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Meredith Baxter is finally -- Untied

America’s favorite lesbian mom, Meredith Baxter, has opened up her heart and soul in the memoir that is changing lives across the globe - "Untied."

The all-telling uncompromising deep look at the Family Ties mother and recovering alcoholic (20 years) is proving life-changing to readers in search of finding their own strength through adversity. When you rearrange the letters in the book’s title it spells “United” and that is just what the dramatic actress has done for millions of women without having any concept of it.

KCET and Union Bank are looking for outstanding men and women of the LGBT community

(This post was originally published at GLAAD Blog.)

KCET and Union Bank are looking for outstanding men and women of the LGBT community who are providing great leadership and making significant contributions to improve and enrich the lives of others.

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Insider Talk: Being gay at Virgin America

Christine Morehead, Director of People at Virgin America, talks about the support that Virgin America has provided for the LGBT community.

Does Virgin America have any groups or organizations for LGBTA employees?

As a new airline, Virgin America is serious about building community, both in our internal operations and in the communities where we work. As part of our initiatives to ensure that all teammates are offered an equal and positive work environment, Virgin America is in the process of forming an LGBT Advisory Team led by teammate volunteers.

Transformations: A review of "Our America with Lisa Ling - Transgender Lives"

Unlike many people, I don’t watch Oprah Winfrey very much, unless I happen to be channel-surfing late at night and notice a blurb about an upcoming episode that I feel would enrich my life somehow.

It’s not that I harbor a personal dislike for the woman in any way, shape, or form – I feel she’s done a lot of good for a huge number of folks out there; she’s positive, generous, philanthropic, open-minded, and seems like a lovely person in general - but … well … I just have had my fill of Dr. Phil and Dr. Oz, if you know what I’m saying!

March 9: Ashley Walker guests at Coffee & Conversation With Cool Women

SAN DIEGO – LGBT ally Ashley Walker will be the featured guest at March’s Coffee & Conversation With Cool Women.

The monthly community talk show hosted by Tryce Czyczynska will be held at 7 p.m. Wednesday, March 9, at The Center in Hillcrest.

Walker is credited with institutionalizing comprehensive and compassionate domestic violence services in the county, leading to it becoming a model for other cities across the nation. She has brought her management and organizational skills to her work as former executive director of San Diego’s Human Relations Commission.

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"Rainbow Cuba Tour" offered to LGBT Americans will coincide with International Day Against Homophobia

HAVANA -- In January, President Obama relaxed the travel restrictions to Cuba for Americans who plan to travel to the country for academic, research, religious and "people-to-people" visits.

As a result, every tour company in Cuba (and all those associated with Cuba) are jumping on the bandwagon, offering educational and research tours to people from the United States.

However, one Canadian travel organization is using the opportunity to bring American LGBTs (and their allies) to the island for educational tours specifically focused on all things LGBT.

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Solutions to a crisis: Supporting students, saving lives - a look back

SAN DIEGO -- After months and months of hard work, the 2nd annual international conference to educate school counselors and other educators of K-12 LGBTQIA students, called Solutions to a Crisis: Supporting Students, Saving Lives is now over, but its impact is still being felt.

The event kicked off February 25th at the Doubletree Hotel in Mission Valley to much fanfare. But just how did it fare? Were its objectives met? Will if affect change? Here is a summary of the events, as well as input from key players and attendees.

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Tea talk: A conversation with Brigitte Harney about brewing, tasting

Brigitte Harney is the retail manager for Harney & Sons, a second-generation member of a three-generation family business founded in 1984.

Along with a retail store and restaurant at the company’s headquarters in Millerton, N.Y., Harney is now overseeing Harney & Sons’ retail expansion to Manhattan, and a new store and tea salon that has opened in SoHo.

She took a moment to chat with us about tea: brewing, tasting, and why tea likes to “swim freely.”

How did you get started in tea?

ADOPT ME with VIDEO: Boston terrier-pug needs your love!

Meet Squirrel, an adorable 3-year-old Boston terrier/pug-mix.

Squirrel is a gentle boy who loves the company of other dogs, cats and people. He is currently living in a foster home with a Boston terrier and two big boxers. Squirrel is having the time of his life and loves playing in the yard and taking long neighborhood walks with his canine friends.

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VIDEO: Local artist Earl Storm to facilitate The Artist's Way course beginning Monday, Feb 28

SAN DIEGO -- Local artist Earl Storm is probably best known for his alter-ego, Buckminster Duck, who flaps his feathers and pontifiquacks on anything that may land on the political landscape of Quack City, an internet-based comic strip.

However, the talented Mr Storm is also a certified facilitator for Julia Cameron's "The Artist Way" course, and has done so for over 15 years.

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