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Positive men get naked in an effort to end 'stigma' of HIV status

December 1, is World AIDS Day and even though tolerance and education seem to have made the public more aware and sensitive to the disease in the last 30 years, there are still some people, even within the LGBT community, who hold judgements and resentments toward those who are positive.

With dating apps and other online socializations making it easier to voice opinions and judgments under the guise of a username, revealing that you have HIV is an invitation for some to shame, bully even block you.

Conservative group wants Adam Lambert removed from Singapore's huge New Year's Eve celebration

SINGAPORE - Singer Adam Lambert is scheduled to perform at Singapore’s Celebrate 2016 New Year’s Eve show on December, 31, however, one conservative group has started an online petition to ban him from the stage.

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Black Friday: Opponents of LGBT equality have nowhere to shop this year

Black Friday is upon us and that means there are a lot of deals, discounts and drama.

This year marks the first time same-sex marriage is legal country-wide and businesses seem to be taking that into account as they begin to “come out” to consumers with commercials and print ads which hope to allure the LGBT shopper into their marketplaces.

But just as much as corporations are becoming more inclusive of one community, they are alienating another sector: the anti-LGBT Christian shopper.

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Tenn. senior can't wear rainbows to school; it's "pro-gay," ACLU files lawsuit

GILES COUNTY, Tenn. - A Tennessee school is facing a lawsuit filed by the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) for their treatment of senior Rebecca Young, 18, who wished to show her support of the LGBT community by wearing a pro-LGBT t-shirt to school.

The shirt in question says, “Some People Are Gay, Get Over It.” However school officials were not happy with the message and requested that she not wear it, saying that it is violation of the school dress code.

Porn king Michael Lucas allegedly tricks Airbnb homeowner into using house for movie

Michael Lucas of Lucas Entertainment is being sued for deceiving an Airbnb host then setting up what appears to be scatological adult film inside the residence.

Homeowner Kristina Knapic filed a complaint on November 19, claiming that she agreed to rent her California residence to a woman named Anna for five days in August 2015.

She also states that she expected to meet Anna and hand over the keys, but a man claiming to be Anna’s brother-in-law showed up instead. The man said that Anna was running behind and would be there soon.

Dallas LGBT neighborhood on high alert after twelfth attack

TEXAS - A neighborhood in Dallas has been put on high alert and has advised its residents to not walk alone at night due to increased physical attacks on the LGBT community.

The primarily gay district of Oak Lawn has been the site of at least twelve attacks in the last three months, the last one being Geoffrey Hubbard who suffered a temporal bone fracture after an assailant hit him with an unidentified weapon.

The KKK in Florida deliver flyers to neighborhoods calling for "gay bashing"

The bad part of American history is slowly making a comeback as the “Loyal White Knights of the KKK,” are trying to re-energize their efforts of fear and intimidation.

The group has recently started dispersing flyers around Jacksonville FL., calling for like-minded intolerant supporters to “gay bash” people.

The Legislative Director at Jacksonville coalition of Equality, Jimmy Midyette, posted a picture of one of the handouts on his Facebook page, saying the flyers are beginning to show up at the homes of LGBT people.

Gay man's alleged murderer may have been his boyfriend's best friend

A 22-year-old Texas man is accused of kidnapping and killing a gay man in what the victim's parents believe was a hate crime. 

Utah gets its first openly gay mayor, Jackie Biskupski

Salt Lake City Utah has just elected its first openly gay mayor.

Jackie Biskupski, 49, is taking over the helm from the current office holder, Mayor Ralph Becker. Both candidates are Democrats.

It was a close race; the Salt Lake City Clerk’s office reports that Biskupski received 52 percent of the vote while Becker tailed close behind at 48.

"Charlie does not have AIDS," actor's doctor tells Today Show

Former 80’s heartthrob and “Two and a Half Men” star Charlie Sheen sat down with Matt Lauer this morning on the “Today” show and announced that he has been living with HIV for four years.

Sheen, 50, was accompanied by his doctor for the interview in which he states keeping the secret about his status has cost him a lot of money to blackmailers he thought were his friends.