GLSEN "Day Of Silence" claims by Mission America's Linda Harvey debunked | VIDEO

The Gay, Lesbian And Straight Education Network (GLSEN) has hit back at conservative criticism of their annual "Day of Silence," which was established in support of bullied lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) youth.

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NHL announces support for gay rights, pledges to fight homophobia with new initiative | VIDEO

The National Hockey League (NHL) has offered its support of gay rights with the announcement of a new partnership to combat homophobia in sports.

Queen supports gay rights in the Commonwealth?

(Editor’s note: Human-rights activist Peter Tatchell, director of the Peter Tatchell Foundation, wrote this for Huffington Post Politics, United Kingdom. He submitted the blog for publication by SDGLN.)

Gay couple reportedly asked to leave California mall for kissing, holding hands | VIDEO

A gay couple were reportedly kicked out of a California mall for kissing and holding hands, even though the center's staff apparently do not prohibit straight couples from showing similar public displays of affection.

Gay couple's pink poodle allegedly provokes stranger's wrench attack

A gay Oregon man was allegedly struck in the head with what's been described as wrench or other "bolt-cutting tool" by a passerby angered by the sight of his dog's dyed-pink fur.

The Oregonian reports that 26-year-old David Beltier was walking his poodle alongside boyfriend Jeremy Mark when the suspect, who has since been identified as 22-year-old George Mason, Jr. pulled over in an SUV.

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What if gay kids had a church that loved them?

When I got to the office yesterday, I had a voicemail from a young man I’ve never met before. The message began, “My name is Benjamin. You don’t know me, but one of your colleagues referred you to me.”

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The Coming Epidemic: Is HIV really what killed Spencer Cox?

Linebacker Manti Te'o isn't the only man with a dubious online love interest. I have an imaginary Facebook boyfriend, too. I'm pretty sure mine is an actual person. Felipe and I both like to post YouTube videos in an invitation-only Facebook group for gay men who are into esoteric, heterodox pop music -- twee, shoegazey, alt/rock electro/techno small-label releases.

VIDEO: Jeanne Manford, PFLAG founder and pioneering gay rights ally, dead at 92

Jeanne Manford, the founder of PFLAG (Parents, Families and Friends of Lesbians and Gays) and an all-around pioneering straight ally in the LGBT rights movement, has died at 92.

Manford died at her Daly City, Calif. home and had been in declining health for some time, daughter Suzanne Swan confirmed.

Obama responds to 10-year-old's heartfelt letter about her dads

Tomorrow, Election Day, we have an extraordinarily important decision to make. Many look at the economy and wish the recovery were happening more rapidly. Some would like to see a larger return on their stocks. And a select few look at their families and hope each day for the same protections that almost every other family in the country currently has.

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Rich's legend Nicholas "DJ Nikno" Moede wants to take a bite out of the Big Apple

SAN DIEGO -- They say it's never too late to follow your dreams, and Nicholas Moede, popular owner of Rich's nightclub and longtime LGBT activist, will leave San Diego this month to pursue schooling in music production.

Moede, who has owned Rich's for seven years and is known by many of his friends and fans as "DJ Nikno," will be heading to New York City to see where a career in the music business might take him.

While some have wondered what will happen to the nightclub after Moede's departure, he said that there is no reason to worry as he will continue to be the owner.

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