Gay rights debate in Germany goes nuclear

BERLIN -- Germany may be one of the more tolerant places on Earth, where lawmakers are poised to broaden rights for gays and lesbians in civil unions. But this week, the debate on gay rights exploded after a conservative politician and a commentator for the country's largest newspaper made controversial comments.

Body shop restores bullied gay student’s vandalized car for free

ROANOKE, Va. — A local body shop has come to the rescue of an openly gay college student who has had a tough time this year as vandals have defaced his car four times.

Radford University student Jordan Addison told WDBJ-TV that between March and May of this year his car was vandalized four times — once at his home and three times on-campus.

GOP platform cuts gay rights in military

President Obama's expansion of gay rights in the military, including on-base same sex marriage and wearing uniforms in gay pride parades, would be radically yanked back in a Mitt Romney administration, according to Republican platform positions taking shape in Tampa and OK'd by the candidate.

"We're pushing back," said Elaine Donnelly, of the conservative Center for Military Readiness. "This is pretty big."

Top Romney surrogate compares LGBT people to drug users, polygamists

TAMPA, Fla. — Kansas Secretary of State and Mitt Romney surrogate Kris Kobach compared LGBT people to drug users and polygamists while debating the GOP platform’s marriage equality language in Tampa on Tuesday.

While arguing against an amendment that would have ended the party’s support for the Defense of Marriage Act, the federal law that defines marriage as between one man and one woman, Kobach said:

MSMGF condemns repeated police raids and violence targeting human rights advocates in Zimbabwe

SAN FRANCISCO -- The Global Forum on MSM & HIV (MSMGF) strongly condemns the repeated police violence and intimidation directed at human rights advocates in Zimbabwe.

Todd Akin's jaw-dropping stances on women, LGBT Americans

WASHINGTON – Missouri GOP Congressman and Senate hopeful Todd Akin, who this weekend claimed that “legitimate rape” rarely led to pregnancy when discussing a woman’s right to choose, has an equally abysmal track record on issues of LGBT equality.

The Human Rights Campaign is joining with PROMO, Missouri’s statewide LGBT advocacy organization, in condemning Akin’s remarks and his anti-LGBT history.

ACTION ALERT: Tell Russia to stop silencing free speech and LGBT people

Russian leader Vladimir Putin is on a rampage against human rights.

LETTER TO THE COMMUNITY: Support SB 1172 to ban "ex-gay therapy"

This is a vital moment. California legislation that would protect LGBT youth from a dangerous and scientifically discredited practice known to lead to depression and suicide has already cleared the California Senate and will soon be headed to the Assembly floor for a final vote.

17-year-old certified as adult, charged with hate crime against gay Cape Girardeau woman

CAPE GIRARDEAU, Mo. -- The 17-year-old suspect in the July 24 beating of a Cape Girardeau woman will be prosecuted as an adult, a judge ruled Tuesday, and officials wasted no time filing charges that included "hate crime" language because the victim is gay.

In a hearing that lasted less than 10 minutes, Judge Scott Lipke transferred the suspect, Mercedes M. Ayers, from the juvenile system to the adult courts. Ayers, already in ankle shackles, was then taken into custody and transferred to the Cape Girardeau County Jail.

Gay athletic director at prep school targeted in hate crimes

PISMO BEACH, Calif. -- The gay athletic director of Mission College Preparatory Catholic High School was targeted with two vandalism incidents that police in two local cities investigated as hate crimes.

On the morning of April 26, Mission Prep athletic director Bailey Brown went outside her home in Pismo Beach to discover her car spray-painted, her tires slashed and the vehicle’s body scratched throughout, according to Pismo Beach Police Department Lt. Steve Weir.

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