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Hundreds protest lesbian killings in South African province

CAPE TOWN, South Africa -- Hundreds of people protested outside the Western Cape legislature on Tuesday over the cases of 10 lesbians who were raped and murdered in the province.

The perpetrators have allegedly never been successfully prosecuted.

In Zimbabwe, bizarre story of Mugabe supporting "gay" journalist leads to "sex audit" call

The latest reported escape from censure of a reportedly gay journalist working for Zimbabwe's government media has led to a call for a 'sex audit' by an opposition, diaspora website.

In Haiti, the United Nations finally pledges protections for LGBT people

The International Gay and Lesbian Human Rights Commission (IGLHRC) has won an important comittment for Haitian gay and HIV+ people, its Executive Director, Cary Alan Johnson, has said.

Vandals target rainbow flags at Unitarian churches

BOSTON -- Rainbow flags have been posted outside the open doors at Unitarian Universalist parishes for decades now, flapping against a tide of intolerance surrounding the gay and lesbian community.

But in recent years, the rainbow flag - a popular symbol of diversity and inclusiveness - has been ripped down, burned, and stolen in assaults that church leaders say are tantamount to hate crimes.

VIDEO: Mexican gay activist fleeing persecution and death threats is in hiding in San Diego

The Mexican gay activist Agustín Estrada Negrete has surfaced in San Diego, local TV news reports, and is claiming asylum.

We reported earlier this month on how Negrete and his lawyer had faced severe persecution, rape and death threats in the state of Mexico (which surrounds Mexico City) for their activist work.

President Obama’s remarks at HRC National Dinner to be webcast live on Saturday

WASHINGTON – The Human Rights Campaign will stream President Barack Obama’s remarks at the 15th annual National Dinner on Saturday night live on its website.

Belgrade Gay Pride banned over security concerns

Update: The March has been banned. Interior Minister Dačić said:

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NEWS ANALYSIS with VIDEOS: In culture war against LGBT rights, words hurt

Words hurt.

Words carry enormous meaning and impact.

In the culture war over LGBT rights, words matter. So do deeds and actions.

Make no bones about it, but the culture war is far from won by the LGBT community despite significant gains on the legal front or in the hearts and minds of a majority of Americans.

A vast, loosely connected coalition of fundamentalists, Evangelicals, Mormons, Catholics and other like-minded religious groups have joined far-right fringe groups to fight against gay rights. And they don’t fight fair.

Gay Burundian wins UK asylum after 11-year battle

The gay Burundian asylum seeker Alvin Gahimbaze has won his 11-year battle for sanctuary in the UK.

Alvin fled Burundi with his sister, Danella, in 2000 when he was 16 years old. Alvin and his sister were fleeing ethnic clashes in which his family was massacred. Alvin is part of the persecuted Tutsi minority.

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VIDEO: Fox and HBO top GLAAD list for most LGBT diversity on TV

LOS ANGELES – The new TV season brings some disappointing news, a decrease in the number of scripted LGBT characters, according to GLAAD.

The Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation today released the 16th annual “Where We Are On TV” report, a comprehensive review of scripted LGBT primetime characters in the 2011-12 television season.