Voice of San Diego: A vote of confidence for Uptown's height limit

(This article originally appeared in Voice of San Diego.)

San Diego’s uptown neighborhoods have had an interim height limit in effect since 2008. If the community’s planning group gets its wish, it’ll stay in place for another year or two.

City Council votes to extend Uptown Interim Height Ordinance for two years

SAN DIEGO – Several residents, business owners and concerned citizens headed to the San Diego City Council meeting on Tuesday afternoon to voice their opinions on an agenda item that would extend the Uptown Interim Height Ordinance (IHO), which expired Jan. 23.

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: The Uptown Interim Height Ordinance should be extended

The current 24-year old Uptown Community Plan and related zoning allow for building heights of up to 150 feet and 200 feet along portions of Washington Street, University Avenue and 4th, 5th and 6th Avenues in Bankers Hill/Park West, Hillcrest and Mission Hills. However, Uptown is not Downtown, and such taller buildings would overwhelm these lower scale, profile and historic character of the Uptown neighborhoods.