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The Nested Lez: Mental illness -- a different kind of coming out

Many of you understand the struggle that we, as members of the LGBT community, face in coming out.

No matter how much things have changed in society, in many parts of the country (let alone the world) and within various religious, societal, and cultural groups, the stigmas associated with being a lesbian, a gay man, a bisexual person, or a transgendered individual, are still very real.

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San Diego national educator conference on LGBTQIA students has "changed lives forever"

SAN DIEGO -- The third annual national educator conference, "Supporting Students ~ Saving Lives," held this last weekend has now come and gone, but the seeds that were planted are already beginning to sprout and take shape back at the school districts and individual campuses around the country.

Aimed at empowering K-12 school counselors and educators of LGBTQIA students to make school campuses a safer, more welcoming environment, the sold out conference did just that.

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LGBT Sports Profile: Ivan Solis Jr. - famed founder

Our profile this week is of Ivan Solis Jr., founder and still very active member of the San Diego American Flag Football League (SDAFFL).

Solis was recently inducted into the National Gay Flag Football League (NGFFL) Hall of Fame, one of only three inductees chosen nationwide. It was only the second induction ceremony for the NGFFL.

Originally from San Francisco, Solis has been a resident of San Diego for 17 years.

He is currently single and makes his home in North Park.

Predominate sports involved in:

Flag Football & Golf

Verizon bestows San Diego LGBT Center with $25,000 grant to tackle partner violence

SAN DIEGO -- The San Diego LGBT Center got a grant this week that will make it much easier for them to respond to the increase in partner violence within the LGBT community and offer better resources for those who need them.

The $25,000 grant, bestowed by Verizon and its Verizon Foundation, will finance a social media marketing campaign designed to assist community members to recognize the signs and symptoms of relationship violence and be more aware of the resources available to them, their family and their friends.

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San Diego's Autumn Classic LGBT softball tournament sells out early

SAN DIEGO — The Autum Classic, the largest annual softball tournament on the West Coast, has already officially "sold out" 10 days ahead of schedule. The local tournament has already accepted the registrations of over 100 teams and will be hosted over the Columbus Day weekend, October 7-9, 2011.

“With over 1,400 athletes coming in from as far away as Philadelphia, Chicago, Orlando and Austin, we are working very hard to make sure this tournament is one of the best we’ve ever put on,” co-director Roman Jimenez said.

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Musings with Muscat: A look back at Ray at Night's fortuitous "shadow" anniversary with 9/11

This weekend North Park will be celebrating the 10th anniversary of Ray at Night. Ten years ago this weekend probably rings a loud bell for all of you readers.

Yes, North Park may have a civic event that's launch 10 years ago shadowed the most catastrophic event in U.S. history, but what makes this little community just east of Hillcrest such an attractive enclave for everyone?

Is it the energy of the business district, the culturally diverse population, or maybe the art galleries and the hip restaurants?

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New wrestling season to start for San Diego Bulldogs

SAN DIEGO -- The first day of September will see the start of a new season for a local wrestling club.

Part of the national USA Wrestling (USAW) organization, the San Diego Wrestling Club -- home to the Bulldogs -- welcomes new members as they prepare to begin a new season starting September 1, 2011.

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Musings with Muscat: Community life in North Park

Community is many things to many people – it may consist of a like-minded group of people, a geographic area you choose to call your own, or a combination of both.

The North Park neighborhood of San Diego has become just that community for many individuals and local businesses.

"Diversity" describes the friendly residents of our neighborhood including natives to the area and recent immigrants; both young and old, married and single, straight and gay – a full array of races, nationalities, and religions, all living together.