Here's what's next for Kim Davis now that she's been thrown in jail for contempt

A federal judge on Thursday ordered the indefinite detention of a renegade Kentucky clerk for contempt of court after she refused to follow an order he gave last month to issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples.

Kim Davis is in custody

ASHLAND, Ky. - County Clerk Kim Davis has been taken into custody over same-sex marriage license refusal.

CNN TV is reporting that Kim Davis has been ordered by a federal judge to be remanded.

Kentucky Senator and Davis advocate Rand Paul told CNN, “It’s absurd to put someone in jail for exercising their religious liberty. If you want to convince people that same-sex marriage is something that’s acceptable, I would say to try to persuade people.”

Kim Davis might be going to jail this morning

ASHLAND, Ky. - Kim Davis goes back into court today. The Rowan County Ky. Clerk still refuses to issue marriage licenses and must answer to a federal court judge to explain her insubordination.

This time Davis isn’t seeking an appeal or a stay of duties, she is facing contempt of court charges that could require her to pay hefty fines and face jail time.

The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) will also be in the courtroom to represent the couples in the Miller v. Davis case.

Gay couple turned away by Kentucky clerk open up about 'devastating' experience

The gay couple at the epicenter of the media firestorm surrounding Kentucky County Clerk Kim Davis after she refused to issue them a marriage license on three separate occasions are speaking out about the experience. 

Republican Senator says Davis should resign

A South Carolina Senator is not too happy with the recent insubordination of County Clerk Kim Davis.

Yesterday on the conservative radio show “The Hugh Hewitt Show,” Republican Senator Lindsey Graham was asked by Hewitt what he thinks Davis should do in her situation.

“As a public official,” he responded, “comply with the law or resign.”

ACLU files contempt charges against Kim Davis, she could face jail

The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) has filed two motions against Kim Davis with the Kentucky district court today.

This is in response to the Rowan County Clerk’s refusal to issue same-sex marriage licenses following a U.S. Supreme Court ruling ordering her to do so.
These motions ask that Davis be held in contempt of court and if accepted, Davis could face heavy fines and jail time.

Davis will again head to courtroom on Thursday to answer to a judge, explaining why she failed to follow orders and refuse to issue the licenses in her district.

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Video of heated exchange between Kim Davis and same-sex couple

Heated confrontations played out in front of cameras today as Kim Davis was approached by David Moore and David Emold for a fourth time to get their marriage licenses.

Only yesterday did the U.S. Supreme Court order Davis to abide by the law, but today she continues to agitate the system.

Davis, in the video stands before Moore and Emold saying, “I have asked you all to leave, you are interrupting my business.”

The couple then refuse to do so, asking Davis to call the police if she wants them removed:

Kentucky clerk is invoking 'God's authority' to continue denying gay couples marriage licenses.

ROWAN, Ky. - Kim Davis returned to work this morning after the U.S. Supreme Court declined to grant her the authority to refuse to issue same-sex marriage licenses on Monday.

The Kentucky County Clerk continued to deny licenses this morning, saying she is doing so under “God’s Authority.”

David Moore and David Emold once again came into her office for the fourth time this year, and still the clerk turned them away, asking them to leave.

U.S. Supreme Court tells Kim Davis to issue licenses starting Tuesday

ROWAN, Ky - The Supreme Court has ruled against Rowan County Clerk Kim Davis, saying that she must return to work on Tuesday and abide by the law.

Davis has refused to issue same-sex marriage licenses because of her religious beliefs. But tomorrow she will face her moment of truth as all stays and appeals to the court system have run their legal course.

If Davis continues to deny same-sex couples licenses, she could be held in contempt of federal court and face heavy fines and possible jail time.

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