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Heart & Soul: Smarter than we think

Pretty much everything we “know,” we were taught growing up. Maybe we were taught that children should be seen and not heard, or that big boys don’t cry, or girls are supposed to play with dolls and not trucks. And that we should wait to have a child until we are married, to a member of the opposite sex.

We might also have been taught who and what God is — maybe the old concept of a white, straight, cranky, judgmental old man out there on a cloud somewhere, waiting to zap us if we journey off the straight and narrow path, no pun intended.

Stonewall Citizens' Patrol elects new board of directors

SAN DIEGO, California -- The Stonewall Citizens’ Patrol held elections Monday night for its board of directors, resulting in the re-election of 5 members and the addition of 4 new directors.

Returning to the board are

Benny Cartwright

Edwin Lohr

Larry McMinn

Karen Stone

Jay Turner

New members are

Aaron Heier

Nestor Lopez

Eddie Rey

Kerrie Stone

Pappalecco to host Hillcrest Business Association mixer on Wednesday

SAN DIEGO, California -- The Hillcrest Business Association (HBA) will present its next Quarterly Open House & Mixer this Wednesday, July 30 at 5:30 pm at Pappalecco.

HBA members and others from the community are invited to come together to get to know each other, learn about happenings in Hillcrest, find out about ways to get involved, make suggestions and more.

The most gay-friendly retirement cities in the U.S.

Let's face it, when we try to figure out the best place for our retirement, we usually want to find people of like minds. If you are a liberal Democrat who has frequently donated to the ACLU, you probably aren't going to want to retire in Reagan Country. Or, if you have a Fox News coffee mug on your desk, you probably won't want to retire in Berkeley, California. Whoever we are, we want to live in a place where we can connect with our neighbors.

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RGOD2: Where is God when needed most?

I stood alone Wednesday night in my back yard, heart thumping in my chest, watching 100-foot flames leap and dance in the illumined spray of water. It was both frightening and spectacular as the winds gusted through the trees.

With Pride behind us, it's almost time for Hillcrest CityFest

SAN DIEGO, California -- With San Diego LGBT Pride behind us, the next big event in Hillcrest is CityFest, scheduled for Sunday, Aug. 10. And this year, the popular street celebration will mark its 30th year.

Hillcrest CityFest is a day-long street fair that takes place in the heart of neighborhood and includes music, entertainment, vendors, and much more. It all began 30 years ago in the summer of 1984 when the Hillcrest community gathered on University and Fifth to celebrate the relighting of the iconic Hillcrest sign.

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Muscle bear hunk Chris Miklos dies at age 40

DALLAS, Texas -- Chris Miklos, known across the world as a muscle bear hunk and calendar model, died in his sleep over the weekend. He was 40.

Miklos reportedly died of a heart attack, but an autopsy report will take weeks to confirm the cause of death.

He was working on Bear World magazine's 2015 calendar at the time of his death.

Arnold Wayne Jones wrote this in the Dallas Voice:

Gay For Good seeking volunteers for Coronado beach clean-up on Saturday

CORONADO, California -- This Saturday, Gay For Good San Diego will host its July service project as beach clean-up in Coronado.

Volunteers will work with the Surfrider Foundation to help pick up litter along the beach during the busy summer season. Volunteers are needed for just two hours of work.'s queering Comic-Con: LGBT highlights at San Diego Comic-Con has posted a day by day guide to some of the LGBT highlights at this week's San Diego Comic-Con and helpful tips for first time convention goers. Matt Kane, GLAAD's Director of Entertainment Media, will be speaking as part of Thursday's "LGBT Geek Year in Review" panel covering the latest trends in LGBT pop culture and what we can look forward to in Room 28DE at 6:00pm.

Hedy's Hints: How to keep your summer utility bills down

As the temperature begins to rise, so do the numbers on your electric bill. Even in the beautiful city of San Diego, where the average temperature is right around 70 degrees all year, air conditioning can become necessary in the heat of the summer. The more you use your appliances and air conditioning units, the more money you’re spending on your utility bill. With the longer days and summer fun come bigger bills. Fortunately, there are steps that you can take to keep your utility bills down in the summer months.

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