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New Mexico AG: Same-gender marriage ban is unconstitutional | VIDEO

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. - New Mexico Attorney General Gary King says a state prohibition on same-sex marriage is unconstitutional.

In written arguments to the state Supreme Court, King wants the ban lifted if the court agrees to consider a lawsuit filed by two men from Santa Fe who were denied a marriage license.

However, King also says the suit shouldn't be before the court and that the Santa Fe county clerk should be ordered to issue them a marriage license.

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COMMENTARY: Hip-hop and gay marriage! Who knew? | VIDEO

I believe vacations should be about seeing something new – about learning something new – about discovering something new. Last week – Susan and I were on vacation with our family – and I discovered my grandchildren.

Not that I didn’t know them or love them! But this past week I got to spend time with three of the older ones (ages 23, 20, 19) – to talk with them - laugh and cry with them, and discover what this thing called “family” really is.

California AG responds to San Diego County Clerk's petition against same-gender marriage

SAN FRANCISCO – California’s Attorney General today asked the California Supreme Court to deny the San Diego County Clerk’s petition to issue a stay on same-gender marriages in the Golden State.

IRS has a big gay-marriage tax problem

During the runup to the Supreme Court’s June 26 ruling on the Defense of Marriage Act, one number kept recurring: The government’s refusal to recognize same-sex marriages meant gay couples were denied more than 1,000 federal benefits that straight couples enjoy. Now that the justices have struck down DOMA, gays can look forward to equality under U.S. tax laws. That is, just as soon as the Internal Revenue Service can figure out how to make equality happen.

Gay marriage: Is Ohio ready?

Ohioans’ certitude about gay marriage a decade ago has given way to ambiguity, potentially setting the stage next year for a second major battle on one of the most divisive social issues of our time.

Some backers of a constitutional amendment to allow two consenting adults to marry regardless of gender want to go to the statewide ballot in the 2014 gubernatorial election, a roll of the dice on a question that 62 percent of voters answered in 2004. They amended the constitution to define marriage as between a man and a woman, effectively prohibiting same-sex marriages in Ohio.

Minnesota churches preparing for gay weddings

MINNEAPOLIS, Minn. -- Karl Starr and Christopher Haug pledged their love for each other on the altar of Central Lutheran Church — preparing for the day they will walk into Minnesota history.

The two men will be among the first wave of gay couples to wed legally in a church after Aug. 1, when same-sex couples can start getting married in Minnesota. On Wednesday, Starr and Haug rehearsed their Sept. 14 ceremony at the downtown Minneapolis church with the Rev. D. Foy Christopherson.

COMMENTARY: Equal marriages — and now equal benefits

The Supreme Court’s decision to overturn a key aspect of the federal Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) was a watershed moment in the struggle for gay and lesbian equality in this country. Now the federal government faces the complex task of implementing the court’s ruling as quickly as possible.

The justices were clear in their requirements, at least for all “lawful marriages”: Couples in same-sex marriages must be treated the same as their heterosexual counterparts in terms of federal benefits, including inheritance, retirement and, perhaps most important, health care.

Local LGBT figures, faith leaders to protest San Diego County Clerk's anti-marriage petition

SAN DIEGO -- A collection of LGBT figures, groups and local faith leaders will be gathering Tuesday morning at the San Diego County Administration Building downtown to protest the County Clerk's petition to halt same-gender marriages in California.

Log Cabin Republicans of San Diego, Navy veteran and activist Sean Sala, pastor Richard McCullen of Missiongathering Church in North Park and other faith leaders have called a news conference at 8 am Tuesday, July 23 at the County Administration Building, 1600 Pacific Highway.

COMMENTARY: San Diego County Clerk is out and proud - as a homophobe

San Diego County Clerk Ernest Dronenburg outed himself Friday for all the world to see that he is a flaming homophobe.

The 69-year-old Dronenburg teamed up with noted anti-gay attorney Charles LiMandri from Rancho Santa Fe to petition the California Supreme Court to halt same-gender marriages because they believe that Proposition 8 is the law.

San Diego County Clerk petitions California Supreme Court to halt same-gender marriages

SAN DIEGO – In a stunning development late Friday afternoon, the San Diego County Assessor/Recorder/Clerk has filed a petition with the California Supreme Court challenging the State of California’s order to resume same-gender marriages.

County Clerk Ernest J. Dronenburg petitioned the court via attorney Charles Salvatore LiMandri, a well-known homophobe from Rancho Santa Fe and prominent supporter of the discriminatory Proposition 8 that took away same-gender marriage rights from Californians from 2008 until last month.

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