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Seattle man beaten in alleged anti-gay hate crime | VIDEO

(Editor's note: This post was originally published by SDGLN media partner HuffPost Gay Voices.)

SEATTLE -- The Seattle Police Department is reportedly investigating the Aug. 5 beating of a local gay man as a hate crime.

Second Gay Pride parade held in Uganda

KAMPALA, UGANDA — On Saturday, August 3, Uganda’s homosexual community stepped out of the shadows in red wigs and glittering stilettos.

The country’s second gay pride parade, held on a sandy beach in Entebbe, drew over a hundred people eager to tell the world that they are out, they are proud and they are not afraid to show it.

Last year’s parade, the first ever in Uganda, was broken up by police, and several people were arrested. But the fact that they were able to pull it off at all has given the community newfound confidence, says activist Kelly Mukwano.

Who inspires you? Nominations open for 2014 David Kato Vision & Voice Award

The Secretariat of the David Kato Vision & Voice Award is calling for nominations for the 2014 award.

The award celebrates the life and work of Ugandan human rights activist David Kato, who was murdered in his Kampala home in January 2011. To honor David’s legacy, the award was founded to recognize leaders who work to uphold the sexual rights of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and intersex (LGBTI) people around the world.

Orson Scott Card's anti-gay views prompt "Ender's Game" movie protest

Author Orson Scott Card's controversial stance on lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) rights has prompted an online protest ahead of the November release of "Ender's Game," the big-budget Hollywood movie based on his famed 1985 novel.

After the Arab Spring, no bloom for Arab LGBT rights

Mounir Baatour, the leader of one of Tunisia’s secular opposition parties, was arrested in March for having sex with a man.

The Tunisian authorities subjected Baatour to a “rectal examination” to verify the charges purported by staff at a Tunis hotel that he had committed the “illegal act” in the hotel spa. He was sentenced to three months in prison for breaking the law against sodomy, and the prosecution has since appealed for an even longer sentence.

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COMMENTARY: Reading the tea leaves on SCOTUS rulings on marriage

(Editor's note: Geoffrey R. Stone is the Edward H. Levi Distinguished Service Professor of Law at University of Chicago and wrote this blog on Huffpost Gay Voices.)

What did the Supreme Court do in its decisions on same-sex marriage?

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It got better: 10 things that happened immediately after the Supreme Court gay rights rulings

The Supreme Court handed down two landmark gay rights rulings on Wednesday, striking down the Defense of Marriage Act -- a federal law that forbade the government from recognizing same-sex marriages -- and dismissing a suit from supporters of California's Proposition 8 gay marriage ban.

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Gay imam spreads the good news | VIDEO

CAPETOWN, South Africa – Muhsin Hendrick is not your typical imam. The 46-year-old South African is also openly gay, and he preaches that gay Muslims can believe in the Koran and Islam without fear of condemnation.

He recently spoke to the Thomson Reuters Foundation, which conducted a question-and-answer session titled Islam can be reconciled with homosexuality - S.African gay imam.

Public faces: The gay rights movement's key advantage

In the cascade of comparisons made recently between abortion and same-sex marriage — and the specter of a political backlash arising from a Supreme Court ruling advancing gay marriage — one glaring distinction between the two issues has been largely overlooked by prognosticators: the power of coming out.

Sixty percent of Americans now say they have a close friend or family member who is gay, an 11 percent jump from 2010. In the 1990s, most Americans said exactly the opposite.

Why Pam Spaulding is ending Pam's House Blend blog

A jolt was sent through the LGBT blogosphere when the groundbreaking lesbian blogger, Pam Spaulding, “blogmistress” of Pam's House Blend, announced this week that after 9 years she is closing down her blog on July 1.