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Modern Love: Marriage equality also means gay divorce

The good news is New York has joined the few states that allow gay marriages. Gay and lesbian couples from all over the country are flocking to the Empire State to “tie the knot” in wedded matrimony.

The bad news is that when marriages fail, and gay and lesbian couples seek a divorce, several states do not allow them to obtain divorces or annulments.

Most states and the federal government do not recognize gay marriages. Many same-sex couples are left without a remedy when they seek to end their relationships.

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Modern Love: Why gay and lesbian couples should consider prenuptial agreements

More states are allowing same-sex marriages, but most do not. As a result, there remain significant differences in the rights of gay and lesbian couples who enter into a marriage or a domestic partnership from those afforded to “traditional” marriages.

LGBT couples have options to protect assets when considering either a domestic partnership or marriage, and prenuptial agreements are more common these days for both straight and same-sex couples. This is because people are waiting longer to form a serious relationship, thus each has accumulated significant assets.