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Decades of San Diego State University students have come to know Doug Case, who for many years, oversaw the fraternities and sororities at the school.

What many of the students there don't know, is how active he is in the outside community, as well.

Case, who is single, grew up in Atlanta, Ga. but has been in San Diego for 34 years. When asked about his age, he gave the following answer:

VIDEO: SDDC "comes out" as San Diego Democrats for Equality

SAN DIEGO -- The San Diego Democratic Club has changed its name to San Diego Democrats for Equality.

“We have been discussing the desirability of adopting a name that better reflects our LGBT roots," said Doug Case, president of the organization.

"The overwhelming vote for change at our September meeting was the culmination of a nearly six month process that included polling the membership and the community as well as a great deal of soul searching about the roots and goals of the club," he said.

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Political Update with VIDEO: Revisiting San Diego's mayoral race and other political news

SAN DIEGO – Elections are more than a year away, but at this point, is it already possible to determine whether Republicans will come out on top, or are many voters still undecided?

Mayoral Race

According to a recent San Diego mayoral survey conducted by Survey USA for KGTV/10News, Councilmember Carl DeMaio and Rep. Bob Filner are the two front-runners in the race, each garnering 25% of the potential votes.

Support for District Attorney Bonnie Dumanis came in at 16%, with 10% for Assemblymember Nathan Fletcher.

THURSDAY: San Diego Democratic Club meeting to discuss threats to FAIR Education Act

SAN DIEGO -- With the passage of SB 48 in July making headlines after anti-gay conservative groups launched a campaign to overturn the new law, the San Diego Democratic Club (SDDC) will discuss threats to the FAIR Education Act at its next monthly meeting on Thursday, Aug. 25.

Upon signing the act on July 13, Gov. Jerry Brown said, “History should be honest. This bill revises existing laws that prohibit discrimination in education and ensures that the important contributions of Americans from all backgrounds and walks of life are included in our history books.”

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Political Update with VIDEOS: Presidential candidates rejected by the GOP, and a new challenger in San Diego

SAN DIEGO – Elected officials nationwide are on a legislative break; Congress and the Senate until Sept. 19 and our own City Council through Sept. 12. But for a politician, campaigning never ends, much less takes a break.

Nationwide, despite meeting the necessary guidelines, Fred Karger, the first openly-gay man to seek the GOP nomination, was not permitted to take part in the Republican debate in Ames, Iowa, on Aug. 12.

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AIDS Walk: Do you have your team yet?

SAN DIEGO -- The annual AIDS Walk is right around the corner, and the organizers of AIDS Walk and Run San Diego (AWSD) are looking for even more teams to participate in this year's event.

AWSD 2011 is comprised of a 10K run and a 5K walk, both taking place on Sunday, September 25, 2011 in Balboa Park.

You can register as an individual runner, an individual walker or with a walking group or team.

Political Update: The future of district 3 and Todd Gloria, plus a special update from Bonnie Dumanis

SAN DIEGO -- This week's look at politics evaluates the fate of district three based on the redistricting committee's recently released preliminary map, plus we hear from mayoral candidate, District Attorney Bonnie Dumanis, on the recent changes in her campaign.

Councilmember Todd Gloria has resided in the City Heights neighborhood for the past 10 years, but if the redistricting commission adopts the proposed changes, Gloria is prepared to move from his home on Cherokee Point.

THURSDAY: San Diego Democratic Club to discuss Prop 8 legal challenge

SAN DIEGO -- The future of California's Proposition 8, which is weaving its way through the court system, will be the topic at the next meeting of the San Diego Democratic Club (SDDC).

Attorney Jason Molnar will be the featured speaker at the club's meeting at 7 pm Thursday, July 28.

Political Update: Grassroots efforts and the first-ever Presidential Twitter Town Hall

SAN DIEGO -- Several local candidates will spend the 4th of July holiday with friends and family, and a few will attend Independence Day festivities around the city to meet and greet with as many constituents as possible.

On the national scene, two events that are worth mentioning are prime examples of how political parties are embracing diversity and technology.

Political Update with VIDEO: The race for mayor, White House LGBT Pride reception, and a call for unity

The two prominent political organizations for LGBT constituents and their allies have yet to make any official endorsements, but they are not quietly sitting on the sidelines, either.

The San Diego Democratic Club (SDDC) announced that their long-standing member Craig Roberts will join about 150 other LGBT leaders from across the country on June 29 for the official White House LGBT Pride Reception with President Barack Obama.