed as married on a death certificate.

SCOTUS to take early look at gay marriage cases

Matching the speed of lawyers and lower courts in handling the same-sex marriage controversy, the U.S. Supreme Court on Wednesday set the stage for its first look at all of the pending cases, when the justices assemble on Sept. 29 for a private conference.

Appeals court upholds New Jersey's ban on conversion therapy for minors

TRENTON, New Jersey -- The Third Circuit Court of Appeals today unanimously upheld a 2013 New Jersey law prohibiting licensed therapists from attempting to change the sexual orientation or gender expression or identity of patients under 18 years old.

The three-judge panel held that the New Jersey law does not violate the First Amendment and that the State of New Jersey was entitled to prohibit these discredited practices in order to protect minors from harm. The Ninth Circuit upheld a similar California law last year.

Florida gay divorce ruling vacated by "speed bump"

FORT LAUDERDALE, Florida -- Oops, let's do this again!

Broward County Judge Dale Cohen ruled in July that Florida's ban on gay marriage was unconstitutional as he granted a divorce to Heather Brassner, who had entered into a civil union with Megan Lade in Vermont in 2002.

Last week, Florida's Attorney General had not responded by deadline on whether to appeal the ruling, so the media dutifully reported that the divorce would be finalized this weeks. Well ...

Turns out there was a little technicality that has caused the judge to vacate his ruling.

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