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VIDEO: Lady Gaga heads to the farm, as in FarmVille, or GagaVille

Lady Gaga has teamed up with Zynga, the makers of FarmVille, to promote her Born this Way album, introducing 'GagaVille' to the social media game. In GagaVille, which is played within FarmVille, you can grow your own jewels and buy Gaga songs from the album with Zynga game cards before it hits stores on May 23.

This promotional YouTube video by Evolution Bureau imagines Gaga's transformative effect on a farming town. Watch out for glitter balls growing on trees, farmers in drag and a horse with a pink mane.

New IGLTA partnership offers LGBT travelers safer exploits through cultural exchange network

On the heels of its annual convention last week in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, the International Gay and Lesbian Travel Association (IGLTA) announced a new partnership with

Tripping is a social network site that connects travelers all over the world, with current memberships from over 100 countries.

Green Tip of the Week: Eat your greens!

You may drink green one day out of the year, but what about eating green?

Consider going vegetarian for one day per week to up your green and reduce your impact on the environment.

One-third of all fossil fuels produced in the United States go toward animal agriculture, so switching to a meat-free diet can help reduce the load, even if only for the day.

Still not convinced? Eating vegetables can also reduce your risk of heart disease, stroke and cancer while helping you lose weight.

San Diego Kings "Drag it Out" for the Trevor Project on Sunday

This Sunday, May 8th, the San Diego Kings Club (SDKC) will be burning up The Flame.

The popular male impersonation troupe will not only perform some of their own finely-tuned acts, but also give fans (and other aspiring drag kings) an opportunity to strut their stuff on stage right along with with them.

Regina Styles will be your host for the night's 70's and 80's theme and the best part - The Trevor Project will be the night's beneficiary.

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Social media leads charge to squash Uganda's "Kill the Gays" bill

An online petition and social media movement helped save lives in Uganda’s homosexual community following the Ugandan Parliament’s attempt to re-introduce an “Anti-Homosexuality” bill that could sentence LGBT Ugandans to death for “aggravated homosexuality.”

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"Rainbow Riot" is a safe, accepting online magazine for teens of LGBT parents

Sometimes the children of LGBT parents also find themselves "in the closet" about their "secret" and live their young daily lives in turmoil. Real or even perceived judgements from junior and high school classmates can be tough to deal with.

Enter Rainbow Riot, a new online magazine for the teenagers of LGBT parents.

Green Tip of the Week: Splitting food is good for waistline, landfills

Going out to eat with a friend, girlfriend, boyfriend, your partner or your spouse?

Next time you go out, keep in mind that the average restaurant’s food portion is 60% larger than what you’d typically serve yourself at home.

Now why not take the opportunity to share the joy of eating out with a friend and split an entree? It’s more than likely that you’ll both be pleasantly full when you’re through, and your calorie count and wallet with thank you.

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QueerVentures: My search for relevance in China

For those of you who know me, I’m a pretty progressive liberal, a kind of peace-and-love guy, through almost every situation; I’m pro-environment, pro-equality, pro-choice, pro-open borders, pro-pretty much everything.

Typically, I have no qualms about being an advocate in these areas of life.

Since residing in China the last couple of months, however, I find myself experiencing new emotions and handling situations differently, where I forcefully silence my out-spoken “pro-hippie” mentality.

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Country star Chely Wright reaches out to LGBT teens and their allies with scholarships from LIKE ME

Award-winning country music star Chely Wright's new non-profit organization offers a plethora of resources to those in the LGBT community struggling for acceptance. It also gives a lift - in the form of annual scholarships - to kids who make a difference in their own LGBT communities, and the deadline for 2011 applications is approaching quickly.

This non-profit is truly a labor of love and its origins are directly tied to Wright's personal experience as someone who struggled with her sexuality for decades, until she freed herself from that struggle in a very public way.

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Big Assets: Hey partner, who’s paying for what in our relationship?

It took some time and it hasn’t been all roses, but you did find that special someone. You're settled in living together and reaping the rewards of a long-term relationship.

Unfortunately, no one is talking about the household finances. A storm is brewing and neither partner sees the thunder clouds lingering over the horizon.

Jen and Lisa have been together for about five years. Jen makes $60,000, or two-thirds of the household income, while Lisa brings in $30,000, or one-third. They split expenses equally.