MPower San Diego

Register for MPower San Diego's "Gay Gaymes" event Saturday at Balboa Park

SAN DIEGO -- For gay men who are looking for a fun social outlet outside of the bar and nightclub scene, Balboa Park will be the place to be this Saturday, June 25, as MPower San Diego presents the "Gay Gaymes."

The event, which will take place from noon to 5 pm near the volleyball fields on the west side of the park along Sixth Avenue, will include five fun games in which participants will compete in teams of three.

Scheduled games include: tug-o-war; a drag relay; the Tiara Toss; Three Way legged race; and the Waitress Race.

NOON TODAY: MPower San Diego to host The M-Azing Race scavenger hunt

SAN DIEGO -- MPower San Diego is gearing up for the third annual M-Azing Race today from noon to 3:30 pm in Balboa Park.

The event is organized as a scavenger hunt type race, based on the popular reality show "The Amazing Race." Participants will be split up into teams of six and provided with a set of riddles and clues to guide them through the race.

Teams will have three hours to try to complete as many of the clues as possible, snapping pictures at the locations with each group member in the photo.