Ex-classmates offended by OC lawyer who wants to "kill the gays"

COSTA MESA, California -- Hundreds of alumni of Costa Mesa High School have signed an online letter condemning CMSH graduate Matt McLaughlin, a mysterious recluse and postal-box lawyer who wants to circulate a California initiative called the "Sodomite Suppression Act."

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BREAKING! California AG seeks to ax the "kill the gays" initiative

LOS ANGELES, California -- Attorney General Kamala D. Harris moved today to prevent the "Sodomite Suppression Act" from becoming a California initiative in November 2016.

Harris, as the state's top legal voice, does not have the authority to terminate the "kill the gays" initiative proposed by elusive Orange County lawyer Matt McLaughlin. Only a court can do that. So on Wednesday, Harris filed an action for declaratory relief seeking judicial authorization to not issue a title and summary for the so-called Sodomite Suppression Act.

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"Sodomite Suppression Act" - Time running out on comment period to California AG

SACRAMENTO, California -- Angry about the proposed initiative dubbed the "Sodomite Suppression Act" that calls for a "bullet to the head" for any person, regardless of sexual orientation, who engages in sodomy in the Golden State?

Deadline is fast approaching to lodge a comment with the California Attorney General's Office, which is charged with soliciting comments from the public and then wording the initiative before it can go out for petition signatures.

The comment period ends Saturday, March 28.

California poised to ban discrimination against transgender jurors

SACRAMENTO, California — The state Assembly voted 63-2 on Thursday to approve a bill that would block discrimination against transgender jurors. The bill now goes to the Senate, where it is expected to pass.

The bill was authored by Assemblyman Mark Stone, a Democrat from Monterey Bay.

California law already makes it illegal to use the challenges because of race, religion, sex, national origin or sexual orientation.

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California's LGBT Caucus files complaint against OC lawyer who wants to "kill the gays"

SACRAMENTO, California – The LGBT Caucus of the California Legislature has filed a formal complaint with the State Bar of California against the Orange County lawyer who has filed a ballot initiative to “kill the gays.”

San Diego Gay & Lesbian News has covered this story from the beginning, and you can read our coverage by clicking HERE.

He’s young, green, Latino, openly gay — and the mayor of Long Beach

LONG BEACH, California -- New Mayor Robert Garcia, elected last June, wants to clean up Long Beach’s environmental rep. At his first state of the city address in January 2015, Garcia issued an urgent call for global warming adaptation. “That means changing the way we produce and use energy, supporting transportation that is not reliant on fossil fuels, reducing greenhouse gas emissions, creating green space, and looking at every way we can to reduce our carbon footprint,” he said in his address. He’s already commissioned the Aquarium of the Pacific to craft a Climate Change Action Plan — i.e.

Abbe Land, a familiar face on West Hollywood City Council, steps aside

WEST HOLLYWOOD, California -- For years, the public face of West Hollywood has been the same: four gay men and one straight woman.

In a city where gay rights issues dominate the public conversation, that one woman has been a consistent feminist voice and a reminder that women's issues matter too, even if nearly 40% of the city's residents are gay men.

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EQCA becomes first major LGBT group to endorse Hillary Clinton (if she runs)

LOS ANGELES -- Equality California (EQCA) has jumped the gun in the 2016 campaign by endorsing Hillary Rodham Clinton in the 2016 presidential election.

Clinton has not declared that she is running for President, but she is widely believed to be the Democrat's most popular choice of potential candidates.

EQCA -- the second largest LGBT membership organization in the U.S. and which recently added a focus on issues beyond California -- becomes the first major LGBT organization in the nation to endorse the former Secretary of State for President.

Residents move into LGBT senior living village in Palm Springs

PALM SPRINGS, California -- A senior living village for the LGBT community is calling itself the first of its kind in the Southland. Stonewall Gardens in North Palm Springs welcomed its first four residents. Already settled in, residents said the facility is assisted living for seniors with a resort-style twist.

"I moved in last Sunday. It was like I discovered the pot of gold," said resident Dick Busby.

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Lesbian couple overcome investor bias, succeed with Hip Chick Farms

It is no mystery that starting your own business can be difficult. Financial choices, planning and even legal hitches can make the difference between a successful business plan thriving or one that goes cold before it even gets started. These factors are also present in the LGBT community, but in some cases the struggle can be harder.