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VIDEO: Transgender Chris Tina Bruce to make bodybuilding history this weekend in San Diego

(Editor's note: Chris Tina Bruce is a Fitness and Nutrition contributor for San Diego Gay & Lesbian News and will soon write a social column, tackling transgender issues. Assistant Editor Morgan M. Hurley was finally able to chase down the busy entrepenuer and fitness trainer for an interview.)

SAN DIEGO -- Time to make more room in those California textbooks, because this has been quite a year in the history department for the LGBT community in America's Finest City.

Trans Fit: Breakfast = break the fast

Breakfast - "the most important meal of the day" - literally means "breaking the fast" of the night before, as it is the first meal taken after rising from a night's sleep.

Eating breakfast not only aids in weight management, it fuels the body to help provide energy, better concentration and problem-solving ability throughout the day. Despite its healthful benefits, breakfast may be the one meal that is most often neglected or skipped.

Breakfast skippers often feel tired, restless or irritable in the morning.

Trans Fit: Ten ways to battle those lingering ten pounds

You have left the gym floor drenched every day since last week. You have denied yourself the tiniest of tasty morsels to get yourself over the hump, and despite all of your hard work, what has it amounted to? Ten lousy pounds left taunting you, reminding you that you are not done yet.

Those last ten pounds are sticking to you like glue and short of a hunger-strike; you don't know what your next move should be to rid yourself of them. I have the solution that adds up to blasting those ten pounds and keeping them away, never to bother you again!

Trans Fit: Common questions about health and fitness

Are you supposed to gain weight first before you lose weight?

That depends on your goal. If you are looking to add a few pounds of muscle mass before leaning up, you may want to try gaining some weight first. If you are gaining weight while trying to lose weight, then your caloric intake is greater than your energy expenditure.

Take a close look at how much you are actually eating (weighing and measuring food, and tracking it in a food journal).

What exercises can I do to lose weight—for instance, to get rid of my stomach—and gain definition?

Trans Fit: Beware of food labels

Beware of health claims on food labels; packaging can be deceiving.

Ever wonder about the difference between reduced fat and low fat?  Or does ‘light’ on a label really mean no fat? 

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has strict guidelines on how these food label terms can be used.  Remember packaging is a sales tool to attract you to an item.  

Stay with the CHRIS system and you will never go wrong.  

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Trans Fit: CHRIS is a healthier way of life

CHRIS is an acronym for a health and fitness lifestyle.

C - Clean Eating
H - High Fiber
R - Rest
I - Ice Cream 
S - Strength Training

The human body is the ultimate machine, as it will adapt to any change we thrust upon it. 

This adaption is the obstacle to creating a new, healthier you. 

Therefore, we must shock or manipulate our bodies periodically, to develop the change you have been striving for. 

These are the tenets for the CHRIS system.

C - Clean Eating Lifestyle

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Trans Fit: Abs are MADE in the kitchen

Editor's Note: San Diego Gay & Lesbian News is proud to welcome the stunning and rock-hard personality that is Chris Tina Bruce to our list of contributors. On any given day, Chris Tina can be found carving people into shape at her Hillcrest Fitness club or riding around town on her fabulous bicycle. Her "Trans Fit" column will run every Friday afternoon and give you the tips and tools that could help you get on track to looking as good as she does. Stop into her club at 4002 Park Blvd or shout out and wave hello the next time she flies past on her bike.

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TransFormation: Seeing results after four weeks of Fitness Fun Camp with Chris Tina Bruce

Editor's note: Freelance writer Margie M. Palmer decided to take a four-week Fitness Fun Camp with Chris Tina Bruce, and shares her experience with SDGLN readers.

SAN DIEGO -- I think I officially hit my plateau at some point in January.

But then again, come mid-January, although I’d kept up my exercise regimen, my stringent diet began to fall to the wayside. And although I was content to maintain, I knew I wasn’t necessarily to where I wanted to be.

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BUSINESS PROFILE: At Hillcrest Fitness, get fit, get fabulous

SAN DIEGO -- It’s been several months since Chris Tina Bruce made her way to sunny San Diego. And now that she’s here and settled, she’s excited to announce several developments about her business, Discover Health and Fitness.

The first is the opening of Hillcrest Fitness (a division of Discover Health and Fitness) at the corner of Park and Lincoln. The second is that she’s now offering Fitness Fun Camp classes, Bruce’s own personal spin on boot-camp style classes that have been growing in popularity in recent years.

San Diegan speaks in Texas on transgender issues; Dallas County votes to add rights

Editor’s note: Chris Tina Bruce recently relocated to San Diego after living for years in the Dallas area. She spoke Tuesday before the Dallas County Commissioners Court, which later voted 3-2 along party lines to add transgender protections to the county’s employment nondiscrimination policy. This is her speech.

Hello, my name is Chris Tina Bruce and I use to reside in Frisco, Texas. Now I reside in San Diego, Calif.