Musings with Muscat

Musings with Muscat: Are you prepared?

Looking back, 2011 seems to have been a year where many of us lost loved ones.

Whether it’s just our age group, or life slapping us in the face, it seems to be happening all around us.
What if you were to die today?

I know it's not a fun topic, but it's a necessary conversation to have.

Many individuals recognize the benefits of planning for the future.  Such efforts often uncover problems and frequently provide the motivation to make needed changes. 

For the most part, the issues involved are positive and enjoyable (i.e. retirement, well–educated children, etc.).

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Musings with Muscat: Bah Humbugs and holiday safety

Most of the year we are all busy juggling work, family, friends, community service, etc. Around the holidays, it all seems to go into high gear, but with a joyful twist.

For some, it seems that the holiday season brings out their inner child, but for others, it may awaken their inner grump.

Who are you during the holidays?

Are you a joyful child or a Scrooge?

Are you aware of the tinsel and mistletoe, or just that old lady who cut you off at the mall to steal your parking space?