Museum of Contemporary Art San Diego

San Diego Theatre Critics Circle hands out 2011 Craig Noel Awards

SAN DIEGO -- The Old Globe’s 2011 production of Tracy Letts’ drama “August: Osage County” was the leading honoree at the San Diego Theatre Critics Circle’s 10th annual Craig Noel Awards ceremony, held Monday at the Museum of Contemporary Art, San Diego, in La Jolla before an audience of more than 450.

“August: Osage County” won the evening’s top award for Outstanding Dramatic Production, as well as for Lois Markle’s lead performance, Sam Gold’s direction and the Ensemble award for its 13-member cast.

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On Tuesday, my roommate and I drove up to LA and waited in line outside the Vista Theater for approximately three hours to get choice seats at the premiere of Tegan and Sara’s new film "Get Along."

Ending up only about 20 feet from the Quin sisters during the Q & A portion was totally worth it. The crowd was about how you would expect it to be: A sea of lesbians, adorned in a wash of about three different outfits and eight different haircuts.