Kill The Gays Bill

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COMMENTARY: Myths about homosexuality fuel Uganda's "Kill The Gays" bill

This week, as we are waiting for the Ugandan parliament to debate whether or not homosexuality should be punishable by death (or at the very least life in jail) it might be helpful to review whatever could make anyone reach such a murderous conclusion.

In Uganda, Parliament tied up with controversial oil bill, but "Kill The Gays" bill is next

KAMPALA, Uganda – Parliament remains up to its ears in debate over a controversial oil bill, meaning that the MPs have not yet turned their attention to the “Kill The Gays” bill that is ranked as the next priority.

Activists and concerned citizens say they are hoping that the session will run out on Dec. 14 without a vote on the draconian “Kill The Gays” bill, formally known as the Anti-Homosexuality Bill.

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"Kill The Gays" bill: Read the actual bill about to be debated by Uganda's Parliament | VIDEO

KAMPALA, Uganda – Parliament is back session this week, and Uganda’s infamous “Kill The Gays” bill has been listed as a “notice of business to follow” on today’s agenda.

This means that a debate and vote could come any time on the formally named Anti-Homosexuality Bill, authored by homophobic MP David Bahati.

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RGOD2: The sex tourism industry of American Evangelicals in the age of AIDS | VIDEOS

Many of us who survived the early years of the AIDS epidemic in the USA will reflect on how difficult it was to walk through the cloud of stigma and discrimination as we reflect on World AIDS Day this weekend.

We lost many brave friends who taught us how to love fearlessly and safely. Straight allies and health care professionals began to understand LGBT more than before and that our love was good. How we cared for our partners and friends and created organizations that were open to everyone is an enduring tribute to the indomitable spirit of that difficult chapter of our lives.

Uganda activists: "Kill The Gays" bill has top priority in Parliament

(Editor's note: The Uganda Parliament is scheduled to return on Monday morning, Kampala time.)

KAMPALA, Uganda -- The Anti-Homosexuality Bill today was upgraded to Item No. 1 on the “Order of Business to Follow” of the Uganda Parliament, according to a leading human rights group in Kampala.

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Uganda LGBT activists: Keep up international pressure against "Kill The Gays" bill

SAN DIEGO – Uganda’s draconian “Kill The Gays” bill is very much alive and well in Parliament, warns two top LGBT activists from that landlocked African nation.

All Out hosted an international conference call today featuring Frank Mugisha, executive director of Sexual Minorities Uganda, and Kasha Jacqueline, executive director of Freedom and Roam Uganda.

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Has Uganda dropped the death penalty from the draconian "Kill The Gays" bill?

(EDITOR'S NOTE: To read a new interview with two well-known LGBT activists on the ground in Uganda, click HERE.)

KAMPALA, Uganda – MPs have dropped the death penalty from Uganda’s draconian “Kill The Gays” bill, the BBC is reporting today.

St. Paul’s Foundation celebrates second birthday this weekend with fundraiser

SAN DIEGO -- SDGLN is not often thought of as an international publication even though it is read in 175 countries. For many of our readers abroad -- the news and information about all the fun things we do here, our struggles and challenges and how we connect with the rest of the world, our publication represents a lifeline. It also gives them a hope that one day they too can have free association and a free press, civil rights, access to HIV information and health care as well as business opportunities.

Uganda Speaker vows to pass “Kill The Gays” bill as “Christmas gift” to nation

KAMPALA, Uganda – The universally condemned “Kill The Gays” bill appears to be on a fast-track pace toward passage in December.

Speaker Rebecca Kadaga vows that the much-maligned Anti-Homosexuality Bill will be overwhelmingly passed by Parliament because she claims that most Ugandans are demanding the law. She told reporters that the bill’s passage would be the perfect “Christmas gift” for Ugandans.

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RGOD2: With persecution of sexual minorities in 76 countries, is there a need for an LGBT Underground Railroad?

This week, another gay African refugee arrived in Washington, D.C. to begin his process for asylum in the USA. He is one of four people the St. Paul’s Foundation is working closely with and although each case is different, the overall circumstances are similar.