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Jamie Nova memorial to be held on Nov. 22 at Double Tree Hotel

A nova is a strong, rapid increase in brightness of a star.

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"KillJoy's Kastle" is a unique L.A. horror funhouse of feminism and LGBTQ history

This October house is filled with an evangelist's worst nightmares.

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Big screens and scream queens: Davis and Crawford are larger than life once again at The Landmark Hillcrest

A horror double feature starring two Hollywood legends plays at The Landmark Hillcrest.

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Gay Bowl XV & Autumn Classic come to San Diego Oct. 9

Gay Bowl XV and Autumn Classic will bring more than 2,000 athletes to town.

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Historic Bud Kearns pool re-opens in Balboa Park

San Diego's historic swimming pool opens after repairs.

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  • Hillcrest Town Council update - Nov. 20, 2015

    At HTC's Nov. 10 meeting, there was much discussion about two of Hillcrest’s hottest topics: homelessness and parking. Along with that, there was also a visit by state Sen. Marty Block.

  • San Diego Democrats for Equality celebrate 40 years

    The club will host a 40th Anniversary Brunch on Sunday, Nov. 7, featuring former Assembly Speaker John Perez with current and past club members, and the general community is also invited.

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Take Me Home - San Diego Humane Society

ADOPT ME! Take Fantasia home!

I have a rough play style which sometimes be a little rough with other dogs. I would need to meet any dogs in a potential adopters home.

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