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Green Tip of the Week: Tattle on litterers

How many times have you tripped over trash on a sidewalk and noticed an impromptu dump right in the middle of your city?

You may not have a “Litter Gitter” at your disposal, but you likely have a cell phone. Pick it up and report the litter hot spot to your municipality.

This is one time it’s OK to be a tattletale.

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Don't lose your identity to tax time

During tax time, financial documents come out of locked filing cabinets and are dropped into mailboxes across America. This is prime dumpster-diving season for identity thieves.

Here is a list of eight simple precautions to protect finances from fraud, especially at tax-time.

NOM shows their true colors once again with new rants in Virginia against LGBT adoption

The time has come -- indeed, it has come -- for the National Organization for Marriage to stop pretending that it is anything other than an anti-LGBT group dedicated to hurting, harassing and punishing lesbians, gays, bisexuals and trans people. It is obvious that their message is not to defend “traditional marriage” -- as in Christian marriage -- but rather to hurt those who love those who are of the same sex as they are.

This is absolutely clear in their latest malicious sneer at LGBT adoption rights -- specifically in Virginia.

Dear Marriage Supporter,

Rutgers to launch gender-neutral dorms in wake of suicides

NEW BRUNSWICK, N.J. -- Rutgers University announced this month that it will allow boys and girls to room together next year, responding to the September suicide of student Tyler Clementi, who was harassed by his roommate for being gay. Rutgers joins a growing number of universities, including Stanford, which have created gender-neutral housing in an effort to make campuses more inclusive for gay students.

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Transformations: Lea T. - a peek inside the world of a transgender model

Ahh … Fashion Week! It’s been Spring Fashion Week all over the world recently, and one’s imagination might invoke scenes of models wearing blank (or even angry) expressions, strutting down the runways clad in floaty dresses or perhaps skin-tight black leather, ghoulish makeup and shockingly-low BMIs, cameras flashing incessantly and music thumping at deafening decibel levels.

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Musing with Muscat: Are you prepared for a natural disaster?

As people around the globe continue to experience wildfires, floods, tornadoes and hurricanes, do you ever step back and wonder whether you are prepared if a natural disaster hits close to home?

No water, no power, no heat, the ATM’s are not working -- do you have a stash of cash? What are you going to do? Do you have the necessary emergency provisions to enable you and your loved ones to survive for a period of time until help may arrive?

Meredith Baxter is finally -- Untied

America’s favorite lesbian mom, Meredith Baxter, has opened up her heart and soul in the memoir that is changing lives across the globe - "Untied."

The all-telling uncompromising deep look at the Family Ties mother and recovering alcoholic (20 years) is proving life-changing to readers in search of finding their own strength through adversity. When you rearrange the letters in the book’s title it spells “United” and that is just what the dramatic actress has done for millions of women without having any concept of it.

KCET and Union Bank are looking for outstanding men and women of the LGBT community

(This post was originally published at GLAAD Blog.)

KCET and Union Bank are looking for outstanding men and women of the LGBT community who are providing great leadership and making significant contributions to improve and enrich the lives of others.

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Insider Talk: Being gay at Virgin America

Christine Morehead, Director of People at Virgin America, talks about the support that Virgin America has provided for the LGBT community.

Does Virgin America have any groups or organizations for LGBTA employees?

As a new airline, Virgin America is serious about building community, both in our internal operations and in the communities where we work. As part of our initiatives to ensure that all teammates are offered an equal and positive work environment, Virgin America is in the process of forming an LGBT Advisory Team led by teammate volunteers.

Transformations: A review of "Our America with Lisa Ling - Transgender Lives"

Unlike many people, I don’t watch Oprah Winfrey very much, unless I happen to be channel-surfing late at night and notice a blurb about an upcoming episode that I feel would enrich my life somehow.

It’s not that I harbor a personal dislike for the woman in any way, shape, or form – I feel she’s done a lot of good for a huge number of folks out there; she’s positive, generous, philanthropic, open-minded, and seems like a lovely person in general - but … well … I just have had my fill of Dr. Phil and Dr. Oz, if you know what I’m saying!

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