Black History Month

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GLAAD celebrates Black History Month honoring LGBT African Americans

While February was declared Black History Month to recognize the many accomplishments and contributions of African Americans, the lives of black lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender (LGBT) people are often left out of the picture.

Kye Allums discusses his personal history as a transgender athlete

In honor of Black History Month GLAAD is highlighting the roles African Americans have played in the advancement of LGBT rights. Recently, GLAAD spoke with basketball player and transgender advocate Kye Allums.

Kye made headlines in November of 2010 when he became the first transgender man to play Division I basketball while attending George Washington University. Kye Allum's decision to come out as transgender while playing basketball and his continued efforts to advance LGBT rights in athletics prove him as a pioneer in the LGBT community.

5 queer authors to celebrate during Black History Month

This is a guest post written by 2012 GLAAD National People of Color Media Institute graduate Daniel Villarreal and is part of our month-long celebration of LGBT and ally African-Americans. Follow Daniel's work on Twitter at @hispanicpanic79.

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GLAAD Q&A: Wade Davis discusses being black and gay in professional sports

(This article was originally posted HERE on the GLAAD blog.)

Black History Month: Five favorite LGBTQ black women

It's Black History Month!

It has been for over 48 hours, you know. And all these articles keep popping up highlighting the accomplishments of black people who identify as straight, gay, and everything else - but most of the time, those lists include a hella lot of dudes.