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Zambia postpones same-gender conduct trial

The postponement of the trial against two Zambian men charged with same-sex sexual conduct whilst they continue to languish in prison is compounding their suffering, Amnesty International said.

“These men should not be facing the courts in the first place. Postponing the trial condemns these men to even more time in prison simply because of outrageous charges against them based on their perceived sexual orientation,” said Simeon Mawanza, Amnesty International’s Zambia researcher.

Dallas Pride to enforce "dress code" at Sunday's parade and festival

Texas LGBT activists are up in arms over an attempt to implement and enforce a dress code during this year's Alan Ross Texas Freedom Parade, more commonly known as Dallas Pride, which takes place on September 15.

Michigan bicyclists crossing state for LGBT rights

A dozen bicyclists are traveling 260 miles across the state to promote equality for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender individuals.

The Shore to Shore Equality Ride left Wednesday morning from Affirmations in Ferndale, headed to Saugatuck on the state’s west side. The trip is scheduled to take four days, with riders ending up at the Dunes Hotel at 4 p.m. Saturday.

Michigan law doesn’t allow same-sex marriage or adoption and doesn’t protect LGBT individuals from job and housing discrimination.

Surprising friend of gay rights in a high place

SAN FRANCISCO -- The San Francisco Gay Men’s Chorus sang “Give ’Em Hope” for a revered and in some ways surprising guest who shared a California stage with them last month: Justice Anthony M. Kennedy.

Justice Kennedy was in San Francisco for an American Bar Association meeting, but he was also there to be celebrated by the men on the risers behind him. In remarks from the stage, San Francisco’s mayor, Edwin M. Lee, thanked the justice “for upholding the Constitution and justice for all” in his majority opinion in June in United States v. Windsor, a major gay rights victory.

Hawaii marriage effort moves forward as governor gives lawmakers draft legislation

Hawaii Gov. Neil Abercrombie (D) attempted to nudge state lawmakers into action on Wednesday, releasing a draft of a bill that would make his state the 14th to legalize gay marriage.

The legislation, based off a bill that stalled earlier this year in the state Senate, "was drafted in collaboration with legislators, staff and stakeholders," Abercrombie said.

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COMMENTARY: Discrimination should make us uncomfortable, so fight back!

While watching the movie “The Butler” I found myself quite uncomfortable during the horrific scenes of racial discrimination.

The movie mixed “real news” footage with Hollywood shots, but I’m old enough to remember: I knew what was real or from a soundstage, and nothing was exaggerated.

Slavery, the beatings, the hangings, the shooting, the flat-out hatred of a people simply because of the color of their skin; it was all real, and it was uncomfortable to watch.

Horrific and uplifting stories about being gay in Putin's Russia

On January 25, Kremlin-friendly journalist Anton Krasovsky invited a bunch of drag queens on his show on KontrTV, a Kremlin-owned channel. It was his personal protest against a proposed law in the Russian parliament, the Duma, which would ban distributing “gay propaganda” to minors. The law’s broad definition of “propaganda” would prohibit publicly discussing gay relationships, comparing them to heterosexual ones, or calling them “normal.” That is, it would effectively criminalize the process of coming out—so often the driving force for wider social acceptance of gays.

Puerto Rico debates gay issues amid protests by anti-gay activists

SAN JUAN, Puerto Rico – Amid noisy protests today from anti-gay religious groups and their supporters, Puerto Rico’s lawmakers continued conducting public hearings designed to tackle LGBT issues affecting the U.S. territory often called our “51st state.”

Puerto Rico Pro Family and other anti-gay activists demonstrated outside the capitol and vowed to seek constitutional amendments to ban same-gender marriage and prevent schools from educating students about gender and LGBT issues.

Seattle man beaten in alleged anti-gay hate crime | VIDEO

(Editor's note: This post was originally published by SDGLN media partner HuffPost Gay Voices.)

SEATTLE -- The Seattle Police Department is reportedly investigating the Aug. 5 beating of a local gay man as a hate crime.

Second Gay Pride parade held in Uganda

KAMPALA, UGANDA — On Saturday, August 3, Uganda’s homosexual community stepped out of the shadows in red wigs and glittering stilettos.

The country’s second gay pride parade, held on a sandy beach in Entebbe, drew over a hundred people eager to tell the world that they are out, they are proud and they are not afraid to show it.

Last year’s parade, the first ever in Uganda, was broken up by police, and several people were arrested. But the fact that they were able to pull it off at all has given the community newfound confidence, says activist Kelly Mukwano.

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