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Heart throbs and hair: Tegan and Sara to top the bill at this year’s The Dinah

Tegan and Sara have spent the last 13 years making music and touring the globe. Come April 5, they’ll bring their latest “Heartthrob” tour to the infamous lesbian festivities in the desert — at The Dinah in Palm Springs — for the very first time.

“People ask us all the time why we’ve never done it before and it just never really worked out with scheduling,” Tegan said. “But it worked out this year — they wanted us and we wanted to go, so we’re goin’!”

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The BeanScene: Meet the Fockers, lezzie-style!

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Everyone has been there. You can avoid it all you want to, but in every new relationship, the holidays eventually roll around and it becomes a necessity to meet your new ladyfriend’s family and for them to meet yours, as well.

Depending on the situation, this can cause a lot of stress.

If one of you is still in the closet, it turns into a big awkward lie that needs to be artfully crafted. This leads you to say, “This is my … er … ROOMMATE.” Or new best friend. Or some stranger you picked up on the way that needed a place to crash.

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The BeanScene: Turkey Day Drama!

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Somebody wise once said that art imitates life, and all I have to say to that is, “Amen, sistah friend.”

There’s a reason that the "crazy family dinner scene" is a well-known film and literary trope. Nothing says fight quite like a bunch of people brought together by blood instead of commonality. Throw something like "Uncle Frank is wine-drunk and just called Aunt Jean an Orca" in the mix, and PRESTO! We have Thanksgiving!

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The BeanScene: Tegan and Sara return the favor!

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On Tuesday, my roommate and I drove up to LA and waited in line outside the Vista Theater for approximately three hours to get choice seats at the premiere of Tegan and Sara’s new film "Get Along."

Ending up only about 20 feet from the Quin sisters during the Q & A portion was totally worth it. The crowd was about how you would expect it to be: A sea of lesbians, adorned in a wash of about three different outfits and eight different haircuts.

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The BeanScene: Music super fans, unite!

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Like most people, I am big fan of music.

Always have been, always will be. And when I catch wind of one of my favorite artists doing something near my town, I must be there with bells on. But never with a previously purchased shirt bearing the name or likeness of said band. Come on now, that’s just Show Etiquette 101.

A couple of weeks ago, Tegan and Sara posted on their social media sites about showing their trio of new films titled “Get Along” at several theaters around the country. And thank my lucky stars, they were showing it in L.A.

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The BeanScene: Friends don't f***!

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Ladies, we love to bring the drama. It’s pretty much our favorite thing apart from quinoa, animals, and the Quin sisters.

On “The L Word,” Alice Pieszecki created The Chart to map out the microcosm that is the WeHo lesbian community. Everybody’s doin’ everybody, man!

Well, what happens when you have one (or two…) whiskeys too many and end up in bed with a friend? Suddenly all the questions you decided to disregard and not ask yourself the night before become completely unavoidable.

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The BeanScene: This is Halloween!

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Today, I’m going to start at the end of the party week and work backwards.

After you’ve danced 'til the wee hours of the morning all weekend long in a God-only-knows-what-you-were-thinking costume, you just might be feeling the need to go out with your friends and just chill, or even hang around at home.

‪But even though you might be a little tuckered out from getting schnockered in a club for nights on end, hang in there!  

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The BeanScene: Lesbians love their cat videos!

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Ladies, do you ever have one of those weeks when it seems like nothing is going right?

This week alone, I’ve heard horror stories from my friends about hate crime incidents that have left me mortified and disgusted.

I've also experienced problems with miscommunication, continually klutzed out and dropped things, forgot to set my alarm and woke up three hours late -- only to find life had successfully moved on without me -- and I was quite late to work.


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The BeanScene: In honor of National Coming Out Day

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If you have ever come out to family, friends and coworkers, you know unnerving it can be.

Will your friends be accepting?

Will your coworkers ask you a lot of questions you may or may not be prepared to answer?

Will your mother cry?

However, for all of these questions, there is one universal answer: You must be true to yourself.

The BeanScene: Taking a stab at lesbian labels

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We’ve all heard them. Many of us have been called them.

They are the labels we cling to and use to mark important moments in life; such as, my marching band nerd years from about 2000 to 2008. There are labels that bring us closer together, like best friend, girlfriend, wife. Since this is written mainly for the lesbian community, I will stick with a lesbian identifier that divides our community quite a bit: D-y-k-e, or, the "d-word."