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QueerVentures: My search for relevance in China

For those of you who know me, I’m a pretty progressive liberal, a kind of peace-and-love guy, through almost every situation; I’m pro-environment, pro-equality, pro-choice, pro-open borders, pro-pretty much everything.

Typically, I have no qualms about being an advocate in these areas of life.

Since residing in China the last couple of months, however, I find myself experiencing new emotions and handling situations differently, where I forcefully silence my out-spoken “pro-hippie” mentality.

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Country star Chely Wright reaches out to LGBT teens and their allies with scholarships from LIKE ME

Award-winning country music star Chely Wright's new non-profit organization offers a plethora of resources to those in the LGBT community struggling for acceptance. It also gives a lift - in the form of annual scholarships - to kids who make a difference in their own LGBT communities, and the deadline for 2011 applications is approaching quickly.

This non-profit is truly a labor of love and its origins are directly tied to Wright's personal experience as someone who struggled with her sexuality for decades, until she freed herself from that struggle in a very public way.

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Big Assets: Hey partner, who’s paying for what in our relationship?

It took some time and it hasn’t been all roses, but you did find that special someone. You're settled in living together and reaping the rewards of a long-term relationship.

Unfortunately, no one is talking about the household finances. A storm is brewing and neither partner sees the thunder clouds lingering over the horizon.

Jen and Lisa have been together for about five years. Jen makes $60,000, or two-thirds of the household income, while Lisa brings in $30,000, or one-third. They split expenses equally.

May Day garden party May 7 will entice with music, art and more

SAN DIEGO -- This Mother’s Day weekend, take your mom someplace special to show her how much you care.

This Saturday’s annual May Day garden party sponsored by the Save Our Heritage Organisation promises to be a lovely soiree at the famous Marston House Museum and Gardens, complete with art, music and flowers galore.

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Mother's Day and Father's Day can be lonely for many in our community

SAN DIEGO - Mother's Day and Father's Day are great opportunities to spend time with your parents and remind them how much you love and appreciate them. However, if you have lost one or both of your parents, or if you are a parent and your children are not around anymore, these holidays can be very depressing and lonely.

Chronic loneliness and feelings of abandonment puts seniors at risk for dementia, according to a 2007 study from the Rush University Medical Center in Chicago.

Green Tip of the Week: Take a leak ... and fix it!

What’s the big deal about a little old leak?

Well, a typical American home can waste, on average, more than 10,000 gallons of water every year due to running toilets, dripping faucets and other household leaks. Crazy, right?

The amount of water leaked from U.S. homes could exceed more than 1 trillion gallons per year — the equivalent to the annual water use of Los Angeles, Chicago, and Miami combined.

Green Tip of the Week: Kiss plastic goodbye!

The world has enough plastic waste in it.

You can reduce your impact in tiny ways, like buying gum in packs, instead of in those plastic push-out trays.

Sound simple? It is!

The average plastic wraps take 20 to 30 years to decompose in a landfill, whereas cardboard takes only four weeks to decompose and plastic-coated paper takes five years.

Stay “kiss-ably fresh” without using petroleum-based plastic and feel good about keeping more junk out of landfills. After all, who needs more waste in the already overcrowded landfills?

Green Tip of the Week: How going shoeless can benefit the planet

April is one rainy month!

Park your shoes at the door and reduce the need to clean.

Sound simple? It is!

Kicking off your shoes will help you track less dirt through the house, minimizing how often you grab for the mop, use chemicals on your floors or vacuum. That’s good news for the planet and for you.

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"My Uncle's Wedding" is endearing children's story of Andy and his growing family - and marriage equality

"Hi. My name is Andy, and I want to tell you a story about my family."

That is how we are first introduced to the little boy who is the heart of an inspirational new children's book.

The book was written by Eric Ross, a native San Diegan who was literally fed-up with the way "the other side" was exploiting children and using them as part of their "Yes on 8" campaign during the election of 2008.

He decided to do something about it and "My Uncle's Wedding" was born.

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Transformations: Tips for choosing a LGB (and T) -friendly healthcare provider

Editor's Note: The commentary below is strictly the author's opinion. SDGLN does not endorse or recommend the use of any particular physician or services over any other.

A negative experience in a doctor’s office? We’ve all been there.

Sitting on a doctor’s table, practically buck-naked in a backless gown (leave your dignity at the door!) only to be faced with a physician who’s likely overworked, tired, and seeing far too many patients each and every day.