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Dirty Cleats: Analysis and predictions for Super Bowl Sunday

One thing is for certain: this will not be a boring game.

Four years ago, in Glendale, Arizona, the New York Giants shocked the New England Patriots -- and a nation of football fans -- as what many have claimed to be the greatest Super Bowl of all time.

An improbable catch and final touchdown by the Giants ended the Patriots' road to perfection that year.

This Sunday, they will be at it again.

To say that revenge will be on the minds of Bill Belichick and Tom Brady is an understatement.

Will they get it?

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Dirty Cleats: Predictions for NFL's 2011 Championship Weekend

Championship weekend is upon us, and the four teams left are going to bring us two games we’ll be talking about for weeks after.

The next two games are both worth watching, as all four teams have their strengths and very few weaknesses.

Vegas is favoring the Patriots and 49ers, but that hasn't meant much his football season, because upsets have been an ongoing trend.

Saturday morning, I’m jet-setting to San Francisco to enjoy some NFC Championship game excitement in one of my favorite cities.

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Dirty Cleats: Predictions for NFL's 2011 Divisional Round

Eight teams remain in this race to Super Bowl XLVI.

Who will continue onto Championship weekend and who will pack their bags to head home?

My Wild Card Weekend picks were a perfect 4-0, which included a Denver upset pick. Can I do it again?

There are two games on Saturday: New Orleans at San Francisco (1:30 PM PST), and Denver at New England (5:00 PM PST).

There are two games on Sunday: Houston at Baltimore (10:00 AM PST) and NY Giants at Green Bay (1:30 PM PST).

My Predictions for the Divisional Round Weekend

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Dirty Cleats: Predictions for NFL's 2011 Wild Card Weekend

The regular season came to a finale Sunday night, as the Giants won the NFC East.

My regular season record ended up at 166-88. Next season, I just might move to Vegas to cash in on these picks!

Yay! The post-season is here!

Twelve teams made it, but as we head into Wild Card Weekend, only eight will play. This leaves the four top-seeded teams, (Green Bay Packers, San Francisco 49ers, New England Patriots, and the Baltimore Ravens) out for a week.

The best part about this playoff season is that each team has a distinct strength and weakness, making no game a definite win.

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Dirty Cleats: Predictions for NFL's 2011 Week Seventeen

This is the final week of regular season play for the 2011 NFL season.

There will be some good games, as a lot will be decided as this week comes to a close. Unfortunately, there is not a Thursday game or a Monday night football game.

However, there is a Sunday night football game that is the perfect ending to such a great season. The Giants host the Cowboys in a must-win game. The loser will not advance to the playoffs.

My Predictions for Week 17

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Dirty Cleats: Predictions for NFL's 2011 Week Sixteen

Perfection fell and the defeated prevailed in Week Fifteen, as the Packers are now imperfect and the Colts grabbed a win at home.

The 72’ Dolphins are safe for another year, and they have the Kansas City Chiefs to thank.

After the last few weeks of impossible upsets and unpredictable blow-outs, I take nothing for granted in the NFL.

As the season wraps up in the next two weekends, prepare for some grand entrances into the playoffs and some heartbreaking mishaps, that cause a few of the better-playing teams to be watching post-season from their couches.

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Dirty Cleats: Predictions for NFL's 2011 Week Fifteen

You know the holiday season is here when there are NFL games on Saturday!

This week is full of football with games on Thursday and Saturday along with Sunday and Monday.

The playoff picture has few certainties thus far, and there are still many spots open for those in the hunt.

My Predictions for Week 15

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Dirty Cleats: Predictions for NFL's 2011 Week Fourteen

The regular season is winding down, and this is where it gets exciting.

The Green Bay Packers and the San Francisco 49ers are the only two teams that have clinched a playoff spot thus far. After this week, which teams will be out for good, and which teams will remain hopeful?

My Predictions for Week Fourteen

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Dirty Cleats: Predictions for NFL's 2011 Week Thirteen

As the playoffs are in sight, division games are becoming much more fun to watch.

This week, things will start to spice up as there are tight races in the NFC East, NFC South AFC West, and AFC North.

No surprise here, but the Packers could clinch a playoff spot with a win this week.

My Predictions for Week Thirteen

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Dirty Cleats: Predictions for NFL's 2011 Week Twelve

The game line-up for turkey day is one of the best it has been in years.

Will the Pack remain undefeated against a solid Lions team that seems to come back no matter how many points they are down?

Both Miami and Dallas combined to out-score the Bills 79-15 in the last two weeks; who will be out-scored this week?

Who will prevail in the Harbaugh brothers’ historic meeting?

All of these questions will be answered while you are shoving your face with turkey and beer!