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RGOD2: LGBTI People are not mentioned in the proposed Sustainable Development Goals –who else are they leaving behind?

The Rev. Albert Ogle talks about how some well-meaning people can negatively influence the UN.

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Blue Diamond Society, Nepal, bravely faces its greatest challenge

It is on the advocacy front that Blue Diamond Society has made perhaps the greatest impact in Nepal.

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RGOD2: Peddling backwards –the World Bank’s Draft safeguards polices unravel

LGBTI people are predicted to be one of many vulnerable populations who will suffer at the hands of Bank-financed policies.

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RGOD2: The World Bank and the LGBT community – is it getting better?

LGBTQ voices need a bigger place at The World Bank's table, writes the Rev. Canon Albert Ogle in his weekly RGOD2 column.

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RGOD2: Brides and bridges of reconciliation

I am impressed that The Center is taking the lead to shift the emphasis on a Day of Empowerment to augment the better known Day of Remembrance on Nov. 20, when the names of transgender victims of violence are recalled and the community is encouraged to do more to prevent this tragic international problem.

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SDGLN Reader Poll

San Diego Pride will be slowed with trans 'die-ins,' What do you think of LGBT protesters rallying at Pride parades? :

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