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Bail raised to $500,000 for man accused of brutal attack in anti-gay hate crime

DAVIS, Calif. — Bail has been raised nearly sevenfold to $520,000 for a teenager facing hate crime allegations in the brutal beating of a Northern California man.

Last week, prosecutors detailed the injuries, including a fractured skull, suffered by Lawrence “Mikey” Partida in the early hours of March 10 in Davis, Calif.

Prisoner gets 6 more years for hate crime attack on inmate he thought was gay

DALLAS — A member of the Aryan Brotherhood will serve an extended prison sentence after admitting he committed a federal hate crime by severely beating another inmate he believed to be gay.

The FBI says 27-year-old John Hall was sentenced Thursday to nearly six years after pleading guilty to violating the Matthew Shepard and James Byrd Jr. Hate Crimes Prevention Act stemming from his assault of a fellow inmate.

Davis, Calif., police ID suspect in possible hate crime attack on gay man | VIDEO

DAVIS, Calif. — Police in Davis, Calif., have identified a suspect in a brutal attack on a gay man last weekend, and said they were investigating the violent beating as a possible hate crime.

Police spokesman Lieutenant Glenn Glasgow told LGBTQ Nation on Thursday that a 911 call was received at about 3:50 am Sunday morning reporting a male had been attacked.

The police report indicated that Mikey Partida, 32, was leaving a party when he was “violently attacked and beaten.”

Digging up past to reveal scale of gay-hate deaths

Yuri Maslikov was a lecturer in ancient history at Macquarie University. Then he disappeared. It was 1985. He owned his own home. His bank accounts were never touched. He was listed as a missing person. After seven years his estate was wound up. This week a friend of his, Bev Kingston, made contact with me: ''Yuri was gay and we thought that he had discovered that he had AIDS and decided to commit suicide. Now we think it's possible he met with foul play.''

Lesbian says she was the victim of a hate crime after defending bullied boy | VIDEO

MESQUITE, Texas — A Texas woman claims she is the victim of a hate crime after she was attacked in an elementary school playground for protecting a bullied 4-year-old boy.

The attack left Sondra Scarber, 27, with a shattered jaw that’s been wired shut, and a is badly swollen and bruised face.

“I can’t do anything for myself,” she said through tears.

Five arrested in possible gay bashing after luring man to park for sex

GRESHAM, Ore. — Police in Gresham, Ore., said they have arrested five young people for beating and robbing a man they lured into a park under the pretense that he would be meeting another man for sex.

Police said they received a report early Friday of masked people with guns punching and kicking a man at Vance Park in Gresham.

The robbers fled, but were later arrested and charged with robbery, intimidation and assault. Four are juveniles, three boys and a girl. A fifth was identified as 19-year-old Justin Simms of Gresham.

Man arrested on felony hate crime charge for anti-gay graffiti at UC Berkeley

BERKELEY, Calif. — A California man faces a felony hate crime charge after officers spotted him spray painting anti-gay graffiti on campus buildings at the University of California-Berkeley.

Anthony Garcia, 23, of Huntington Park, Calif., was booked on a hate crime charge after officers caught him following a foot chase on Saturday night, reported the Oakland Tribune.

During the chase, police said Garcia fell and cut his forehead; a second suspect fled the scene.

The vandalism was categorized as a hate crime due to its derogatory references towards sexual orientation.

Teen "white supremacist" arrested in plot to bomb school in hate crime attack

PHENIX CITY, Ala. — Derek Shrout, a 17-year-old self-proclaimed white-supremacist, was released on a $75,000 bond Monday evening after being arrested Friday for planning to kill six students and a teacher in a bomb plot. Five of the intended victims were African-American, while one was gay.

Openly gay man says Christmas attack was a hate crime

BALTIMORE, Md. — An openly gay East Baltimore resident who was severely beaten Christmas night told police investigators that he believed that he was attacked because he is gay.

Lesbian who faked hate crime found guilty after pleading "no contest"

LINCOLN, Neb. -- In a Lancaster County courtroom Monday, Judge Gale Pokorny, found Charlie Rogers guilty of staging a fake anti-gay hate crime that shocked both the citizens of Lincoln, Neb., and the nation -- first for the brutality of the alleged crime, and then for lying about the crime.

Rogers, 34, pleaded no contest in court this afternoon, a reversal of the not guilty plea she had made in the case earlier in September. Pokorny set the date of her sentencing for February, 14, 2013.