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COMMENTARY: Setting the record straight on the Salvation Army | VIDEO

Just 30 minutes before going on air on KOGO 600 AM in San Diego to speak on a talk show to the topic of “Is the Salvation Army anti-gay?” I sent out a tweet to remind my followers to tune in. To my surprise, the Salvation Army tweeted back with a statement of the organization’s love and support for its LGBT friends, officers and employees:

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COMMENTARY: Decline to sign anti-transgender petitions circulating at San Diego colleges

In August, Gov. Jerry Brown signed into law AB 1266, a landmark bill that extended the rights of transgender students.

The law serves to set a standard to make it clear that a student who is transgender can have equal access to the school programs and facilities that match their gender identity. For students who are transgender, this would provide them a fair chance to succeed in their crucial years of development.

Town Hall furthers conversation on transgender military ban

SAN DIEGO -- A group of transgender rights activists recently held a town hall meeting focusing on the ban on transgender service in the U.S. armed forces, with the goal of furthering the national conversation on the topic.

The meeting, which was attended by about 30 people, was held at The San Diego LGBT Community Center and broadcast on Livestream for the world to see.

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New study: Transgender troops face rampant discrimination

(Editor’s note: As a new study is released today about transgender Americans “Still Serving in Silence” in the military, a group of activists in San Diego will meet at 6:30 pm today at The Center in Hillcrest to address the topic of “Lift the Ban: Transgender Military Town Hall.” Organizers are Sean Sala, Connor Maddocks,

LGBT activist Sean Sala calls out San Diego County Clerk Ernest Dronenburg | VIDEO

SAN DIEGO -- Local LGBT rights activist Sean Sala recently appeared on UT-TV to call out San Diego County Clerk Ernest Dronenburg, who recently filed a petition to halt same-gender marriages in California.

While Dronenburg's petition was denied, Sala called on him to resign, otherwise he'll work to make sure the voters don't re-elect him at the next election.

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San Diego County Clerk confronts his critics today at news conference

SAN DIEGO -- San Diego County Clerk Ernest Dronenburg paid a surprise visit this morning to a group of community activists who had called a news conference to demand accountability for the County Clerk who filed a petition with the California Supreme Court to halt same-gender marriages.

Ex-gay survivors: Exodus kingpin pulled wool over eyes of TV viewers

SAN DIEGO -- Two LGBT activists who confronted Exodus International leader Alan Chambers on a television show Thursday night say they have uncovered evidence that Chambers’ apology was likely a publicity stunt to blunt criticism of the junk science known as “ex-gay therapy.”

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RGOD2: Alan Chambers of Exodus owes repentance and reparations for Global South | VIDEO

Remember that wonderful sermon preached by Philip Seymour Hoffman playing the priest in “Doubt” (2008) where he describes gossip? He describes a man taking a feather pillow to a rooftop and ripping it open, releasing the feathers on the wind and how impossible it is for the man to gather those feathers back. No matter how hard he tries, the feathers are gone and the damage is done.

LGBT advocates bid farewell to Exodus and its "ex-gay therapy"

WASHINGTON – Exodus International, an organization which for years advocated for and practiced dangerous so-called therapies to change people’s sexual orientation, announced late Wednesday that it is closing its doors for good.

In a written statement, the organization’s president Alan Chambers apologized to the gay community for undue judgment and dishonesty.

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RGOD2: "Welcome home" brunch, plus "God And Gays" challenge Exodus International

Settling back into life in Southern California after a marathon 15 flight segments, three continents and several train journeys is a blessing!

So there are only two events you need to know about this week (other than watching the U.S. Supreme Court on Monday, in case the justice rule on Proposition 8 and DOMA) .