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Coming out to supportive families offers health benefits

As it turns out, coming out of the closet is good for your health -- if your family members are supportive, that is.

A new study conducted by the Boston University School of Public Health found that two thirds of lesbian, gay and bisexual adults in a representative Massachusetts sample experienced significantly less mental health and substance abuse problems if they received positive support from their parents after coming out.

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Aunt Johnny: Pitching a tent with Rush Limbaugh and Kirk Cameron

Before you read any further, I should warn you I’m in a very bad mood.

My skin is inflamed, blotchy and chapped. My hair is hopelessly dry and brittle ... so the process of attempting a side-part would likely snap it right off like a stomped twig. Don’t even get me started on my cuticles. How I haven’t been mistaken for Tara Reid after being rescued from a deserted island bar after last-call, is beyond me.

In short, I’m a hot mess. Therefore, I cannot be responsible for the harsh tone I may take in recalling the events of this last week.

And it’s Kirk Cameron’s fault.

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The Blogoweet: Facing our fears and laughing at public foibles

(Editor’s note: The Blogoweet is a social media column where commentary will focus on the blogosphere and twitterscape as topics within in it may interest, apply to, or affect, the LGBT community.)

I began this column back in September, planning it to be a fun and regular analysis and/or summation of the perks and quirks of Social Media.

Not all that surprisingly, it got hijacked early on by my own social commentary, which can and still will happen on occasion.

Both of those first two columns took off like a wildfire, each with lives of their own.

Boot~ique with VIDEO: Burning fat with five quick exercises

Get beach-body ready with this bodyweight workout that burns massive amounts of calories.

Since you don't need any equipment, you can literally do this workout from anywhere.

Follow along with our video as our San Diego boot camp instructor shows you how to do each fat burning exercise.

Do each exercise for 20 reps each, one after the other, until you complete all five exercises.

That's 100 reps.

Then take a quick break (up to a minute) and then repeat the whole circuit. Keep working on it until you can get up to five rounds.

Telluride Gay Ski Week to celebrate repeal of DADT

TELLURIDE, Co -- The producers of Telluride Gay Ski Week are offering a special package deal to active military service members this year.

To help celebrate the repeal of the discriminatory policy Don't Ask Don't Tell, they are offering free VIP party passes (called "T-passes") for the entire week and producing a special military-themed dance party.

Celebrity host of this special event, aptly named "Do Ask, Do Tell," will be Reichen Lehmkuhl, former U.S. Air Force (USAF) captain, star of A List: New York and winner of The Amazing Race.

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UPDATED: AFCSL announces Spring season clinic changes

SAN DIEGO -- America's Finest City Softball League (AFCSL) have announced changes to the dates and times of their Spring 2012 season softball clinics.

Clinics are a requirement for any new players to the AFCSL or someone who has not played with the league since 2010.

All clinics are free and will be held at the North Park Recreation Center's Ted Williams Field, located on Idaho between Lincoln Ave and Polk Street, just two blocks south of El Cajon Blvd, behind the infamous green water tower.

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LGBT Sports Profile: Ivan Solis Jr. - famed founder

Our profile this week is of Ivan Solis Jr., founder and still very active member of the San Diego American Flag Football League (SDAFFL).

Solis was recently inducted into the National Gay Flag Football League (NGFFL) Hall of Fame, one of only three inductees chosen nationwide. It was only the second induction ceremony for the NGFFL.

Originally from San Francisco, Solis has been a resident of San Diego for 17 years.

He is currently single and makes his home in North Park.

Predominate sports involved in:

Flag Football & Golf

OutServe's "Capital Summit" to address needs of LGBT military families

Tonight, OutServe announced that it will be holding a "Capital Summit" on May 14 and 15, with the aim of "gather[ing] actively-serving military of all sexual orientations with experts from resource and advocacy groups to discuss the legal rights of gay and lesbian military partners, as well as resources for their support," according to a release issued by the organization.

First openly gay pro athlete issues a challenge to all sports

When we put together our list of the 100 most important moments in LGBT sports history, we knew we’d probably overlook something.

Maybe an Austrian hurdler came out in the Eighties, or some Slovakian soccer player had said something horribly homophobic and damaging. And we may have missed something like that.