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'Gay bashed' in San Francisco: Man recounts his attack on video

SAN FRANCISCO - A Northern California man has taken to Facebook to tell his story about being assaulted in San Francisco on Saturday February, 6, 2016.

Jeffery Lafayette filmed a passionate video of himself recounting the entire event with the help of sheets of paper and a Sharpie, writing that he was “gay bashed.”

Lafayette appears to have suffered a black eye and other injuries to his face as a result of being “kicked to the ground” and “spat on.”

Gay man disembowels lover, gets only 12 years

A West Hollywood man was sentenced to 12 years in prison on Friday after having been convicted in December of voluntary manslaughter for the brutal stabbing death of his boyfriend, reports Towleroad

Andre Davids and Kurtland Ma were living together in a West Hollywood apartment reports say.

Davids found out that the victim was planning to break up with him which sent him over the edge.

Lesbian lawmaker, former child star, silences name-calling citizen

A Los Angeles Board of Supervisors meeting got a little heated when lesbian lawmaker and former child actress Sheila Kuehl took on a disrespectful citizen. You can watch the scene play out below.

The discourse came about after a boisterous male citizen stood at the podium to address the committee about letting Muslim immigrants from Syria relocate to the city, saying all Muslims are taught to hate Jews and that the city, in allowing them to enter, will actually increase hate crimes against them.

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Palm Springs LGBT advocate George Zander has died

Palm Springs activist and LGBT advocate George Zander has died. He was 71-years old.

His husband, Chris Zander shared the news of his passing on Facebook, where he expressed his grief:

“My husband George Zander passed away this morning in loving arms and in very little pain. His passion and strength has paved the road for many of us to follow, and build from. His legacy will live on forever. I love this man more than I love life itself, I can only assume that is what true love is.”

George Zander was a powerful voice in the Palm Springs LGBT community.

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SDSU removes "king" and "queen" from homecoming ballots

San Diego State University (SDSU) will no longer have a homecoming king and queen, the school is now making the titles gender neutral, calling them “royals” instead, reports the The Daily Aztec.

During the application process, students who do not want to be classified under a traditional pronoun, may now opt to mark a gender neutral one.

San Diego could get a cheaper business, and first-class only airline with JetPurple Airwayz

The business and first class only airline JetPurple Airwayz has announced that it will expand its service to include flights to and from Lindbergh Field in the future.

In an effort to regain the luxury of air travel and the amenities of excellent customer service, the fleet will be offering free checked luggage, complimentary meals, snacks, beverages and in-flight entertainment and free parking at private terminals, where passengers can avert long lines at TSA security check points.

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New law protects transgender foster children in California

SACRAMENTO, Ca. - The California foster care system just made it easier for transgender youth to feel more comfortable in their placements.

On October 11, Governor Jerry Brown signed Senate Bill 731, authored by California State Assembly Member Mark Leno which states that transgender youth, and those who identify as transgender, shall be placed in homes where they feel safe and free from ridicule.

In memory of community activist Kurt Cunningham (1969-2015)

SAN DIEGO, Ca. - San Diegans and social media are grieving the loss of Kurt Cunningham, one of the community’s biggest and most well-loved activists today. He died by suicide in San Gabriel California, he was 46.

Understanding all of the nuances that accompany mental health issues is something that nobody has been able to explain. A person may appear happy and well-centered on the outside, but on the inside there are many complex feelings, thoughts and chemical reactions that are beyond the control of the sufferer.

International hero attacked outside of gay nightclub in Sacramento

SACRAMENTO, Ca. - NBC News is reporting that Spencer Stone, 23, was stabbed outside of a gay bar in Sacramento on Thursday morning.

Stone gained the respect of the world when he and two other men helped thwart a terrorist attack on a cross-country Paris railroad in August.

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San Diego's MTS has the worst rail transit stations statewide study reports

If you are a San Diego public transportation rider, you may already know that some Metropolitan Transit System (MTS) rail stations are better than others, and some need major work altogether.

One of the most important things for transit riders and potential new ones is the overall experience when it comes to using the network to do things such as get to your job, shop or get home.