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Pat Griffin's LGBT Sport Blog: Power, Penn State and Joe Paterno

Editor's Note: This commentary is being republished here with the permission of Dr. Griffin. San Diego Gay & Lesbian News will republish & highlight Dr. Griffin's blog posts from her LGBT Sport Blog on a recurring basis, because her insight, experience and wealth of knowledge on the subject of LGBT Sports and Academia is legendary and needs to be shared.

This week Joe Paterno, the former Penn State iconic football coach, was laid to rest.

Pat Griffin and Helen Carroll honored for their significant work with LGBT youth sports

You’d be hard-pressed to name two people who have collectively had a stronger impact on the gay-sports movement than Pat Griffin and Helen Carroll.

These two pioneers have been working toward equality for the better part of 30 years.

They’ve visited high schools. They’ve talked to colleges. They’ve waged legal campaigns. They’ve educated educators.

And with more incredible work in 2011, our readers have named these two women our "Persons of the Year."

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Two years later, Sherri Murrell still the only openly gay Division I coach

Editor's Note: Although this story was originally published in The Oregonian on July 18th, Coach Murrell's story is not only courageous, but timeless, and one we feel is important to pass on to our readers.