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Legal Ease: Legally recognized same-sex relationships -- a rose by any other name?

Civil Unions, Domestic Partnerships, Same-sex Marriage are they the same and what are the differences? Though the differences are beginning to dwindle, there are certainly differences when it comes to obtaining rights.

In the context of the dissolution of a relationship, however, the practical application at this point in time is pretty much comparable. Let’s take a look at what that means.

Colonel Cammermeyer on DADT: A promise and redemption

Today I had the esteem pleasure of sitting in on a White House conference call about the repeal of Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell (DADT). Much is being said about who were the “key players” and how this got done, but in all honesty, it was President Obama who said he was going to repeal DADT and he kept his word.

As I sat to write this article, I thought about a Colonel who knew all too well the pain of revealing who she was and then being told after a decorated service to our country that her service was no longer needed because of her sexual orientation and her honesty.

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PFLAG Perspective: Past, future, and the magic moment in between

Oppressed people need their history.

In ways big and small, it shapes the landscape and shows the mountains and valleys. It cautions us, keeps victories alive, and solidifies us for what’s left to be done. Every now and then history becomes palpable, though when it does, you could no more explain it than you could the wind.

That was my experience at PFLAG San Diego's 11th annual scholarship award ceremony where, as I saw it, the past present and future briefly coalesced.

PFLAG SD’s scholarship awards ceremonies have always been uplifting events.

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Sandy Sachs on the delightful decadence of New Orleans

Southern Decadence is by no means, a new party weekend.

It has been around for almost 40 years. What started out as a going away party to shut up a New Yorker who kept complaining about the New Orleans summer heat, has become one of the nation's biggest and most decadent Gay celebrations.

People from all over the world fly in to New Orleans Labor Day Weekend to let loose, have fun, dance to great music and most importantly, to meet new people. Whether from a big city or a small town, they all enjoy the hospitality, camaraderie and inclusiveness that the "Big Easy" provides.

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Wrap up Pride with a technically perfect Elton John tribute show

SAN DIEGO -- If you are one who tends to feel all your Pride on Saturday and relax and kick back on Sunday, is there a treat in store for you, although standing on your feet maybe involved.

This Sunday, at 7 pm, there is an alternative way for you to extend or close out your weekend of Pride celebrations, by spending it with Elton John.

Elton - The Early Years (ETEY) is a tribute show that is coming this Sunday to Anthology in Little Italy.

Are you ready for the Fab and Furious Queer Circus of Dastardly Delights?

SAN DIEGO – Have you ever been to a "Queer Circus"? A circus is coming to town this weekend, kicking off the 2011 Pride celebrations with a lot of wit, art, dancing and everything visual you can imagine.

The Fab and Furious Queer Circus of Dastardly Delights will be held Sunday, July 10 in Balboa Park, from 4 - 8 pm.

Balboa Park has been home to many circuses over the years -- Circus Vargas, Ringling Brothers and Cirque de Soleil come to mind -- but clearly this isn’t your average circus.

Presbyterians on Sunday to celebrate end of ban on LGBT clergy

The Presbyterian Church (USA) on Sunday, July 10, will begin a new chapter in the faith lives of LGBT people when changes to the church’s constitution go into effect allowing the ordination of openly LGBT ministers, elders and deacons.

Top leaders of More Light Presbyterians, the oldest pro-LGBT organization in the denomination, will hold a press conference on Friday, July 8, to respond to the new ordination standards and share the significance of this positive move for the church.

Coming this weekend: Pet adopt-a-thon hopes to find homes for 50 furry friends

LA MESA, Calif. — Love blooms with animals in your life!

Grossmont Center is celebrating its 50th anniversary by partnering with the San Diego Humane Society for a three-day adopt-a-thon event at the Grossmont Center Mall in La Mesa from noon to 5 pm Friday, July 8, through Sunday, July 10.

The goal is to find homes for 50 animals during the three-day event. Puppies, dogs, kittens, cats and rabbits will be up for adoption at a reduced fee of $50.

Trans funny-man Ian Harvie: The intimacies of laughter

Ian Harvie, a transgender comedian based in Los Angeles, is a lifetime comic, but he officially began his career at a small comedy club in Maine in 2002, worked his way around the country, and in 2006 he was handpicked by comedian Margaret Cho as her opening act. Over the past few years Harvie has been not only an activist but also a face for the transgender community. 

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"Wish Me Away" chronicles darker side of Chely Wright's quest for acceptance

By now, Chely Wright's coming out story is old news to most of us; however, a new film -- that hits the film festival circuit starting tonight in Los Angeles -- is about to blow the lid off of what you thought you knew about her journey through her very public coming out.

It was two full years before Wright graced Oprah's couch in the spring of 2010, that she made the initial decision to come out in such a public way. She realized that if she was going to make a difference, she needed to do it with a defined purpose and complete abandon.