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Health insurance disparities plague LGBT Americans

Gallup has released a new study showing that LGBT adults are more likely than their non-LGBT counterparts to lack health insurance coverage (17.6% v. 13.2%, respectively).

The study was authored by Williams Distinguished Scholar Gary J. Gates at Williams Institute at the UCLA School of Law in Los Angeles, California.

UPDATE: Joan Rivers placed in medically induced coma, according to reports

(Editor's update: A day after comedy queen Joan Rivers was rushed to Mount Sinai Hospital in Manhattan after suffering cardiac and respiratory distress, precious little medical information is available due to federal health laws that guarantee patient privacy. In fact, the hospital said it had no updates on Friday. Meanwhile, the Daily News reported Friday that Rivers had been placed into a medically induced coma as doctors try to determine the next course of action. It remains unknown how long that her brain went without oxygen and whether her heart suffered any damage.

Florida Supreme Court asked to rule on state's gay marriage ban

Florida's highest court is being asked to decide whether or not the state's ban on gay marriage is constitutional.

In an unusual decision, the state's 2nd District Court of Appeal on Wednesday asked the Florida Supreme Court to settle the question due to "great public importance." If the high court takes up the case, it could result in having the issue settled even before the U.S. Supreme Court acts.

AFER urges Supreme Court review of Bostic marriage equality case in Virginia

WASHINGTON DC – Lawyers for the plaintiffs in Bostic v. Schaefer, the Virginia marriage equality case sponsored by the American Foundation for Equal Rights (AFER), filed a response with the United States Supreme Court in support of the Commonwealth’s petition to urge the high court to review the Bostic case and resolve the incredibly important question it presents.

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"Ex-gay" therapy survivor alleges sexual abuse by school leader after coming out

The National Center for Lesbian Rights (NCLR) on Tuesday helped file a complaint with the DeSoto County Sheriff’s Department on behalf of a former student of Bethel Baptist School in Walls, Mississippi who says he was sexually abused for three years by a teacher attempting to “cure” his sexual orientation.

The former student, Jeff White, now 32, alleges that, shortly after coming out in 1996, his parents turned to the local church, which ran a school it promised could “cure” their son and stop him from being gay.

Pentagon can easily drop its ban on transgender troops, study finds

The Defense Department repealed its controversial “don’t ask, don’t tell” policy banning gay people from openly serving in the military three years ago in September. Some senior officers questioned the decision, fearing it could cost lives, but Pentagon officials said the repeal has not hurt military readiness or cohesion.

Man accused of killing gay couple, two others confesses to jihad motive

SEATTLE, Washington -- The man accused of murdering a gay couple in Seattle reportedly has confessed to police that his killing spree was in revenge for U.S. military action in the Afganistan, Iraq and Syria.

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Lucky break: Seventh Circuit judges hearing gay marriage appeals lean left

CHICAGO, Illinois – Gay marriage advocates appear to have won the luck of the draw as the Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals today heard oral arguments in appellate cases involving Indiana and Wisconsin.

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"Preaching Politics" vlogger urges U.S. to recriminalize homosexuality

A homophobe from the Bible Belt, who has a YouTube channel called “Preaching Politics,” is advocating for the recriminalization of homosexuality in the United States.

Michael Wilson, who is fairly good at hiding his affiliations and location, recently uploaded a video called “Outlawing Homosexuality.”

He prefaces the video by saying this: “Homosexuals are so intolerant of Christians they turned our differences into a zero-sum game. Well, two can play that one.”

BREAKING! Fifth judge rules against Florida's gay-marriage ban

TALLAHASSEE, Florida -- For the fifth time, a judge in Florida has ruled that the Sunshine State's ban on gay marriage is unconstitutional.

District Judge Robert L. Hinkle, who is based in the state capital, ruled Thursday that the ban violates the Fourteenth Amendment, which guarantees due process and equal protection.

In Brenner v. Scott, the private attorneys sued the state on behalf of same-sex couples who argue that Florida’s ban on marriage equality violates the U.S. Constitution.

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