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COMMENTARY: The queer politics of writing on race

When Sue O’Connell, the publisher and editor of the Boston-based LGBTQ newspaper Bay Window, which I also write for, penned her piece “Sharing our experience: White gay men and black men have more in common than they think,” a firestorm erupted.

Evidence of the conflagration was not only seen on the paper’s website but it was also buzzed about around town.

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COMMENTARY: San Diego is worth fighting for

Growing up in San Diego and being politically interested since I was about 14, I've watched scandal after scandal and embarrassment after embarrassment unfold in the city's government. Absent the weather, beautiful environment and wonderful residents, an outsider looking in might assume this is a horrible place to live.

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COMMENTARY: From Matthew Shepard to Trayvon Martin, bigotry knows no boundaries

The nation is once again divided alone the fault line of race. In a perceived 2013 post-racial society, however, William Faulkner's prophetic quote "the past is never dead. It's not even past" of the last century have come back to haunt us in this century.

Faulkner's quote haunts us because of the recent verdict of the George Zimmerman trial.

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COMMENTARY: Black, lesbian and getting mixed messages from Supreme Court

I now have had ample time to recover — from both shock and in awe — from the Supreme Court’s historic decisions announced in the final week of June.

My awe moment is Wednesday, June 26. It was a great day for me as a lesbian American. Historic decisions in both Windsor v. United States and Hollingsworth v. Perry were announced. Not only was DOMA finally struck down, but so too the anti-gay proponents of California’s Proposition 8.

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COMMENTARY: Rattled with PTSD - Post Traumatic Snake Disorder | VIDEO

This past Sunday morning I found myself in a chapter of a Stephen King novel.

It began as a hot, lazy, humid, and deliciously quiet morning. I got up to fix a cup of my favorite morning Joe, send off a few emails, and read the Sunday papers on the back porch of the house. My screen door was jammed so I looked to see if it was off its track. But it wasn't. It was hot and humid, so maybe the wooden doors were swollen and sticking. They weren’t. I tugged at the screen door a few times with no success. I then decided to take a closer look.

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COMMENTARY: Can the "ex-gay" apology by Exodus be trusted?

I didn’t know my sexual orientation was still up for debate. Progress is made at the US Supreme Court, but not in certain religious conservative circles.

Alan Chambers, president of Exodus International, announced the closing of the anti-gay organization. What appeared as a seismic shift, or a closing chapter in the harmful history of ex-gay ministries may be neither. I suggest we all listen to the coded language and read the fine print.

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COMMENTARY: Issue is so much bigger than Paula Deen

Why, you may wonder, am I writing about Paula Deen in a paper that is mainly about LGBT issues.

Let me just ask this: If instead of the N-word Paula Deen had used the word “faggot” or “dyke” or “fairy” or the C-word, how would you feel about her then?

I’m not one of those who believe the whole “culture of the South” thing is an OK excuse for anything, and I don’t buy into her “I can’t, myself, determine what offends another person.”

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Commentary: You might be a bigot if …

The word bigot<.i> is defined by as follows:

“a person who is obstinately or intolerantly devoted to his or her own opinions and prejudices; especially: one who regards or treats the members of a group (as a racial or ethnic group) with hatred and intolerance.”

Members of the Religious Right and many Republican politicians who are vocal about their stand against same-gender marriage don’t like to be called bigots.

Take, for example, U.S. Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Fla.), who stated at CPAC on March 14, 2013:

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COMMENTARY: Homophobe asks if I have a “gay agenda?”

I was asked this week why I must continue to push my “gay agenda.” Why can’t I just stay in the closet? Why must I constantly talk about gay sex, and why can’t I just “shut-up?” Why must I constantly write about gay issues and why must I constantly say: “I’m gay.” I was told: “I don’t constantly tell everyone I’m straight – why must you constantly tell everyone you’re gay?”

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Gay man's horrific story: "I was drugged and raped"

(Editor's note: SDGLN has learned that a gay man in San Diego was drugged and raped sometime after being out celebrating at a nightclub in Hillcrest. We have verified the source and his story. Because of the sensitive and personal nature of this incident, we have granted his request to run this important first-person story without revealing his name. Additionally, SDGLN has heard circumstantial evidence of other cases involving gay men who have been drugged and raped by other men.