California: Equal benefits bill introduced

SACRAMENTO, California -- A new California bill proposes to prohibit state agencies from doing business with companies that discriminate against their employees based on gender identity, including by denying transgender workers the same benefits and healthcare coverage they offer all other workers.

Introduced by state Sen. Mark Leno, Senate Bill 703 builds on existing California law that prohibits employers from discriminating based on gender, including gender identity, in employee benefits.

California state Senator calls for bar-membership review of lawyer advocating genocide of gays

SACRAMENTO, California — Saying he is appalled that a State Bar of California member is leading an effort to pass a ballot initiative calling for "sodomites" to be “put to death by bullets to the head,” a state Senator in California is joining a growing movement seeking the lawyer's disbarment.

Sen. Ricardo Lara (D-Bell Gardens) sent a letter on Wednesday to the State Bar asking whether the proponent, Matthew McLaughlin, is violating the “good moral character” clause required for membership in the professional organization.

Disbar attorney who wants to execute California gays, petition demands

Carol Dahmen of West Sacramento, California late Tuesday launched a petition to the president of the State Bar of California to Disbar Matthew Gregory McLaughlin - #198329.

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Kelly Osbourne excited to reign over White Party Palm Springs

PALM SPRINGS, California -- Kelly Osbourne sure sounds excited to be named royalty at White Party Palm Springs 2015.

The English-born singer-songwriter, TV presenter and host, actress and fashion designer will reign as Queen of the White Party, which will be April 24-27 in Palm Springs.

She shares her thoughts in a Q&A written for San Diego Gay & Lesbian News and SD PIX magazine, among the co-sponsors of the annual event touted as the largest dance music festival in the world.

Ballot initiative seeking to "kill the gays" condemned by Equality California

LOS ANGELES, California -- Equality California on Tuesday afternoon issued a stern condemnation of proposed ballot initiative that would ask voters to criminalize LGBT people and impose a death penalty sentence.

“This proposed ballot initiative is outrageous and offensive, and it's grossly out of step with the attitudes and beliefs of the people of California,” said Rick Zbur, Equality California executive director.

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OC lawyer wants to "kill the gays" in California, according to initiative goal

HUNTINGTON BEACH, California – An Orange County lawyer has filed a notice with the State of California that he intends to circulate an initiative measure that would call for the death of anyone who engages in sodomy in the Golden State.

Man charged with transgender woman's murder, human trafficking

LOS ANGELES, California -- A 30-year-old man from Inglewood was charged on Monday morning in connection with the murder of a transgender woman and with human trafficking and the sexual assault of a minor girl.

Robert James Spells had the books thrown at him after his arrest last week.

Supreme Court rejects appeal from California anti-gay donors

WASHINGTON DC -- The U.S. Supreme Court rejected an appeal Monday morning from anti-gay California groups that oppose same-sex marriage hoping to hide their list of donors from public view.

According to the Sacramento Bee,, the National Organization for Marriage had filed an appeal to a lower-court ruling that prevented them from hiding their list of donors.

California GOP formally welcomes gays to the party

SACRAMENTO, California -- In historic break with its past, the California Republican Party voted overwhelmingly Sunday to formally recognize a gay GOP group.

The move, which drew the condemnation of some socially conservative GOP members, grants a charter to the Log Cabin Republicans' California chapter, making it an official volunteer arm of the state party. It is among the first gay groups in the nation to be officially sanctioned by a state Republican party.

SF archbishop stands firm in face of pressure on morality clauses

SAN FRANCISCO, California -- San Francisco Archbishop Salvatore J. Cordileone is holding firm in the face of controversy that has erupted since he unveiled new morality clauses earlier this month for employees at high schools under his control.

The clauses included in a new handbook call on teachers, staff and administrators to comport themselves publicly and privately with Catholic teaching and ask them to "affirm and believe" that masturbation, pornography and homosexual acts are "gravely evil."

Same-sex marriage and contraception are similarly described.